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Top 10 Software Technology Trends Expected in 2021

Krunal Shah

Mar 04, 2021

8 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

software technology trends

The year 2020 was forgettable in many means for humankind. Be it the global pandemic which humanity experienced for the first time in hundred years or the large scale global business disruptions, 2020 was a dreadful year.

Besides disrupting the businesses, Covid-19 also brought unprecedented changes in software technology trends as well. The software technology post covid has largely been focusing on products aimed at e-commerce and remote communication.

Businesses that have embraced software technology have found newer ways to evolve, innovate and grow. As we enter the third month of 2021, it is crystal clear that whoever uses its technology information to the core will be the winner of this year.

Thus, to make it easier for our readers, we have curated a list of technology trends that would impact your business and will take it higher. So sit back, relax and enjoy the read.

Here we go!

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Edge computing will grow by leaps and bounds

Edge Computing

Decentralized infrastructure is all set to soar high in 2021. The reason behind it is there are many scenarios where companies want to compute power and data near the end user. Here the data can be of low latency, could be influenced by real-time use cases, has a high bandwidth, etc.

Edge computing is an old concept but it is gaining popularity with the rise of IoT, mobile gaming, AI/ML, etc. Another reason behind the prolific rise of edge computing technology is the rise of 5G devices in the future.

Telecom companies and cloud service providers will have the lion’s share of the market of edge computing. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see cut-throat competition and innovations in Edge Computing in the year 2021.

E-commerce will continue its upward trend

retail e-commerce sales worldwide

The one thing that had ‘happy days’ in the dreaded year of 2020 was E-commerce. The sales volume of this sector is quadrupled in the span of six years to $4.9 trillion.

Now with the emergence of voice recognition technology, retail purchases via internet will gain more momentum. It is projected that E-commerce revenues will hit a new high of $6.5 trillion by the year 2022. Thus we can safely say that E-commerce will be one of the top software technology trends in the year 2021.

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Quantum computing will gain more momentum

Quantum computing

Quantum computing has the potential to be one of the most revolutionary technology the business sector will see in 2021. 2020 was a major breakthrough year for it as Honeywell claim to have created the most powerful quantum computer.

Market leader Amazon is seeing high potential in this technology trend. That is why it is offering managed quantum computing services through Amazon Bracket Cloud.

Along with the tech giants worldwide, many governments are also investing in quantum computing. Moreover, IBM and Google are the leading companies offering quantum computing services worldwide. Google here has gone a step ahead and has launched an open-source library. This open source library will assist with prototyping quantum machine learning models.

Popularity of Chatbots will reach a new pedestal

Popularity of chatbots

This software technology is one of the high flying software development trends. The popularity of Chatbots can be gauged from the fact that 58% of the Chatbots are used in the B2B segment and the rest in B2C.

Prime reason behind the increasing demand of Chatbots is that it increases the communication process between the parties. Chatbots are very cost effective and are very famous amidst leading social media networks like Facebook, Skype, etc.

In the present day, software development companies are very keen to include this computer programming in their system. With chatbot, the software company can remain in touch with their customers 24/7 and solve their problems at a rapid pace. Moreover, chatbot deliver a personal touch while interacting with customers and plays a pivotal role in customer retention.

Apart from software development companies, Chatbots are very popular in the healthcare and special services sector as well. Chatbots are pivotal in client retention thus this software technology trend is bound to rise in the year 2021.

Multi-cloud technologies will be vital in the future

Multi-cloud Technologies

As many companies are moving towards the multi-cloud strategy, this technology trend will take a bigger, better shape in the year 2021. The global pandemic in 2020 has been instrumental in businesses moving towards cloud in processing and storing data.

Cloud technologies are very cost effective and have greater productivity as well. In addition, business software that uses cloud technology has less maintenance. Thus, whether you are a newbie or an established player in the market, you can have your own cloud software.

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) plays a key role in the expansion of multi-cloud development. 2021 will be a breakthrough year for CNCF as it will see more growth with some proactive initiatives coming up.

The rise of the Native applications

Native applications

We all understand the fact that smartphones today are an inseparable part of our lives. The smartphone users will be 3.8 billion in 2021. Thus it becomes inevitable for business to provide top-class user experience.

Number of smartphone users worldwide

In order to provide the best experience to their users, modern-day businesses look to operate in high competitive niches. Thus, many tech pundits suggest that native applications will be the top software technology trend for 2021. Since they provide high customer experience, native applications for specific platforms are in vogue.

Native applications will be vital for three major sectors like multimedia, E-commerce and banking. It is very important for businesses to render2020 stable and secure applications to their users and to enhance their experience. Native applications remain fast and comfortable ways of communication and thus would continue to be the first choice of the customers.

Native app software technology is flexible and has better performance as compared to cross-platform apps. There is no doubt that using this technology information, you are going to rule the roots of the tech realm.

Open source platform will get more attention

Open source platform

We are seeing a rising trend where more and more developers are releasing their open software in the public domain. This is done with a view to allow other developers to get free access to different computer programming information.

As the open source platform is free, it also helps in developing a large developer’s community. The developers within the community could help each other in times of distress.

There is a significant growth in the number of freelancers, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Since more and more people do not have corporate accounts to work with, open source domains will help them in accessing information. Moreover, the open-source business software is more secure to store information as compared to its commercial analog counterpart.

Software technology will reach new heights with the growth of open source platforms in the year 2021.

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Modern programming will be free of past baggage

Modern Programming

The newer, modern-day programming languages are free of any past baggage and are more than capable to fulfil developer’s demand. Unlike the older languages which have become bloated and cannot move fast, the modern day languages have flexible infrastructure.

Among all the computer programming languages, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, etc will lead the way for the developers. Modern hardware like GPU, TPU, cloud, etc will allow the developers to explore their horizon and develop better softwares.

Modern programming languages led by Rust will be in the limelight in 2021 and it will emerge as a leading software development trend.

Video Games will get a push

Video Games industry

The global video gaming industry saw a decline in the year 2020. But despite the low numbers, it is bound to grow in the next year. There are several reports that suggest that the video gaming industry will make a strong comeback in 2021.

The worldwide market of video games and goods related to video games will reach $222.3 billion by 2022. Thus 2021 becomes the right year to invest in the gaming industry as this software technology trend will take a bigger shape in times to come.

Low code and No code development

low code and no code development

We need no rocket science to understand that businesses are trying to decrease cost in order to curtail the crisis. Be it reducing staff or working remotely without having an office, companies have tried everything.

As the adverse effects of the pandemic are likely to stay, low-code and no-code solutions emerge as good options for businesses all around. This technology trend is gaining momentum as the developers can build web and mobile apps even for the non-tech people. It is projected that the global low-code development market will grow at 28.1% CAGR during 2020-2025. Moreover, the platform is expected to reach a market value of $45.5 billion by 2025 .


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With a view of delivering synchronized and high-end user experience, companies should look forward to ride on the above-mentioned trends. The skill to rise from the ashes of 2020 with these software technology trends still lies in its application according to the targeted audience.

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