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Top 5 Apps You Can Build With Angular - A Quick Guide for Modern Businesses

Krunal Shah

Jan 12, 2022

9 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

A framework backed by Google, adored by developers, and used by leading corporations across the world. That’s Angular for you!

Word on the street, Angular has become hugely popular, and rightly so. Well, if you have had any doubts about Angular mobile and web app development, this blog is all to set clear it out. We have prepared a list of the top 5 apps you can build with Angular frameworks and have also further categorized them into industry-based applications that you can build with Angular.

We will also cover the best examples of applications built using Angular to inspire and awaken ideas and show you exactly why Angular is the real champion. Ready to ace Angular website development? Let’s begin!

What is Angular?

Whether or not you’re familiar with Angular, we can help you navigate through it. An open-source framework is known for its accelerated development process, enhanced scalability, and its ability to power feature-rich, responsive web apps, Angular is a leading front-end framework that has quickly gone on to gain immense popularity and adulation.

With a defined architecture and ready-to-use libraries Angular provides endless opportunities to create exceptional web apps. To be precise, here we are talking about Angular 2+ or Angular, which was released in 2016 after its predecessor AngularJS underwent massive changes.

Angular 2 allows for modern web application development, speeds up the compilation process, and improves component testing. Angular v.9 the latest version was released in February 2020.

Angular Frameworks Journey
The Journey of Angular

Here are some interesting facts about Angular:

58,000+ stars on Github

4,105,780+ Angular websites

Two main competitors: React.js and Vue.js

Wondering which leading framework will serve your project’s needs the best? Check out our comparison between Angular vs. React vs. Vue to find out the same. Until then, let’s get back to dissecting Angular’s strengths. If you're considering enhancing your project with Angular, you might want to hire a skilled React JS developer to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance..

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Why Angular?

There are certain strong features that make the Angular Frameworks worth investing in. Here are the 5 most important benefits of Angular from the business perspective.

Features of Angular Frameworks
Top 5 Angular Features

Apps You Can Build With Angular

This leading framework can be a vital tool for developing captivating & dynamic apps considering the many benefits Angular mobile app development brings across varied domains. Let’s take a look at a few types of apps that can be built using Angular:

  1. Single Page Applications (SPA)

SPAs & Angular? A combination offering the best of both worlds. Ask any developer about their choice for building SPAs and they’ll suggest going with Angular in the blink of an eye. Single Page Applications built with the Angular frameworks allow for quick load time thanks to Angular’s routing and data management features.

The result? A totally immersive user experience with no lag and a single page where all information appears dynamically. SPAs when built with Angular offers fantastic UI support and an unmatched user interface thereby promising top performance each time.

2. Enterprise Web Apps

Ever wondered what makes Angular the first choice for large corporations and enterprises? Angular mobile and web apps have high-end, sophisticated, and secure software that is a big requirement for institutions and enterprises that operate on a higher level.

Take the example of Gmail, YouTube, or Microsoft, they all trust Angular for it is scalability and its ability to match their need for high security. Other features that really seal the deal for Angular when it comes to building enterprise web apps include its MVC architecture and code reusability.

3. Angular Mobile Apps

Thinking of building mobile apps? Angular is the right way to go. Angular mobile app development gets facilitated in lesser time thanks to the front-end code reutilization between mobile and web. Angular frameworks are commonly used for cross-platform web application development.

You can also combine Angular with NativeScript to develop classy, high-end mobile apps. Whereas combining Angular with Ionic is another great option to develop hybrid apps with a near-native-like experience while sharing the majority of code between iOS and Android.

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4. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps brought about a wave of fresh air and became instrumental in defining the modern era of mobile web apps. PWAs provide your web application an app-like experience on mobile-browser. Developers need to be mindful of the application’s adaptability to the user’s mobile screen and ensure they load quickly, offer offline support, and provide a mobile application-like look and feel.

Building PWAs with Angular opens the door to advanced features such as responsive design, mobile-like functionality, and an offline experience seen never before.

Needless to say, PWAs require additional effort for which you should hire Angular developers who are the most adept and experienced when it comes to abiding by the PWA rules and checking if the application functions appropriately.

