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Mistakes to Avoid When Developing React Native Apps

Krunal Shah

Jun 26, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

react native app development mistakes

There is no doubt about the fact that React Native is one of the most widely cross-platform app development frameworks. Be it, entrepreneurs or developers, both are very happy to use React Native as it allows completing the development process speedily.

React Native development is widely used to develop brand new applications from scratch irrespective of the OS platform. This is the reason why it was the most used cross-platform mobile framework used by developers. Moreover, with its prolific popularity, the demand for React Native development is increasing by leaps and bounds. But with the increase in demand, there are some things that you need to consider before React Native app development.

Irrespective of the mobile OS platform, React Native app development mistakes can prove fatal for your business. React Native is a great platform to build highly scalable applications. But the onus is on the developers to be aware of the rookie mistakes and reap rich benefits of the framework.

In this blog, we will discuss and show you the mistake to avoid while developing React Native app. Moreover, we will also look at the effect of the mistakes while developing React Native apps.

Thus, without further ado, let us get into the details.

Before getting into the mistakes, let us see the advantages of React Native app development

Benefits of React Native app development

benefits of react native app development

Since its inception, React Native development is proliferated by leaps and bounds, and here are the reasons why:

  • It is easier to develop performance-based applications. These apps are also highly stable and reliable
  • React Native uses JavaScript, thus has a very easy learning curve. Thus, even beginners can get familiar with the framework easily
  • It has a feature of code reusability which fosters the speed of the entire development process
  • The app development framework has a friendly and rich UI/UX design
  • Direct installation method which is very easy
  • React Native has a wide range of developer’s community. Thus, whenever there is a problem the React Native developers can consult with the community to find answers
  • The React Native apps run consistently on both iOS and Android OS platforms. Along with this, it creates solutions to allow adoption on VR devices, Smart TVs, etc.

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Mistakes to keep away from while developing React Native apps

Mistakes to developing react native apps

React Native app development is often considered as the ‘future of hybrid app development. But if your app development team is prone to make silly mistakes, you will not be able to use the framework. Thus to solve this issue for you, we have listed some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid. Keeping away from these mistakes will enhance your overall mobile application development process.

Pros and Cons of React Native Development in 2021

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Disproportionate Image Optimization

disproportionate image optimization

Image optimization is the most important process as far as application development is concerned. But despite this, a large chunk of app development teams ignore this process.  Due to such ignorance, there are high chances of getting misaligned images in the final product.

The load time of the images on your website or app largely depends on image optimization. Moreover, optimization will also help in resizing the images locally and after that you can upload them directly to cloud storages. Thus, apart from having synchronized images, image optimization also helps in the easy upload of the images in cloud storage.

Proper image optimization makes the entire app lightweight, increasing its performance and scalability.

Thus, to develop a full-fledged app, you should keep away from this React Native app development mistake.

Misaligned redux store planning

React native misaligned redux store planning

A developer must focus on innovative things for every new project.  But when you plan more for the app layout and less on the data handling, you are committing mistakes. Competent redux store planning is necessary as it helps in storing the data correctly. In addition, it debugs the app rates and does data managing as well. So when you mess up the redux store planning, you have dug your own grave.

Moreover, if you have a small project, you should mindfully keep away from the redux store planning. Because the developers have to write long line codes for doing small changes.  Thus, redux store planning is more suited for large scale applications.

Below are the steps that will keep you away from this React Native app development mistake:

  • Always configure the store
  • Do not forget to build a store hierarchy and organize your files in order
  • Focus on adding more reducers and combining them
  • Give a keen thought to add middleware

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Not giving enough attention to details

Poor estimation in React Native is one of the major mistakes. Yes, there will be a number of reusable components available for the developers, but iOS and Android have different layouts. In addition, the structure of the page can be completely different for both iOS and Android completely. Thus, it is inevitable that the developers must give their attention to details or lose big time.

Developers should also keep away from using external modules in the quest to save time. Because in doing this, they might miss to read the codes that are extracted from the modules. This habit of disregarding the codes can cause mighty issues in the long run.

In addition, adding external modules can hinder the functionality of the existing codes by interfering with them. Thus, the developers must avoid this React Native app development mistake and pay attention to details.

