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Healthcare Mobile Apps: Development, Features, Trends & Types

Krunal Shah

May 11, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Jul 13, 2023

Healthcare mobile app development

Innovations in mobile applications and their extensive expansion is giving ample opportunities for businesses to grow. The story of the healthcare sector is no different. The health industry is expanding at a rapid pace due to advancements in technology. With the increased usage of medical applications, the global medical app market will generate a revenue of 111.1 $billion by 2025.

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Healthcare app development has also allowed people to have more access to the healthcare system. With a click of a button, the consumers can get access to their desired healthcare body. Therefore, not only does healthcare mobile apps are serving the consumers, but the business owners as well.

healthcare mobile app development

The healthcare mobile app development services simplify the healthcare process a great deal. Because of this, more number of healthcare professionals are getting inclined towards these digital mediums.

Medical requirements are very versatile. It requires the ability to render remote assistance to patients, timely virtual healthcare (especially because of covid) and other things.

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the different trends going in the digital healthcare industry. Moreover, we will also look into healthcare app development features and its types.

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The importance of mobile app development for healthcare has increased multifold especially after the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Since the advancements have been rapid, it has become important for the business houses to analyse the trend. Thus to help our readers develop an immaculate healthcare app, we have listed the top trends of digital healthcare.

Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology can help a great deal in maintaining sound health of the users. With wearable healthcare devices, the user can gauge fluctuations in their Spo2 level, blood-pressure, etc. on a regular basis. Thus, this tech integration can help in preventing occurrence of various health problems.

In addition, it can keep a track of various health activities and also maintains real-time data. Wearable healthcare app development will be a key factor in the expansion of digital healthcare services. Moreover, according to market research done by IDTechEx, the wearable tech market will be a $100 billion industry by 2023.

Cloud-based solution in the healthcare industry

Maintaining patient data is very important especially as we are living in a pandemic world. It will help in contact tracing, monitoring the whereabouts of infected people, their travel history, etc. Many state and central governments in the quest to restore normalcy have used cloud-based solutions in their healthcare system.

While this trend saw some new heights in 2020, it is expected to rise multi-fold in 2021 as well. Moreover, a synchronized and well-maintained data will also help the health professionals to do their work strategically. Healthcare app developers can use the cloud-based method to develop state-of-the-art digital healthcare devices.

AI in digital healthcare

Artificial Intelligence has been a milestone technology for various other industries over the years. In the healthcare industry too it is playing a pivotal role and leading its revolution.

AI will be vital in increasing the profits of the healthcare industry by 55% by 2035. The reasons behind this tremendous increase are multi-fold. AI can help in scheduling timely checkups, CT-scans and other such things without human intervention. Thus, there is no chance of human error and the patient will never miss their doctor’s appointment. Some of the top rated AI-based healthcare applications are:

  • Google deepmind health for real-time medical information
  • Da Vinci robot for robotic surgery
  • Babylon health for analysis

Because of such exquisite and useful features, Artificial Intelligence will hold a prominent position in the digital healthcare services.

Growth of the telemedicine market

The telemedicine market is growing at the rate of knots in the past few years. With healthcare mobile app development services, the telemedicine industry has not only become convenient for the user but it has also eased down the medical information process. Right from exchange of medical information to getting in touch with the right doctors, telemedicine has been important.

Apart from this, it is also an economical way to get in touch with the best doctors for consultation. No wonder the telemedicine industry is expected to be a $120 billion industry by 2030. In addition, its CAGR will be 14.5% from 2021 to 2030.

The biggest advantage of the telemedicine apps is that it has made remote healthcare services easier. Thus, businesses should hire an experienced healthcare app development company and hop on to this trend.

Usage of blockchain technology in healthcare

Blockchain technology can be used in multiple ways in the healthcare industry. Be it maintaining data or doing clinical trials, blockchain can improve the way things are done in the medical industry.

In addition, blockchain also ensures smooth communication and data transfer among the medical professionals. Moreover, the technology takes care of the loop-holes in the supply management systems and rectifies it. Thus, as a business organization, you can render brilliant healthcare mobile app development services using blockchain technology.

After getting a heads-up of the trends, businesses will actually know what their target audience needs. Thus, they can include top features and make their app more consumer-centric.

Features included in the healthcare app

Healthcare mobile app features

In the quest to develop an all-round health mobile app, we need to consider three different aspects:

  • Features in the patient’s app
  • Features in the doctor’s app
  • Features for the admin

After bifurcating this only a business organization should move forward and render healthcare mobile app development services.

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Patient’s app

Healthcare mobile app for patient


The user should be able to register easily either with their email or social media account

Scheduling appointment

Here the user will fil their details, check the doctor’s availability and book their appointment according to their preferred time-slot. Moreover, before visiting the doctor, they can share their medical reports and other health information online.

Getting e-prescription

If the user opts to consult with the doctor online, the doctor can generate their prescription online without any error. In addition, it saves time and helps in maintaining good communication.

Apart from the prescription, the user will also get access to all the e-pharmacies as well.


Doctors across the globe feel that telemedicine is an effective way to know the medical history of the patient. Thus, they are keeping away from a general one-on-one conversation. Moreover, telemedicine goes beyond the boundaries of geographical locations and helps in maintaining good communication.