5. Server-side Rendered (SSR) Apps

Web applications are either rendered in the browser or on the server. Angular is known to enhance and boost the performance of apps with server-side rendering thus making SSR development a lot easier. From improving the page load speed to offering a spectacular user experience on mobile, Angular is the preferred choice for many developers. But how does it become possible? Since the server is responsible for preparing or pre-populating custom user data it plays a major role in reducing the site’s loading time.

As Angular improves the page load speed for SSR apps, it also becomes beneficial in increasing the site’s visibility in the search engine results page (SERP) thereby promoting your business and connecting you to the right audience.

6. Interfaces with Compelling Animation

Why do some apps become more popular than others? What differentiates a successful web app from others? Immersive, engaging, intuitive, and stunning UI animations are a few things that steal the deal and make your web apps irresistible to your users. This is especially true for Edutech and learning platforms that need animations to engage and delight their students. In that case, Angular should be your go-to option since it offers exceptional user interfaces that are sure to capture the user's attention and make them loyal users of your app.

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Industry-Based Angular Mobile and Web Applications

Be it the food industry, eCommerce sector, travel, social, or finance platforms, Angular is your #1 choice for developing apps across various domains and industries. Its high performance and robust features, ready-to-use components, and extensive libraries allow it to cater to all organizations whether small or large.

  1. Travel Apps
Source: Airbnb

Travel apps like Airbnb often witness a surge in traffic from users especially in peak seasons like holidays. To make a travel app, a framework should possess an impeccable interface and have enough capacity to handle high loads during peak surges. Angular perfectly hits this brief.

2. Social Apps

Source: Linkedin

A real-life example of a social app powered by Angular is Linkedin. Fast, responsive, dynamic, and loved by all. Angular is the recipe to create highly successful social apps people use on a daily basis.

3. E-commerce Apps

Source: Swiggy

If you want to build apps that are successful, you also need to understand what your customers actually want. Ecommerce apps with instant delivery are all the rage and getting even bigger day by day. Angular is an amazing framework that lets you create a visually appealing e-commerce app that's both popular and user-friendly.

4. Video Streaming Apps

Source: Netflix

Let’s take Netflix & YouTube for examples that are actually built on Angular. There’s no doubt about the fact that Angular sure knows the secret to power video streaming apps with the needed functionality and UI support those that are immensely fast loading, offer superior user experience and developer flexibility.

5. Weather Apps


Weather apps with Angular have a ton of significant features that hit it right out of the park. is an example of the same. Some noteworthy Angular-powered features include integration with multiple maps, real-time broadcasting, and HD videos from aerials.

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Popular Examples of Apps Built with Angular

Popular Angular mobile and web apps
App Built With Angular
  1. Gmail
Source: Gmail

What’s to note? Gmail is a Single Page Application built with Angular. It also supports Hangouts messaging thanks to Angular’s out-of-the-box module.

2.  Forbes

Source: Forbes

What’s to note? Angular’s reusable codebase allows Forbes to perform well on any device, OS, or browser. Angular helps it support lots of information and cross-platform usage.

3. Upwork

Source: Upwork

What’s to note?  Upwork is known to use Angular JS 1.5.9 that offers the website seamless navigation, high web-page performance, and a single-page experience for active users.

4. Paypal

Source: PayPal

What’s to note? Angular contributes to PayPal’s functioning through state-of-the-art security measures, seamless checkout, and tons of opportunities for integrations.

5. Deutsche Bank

Source: Deutsche Bank

What’s to note? The front page of its developer portal uses AngularJS 1.7.8. that offers easy usability, security, and opportunities to integrate transactional systems into their web software.

6. Freelancer

Source: Freelancer

What’s to note? Freelancer uses Angular 5.1.0 for the frontend framework that offers it a highly responsive website. Angular also supports information storing and payment integrations.

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Wrapping Up

So how does the sound of building an Angular mobile and web app of your own feel? Angular is undoubtedly a champion framework when it comes to developing apps for your business. The cherry on the cake is its ultimate backing by Google and a thriving community of developers to bank on. Angular is intrinsic in reducing development costs, improving the structure, and scaling your project easily.

Even though there are many JavaScript frameworks out there, Angular is one to consider and the proof is its usage by many major brands. Looking for an angular development company to help you build your next business app? Here at Third Rock Techkno, we hold the power of working with leading technologies and crafting customized solutions for our clients from varied industries. Let us help you create stunning Angular mobile apps for your business.

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