Usage of stateless components

Usage of stateless components

Change is the only constant and those who don’t believe in this, perish. In the same way, developers who think that everything that was true before React16 is true now are hugely mistaken. Due to this, they tend to use stateless components. Along with stateless components, the developers tend to initiate the stay in the wrong way.

In simple words, stateless components are the components who do not extend any kind of class. Thus instead of using them, the developers should use pure components for React Native development. Because in pure components, the process of re-render happens only when a change is detected in the states. Otherwise in a stateless component, re-render happens in proportion to the parent component.

In addition, the developers can perform some other DOM functions by sending AJAX requests inside componentDidmount.

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Avoiding writing a Unit Test

Avoiding writing a unit test

The habit of working without written unit tests is a big React Native app development mistake. Yes, moving forward without a properly documented unit test can throw you in deep waters. This is because fixing the bugs once the product is ready for a launch requires a lot of effort. Moreover, if you do not fix the product, the final output will not be devoid of glitches.

Writing unit tests will reduce the unnecessary drama caused at the time of launching the app. Moreover, apart from easing the app development process, it increases the reputation of your app as well. A well-documented unit test will allow the developers to access different parts of the apps separately. Thus, always test every element at the correct stage to ensure hassle-free working.

Also, writing a unit test will save your developers from unnecessary tension related to the process of app development. Besides this, they can spot the mistake at an early stage and rectify it without disturbing the entire development process.

Left ‘’

The developers should always keep away from allowing log statements within the application itself. Although the console log statements help with the debugging process of the app and are very easy. But if the developers keep on rendering logics that are unsynchronized, it could cause problems.

It will not be an overstatement if we say that unsynchronized logics could lead to congestion in the JavaScript thread. All this congestion will add up and eventually slow down the pace of the appliance.

Thus, while developing the React Native apps, the developers must use the log statements wisely. They must not leave the log statements in the application.

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Changes of the state inside render function

Changes of the state inside render function

Here is the pictorial representation of the  View and the Datastore. The view is based on time while all the data in the component is stored in the data store. After this, the datastore consumes more data from the set and then displays it on the screen.

React Native here has a setState() function where a fresh new object is taken and it is compared to the previous states. A new state is added after merging with the previous state. Post this, it is sent to the datastore. This cycle is available throughout the component’s lifetime. The only condition is that the developers must develop the app in React Native.

In contrast, the entire lifecycle of the component gets disturbed through direct mutation. The disturbed lifecycle corrupts the previous states as well. And because of this, the mobile application behaves in an abnormal way and can even crash. Thus, mutating the state directly can even curtail the lifetime of the entire application.

Moreover, as a developer, there is a chance that you could even lose track of all the previous states. Thus, this React Native app development mistake could lead you to write custom codes. These codes are written in place of React when the mutation of states is direct. Extra codes will make the app heavy and will increase its loading time.

Not paying heed to protocols

Not adhering to the basic protocols of React Native app development could leave your app in deep waters. Thus, the developers and designers must always follow the best practices. React Native development framework has a large pool of best coding practices that the developers must follow. For instance, the developers must follow naming conventions to increase the code’s readability.

Moreover, keeping away from the standard protocols will hinder the overall development process. Therefore, the developers and designers must always stick to and follow the standard protocols.

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Ignoring the project structure

Ignoring the project structure

It is no hidden fact that complex applications have a humongous structure which is often confusing. In addition, the erroneous layout will make it difficult to maintain the project as well. The developers should understand that there are umpteen ways to structure a project. Thus, they must never overlook or ignore the project structure.

If the files and folders are in order, it will make life much easier for both the developers and the designers. While developing React Native apps, the developers do not invest much time in learning about the project normally. Here they commit a huge mistake as it will have bad outcomes in the long run.

Thus, it is essential to have a good and well-organized project framework. And with React Native development, the developers can aspire to integrate good project structures.


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React Native development has all the ingredients to become the best framework among all that is available. The only catch here is that the developers must keep away from these general mistakes. React Native app development is the first choice of market leaders such as Skype, Instagram, Bloomberg, Facebook, etc.

Thus, if you can eradicate all the unhealthy practices and control the mistakes, React Native can make you the best in the business. To achieve this, it is necessary to contact a leading React Native app development company. Because with its experience, the company will guide you and render you the best possible service available. Also, the developers in an experienced React Native firm know the consequences of the mistakes, thus keep away from them.

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