The doctors and patients can easily connect on via audio or video call and have a real-time discussion. Moreover, it will also help the patient to provide vital details to the doctors which will eventually help in the diagnosis process. In addition, this feature is critical for the doctors as well. They can connect with their colleagues and discuss the questions related to the patient’s query.

Ambulance access

Online ambulance access can prove vital in times of emergencies. The healthcare app development service provider should include a one-click ambulance feature. Through this the user can request for emergency help and contact the hospital from a dedicated destination.

Moreover, the service providers can also include a feature where the user can call their friends in emergency. Moreover, they could also get access to nearby pharmacy stores or pathology labs.

GPS to find nearest hospital

This feature is a must, especially as the world is dealing with a global pandemic. The GPS will help the user find the nearest hospital so that patients could get medical aid at the earliest. In addition, it will guide the user to find everything from a physician to a parking spot.

Along with this, the feature will have comprehensive mapping of the hospital as well. This will guide users about the ward and doctors so that the patient can be treated at the earliest.

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Doctor’s app

Healthcare mobile app for doctors


Like the patient the doctors too can register using either their email id or social media handles

Profile generation

Here the doctor can put their credentials right from their academics to their experience. Moreover, they can add their specialization so that it will become easier for the patients to find them.

Apart from it, the feature will give immediate contact details and location of the doctors. Add a review/rating column to justify the credibility of the doctor.

Dashboard of the patients

The dashboard will display an overview of the patient to the doctor. Moreover, it will also help them in keeping a track of the patient’s visit and their prescription in a synchronized manner.

The healthcare app developers should also include graphical features in the dashboard. The graphical representation will make the document viewing process more interesting.

Patient time management

An in-built calendar will help the doctors to maintain their appointment easily. Besides this, it will save them from any overlapping of the schedule and run the diagnosis without any hassle.

Like from patient’s, the doctors too can reschedule or cancel the appointment citing valid reasons. This will help in keeping the communication clear between the patient and the doctor.


Like from the patient’s end, the e-prescription feature will help the doctors to send prescriptions online. Moreover, this feature will also work as a decision tool as the doctor will get access to the patient’s medical history. According to that, they can remould the medicines or change them according to the requirement.

Admin Features

The admin features of the app will generally include all the management system. These features of the healthcare service providing app will help the department to oversee the smooth running of the app.

Patient management

It keeps the records of the patient according to their ailment and the diagnosis. The system is directly integrated with the health management system of the hospital.

Inventory management

If the hospital is not equipped with the necessary instruments, both patients and doctors will face problems. Right from the availability of bed to medicines and other sanitization things, this feature will keep the admin department updated.

Doctor Management

This feature allows to keep a track of the availability of the doctors and other paramedical staff as well. As the doctors register through their app, each of their detail gets save in the system. Thus, in case of emergency, the admin department can guide the patients so that they can get their treatment.

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Types of Healthcare mobile applications

Types of Healthcare mobile applications

Broadly, the healthcare mobile app development services can be divided into two major categories:

  • Mobile apps for the healthcare service providers
  • Mobile apps for the patients

Types of mobile apps for healthcare service providers

Networking apps for professional purposes

These healthcare apps are nothing but a social universe of the frontline healthcare personals. Here, they can exchange their knowledge, learn new things, widen their network. These apps will also help the doctors and other staff to consult with other doctors in case of emergency. This can become a one-stop destination for the healthcare service providers to expand their network

Data maintenance and clinical assistance apps

Due to bombardment of data, it becomes difficult for the doctors to maintain a specific hand-written note for every patient. To eradicate this problem, they can use the clinical assistance apps. These apps will notify the patient of their appointment, keep a track of their prescription, medical history, etc. Moreover, it will also help the doctors to maintain their calendar seamlessly

Monitoring of the patient

These healthcare mobile apps will give real-time notification of the health update of the patient. Since the doctor will get 24*7 access to the patient’s health, they can change prescription and avoid any forthcoming problem. Moreover, the doctors will get to the medical report of the patient anytime they want.

Doctor on demand

These apps will help in rendering remote medical services. Besides this, this app can act as a lifesaver in emergency situations.

Types of mobile apps for patients

Healthcare Mobile App Patients

Health monitoring

Like it is for the doctors, the health monitoring app will be useful for patients, especially those who are serving from chronic disease. The health monitoring app will keep a check on their vital signs around the clock. This will help the patients to take necessary precautions on time.

Appointment/medicine reminder

This app will remind the patient to take adequate rest, take medicines on time, etc. Also, it will not let them miss their doctor’s appointment so the treatment is done in a hassle free manner.

User education app

This application will keep the users updated about symptoms of new disease and what actions they should take. As the user becomes aware of the things, they could become more careful and minimize the damage.

Nutrition and healthy living

This app will help the user to maintain a good diet and follow a good schedule to have a healthy lifestyle. Be it exercise, fitness or eating mindfully, the app keeps everything in check.


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Healthcare mobile app development services have brought in a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Along with giving easy access to healthcare services, the healthcare mobile app developers can be vital in expansion of new-age businesses. The companies should just focus on the needs and wants of their audience   and opt for the right healthcare mobile app development company. If they keep their basics right, their business is bound to soar high.

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