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13 Proven Ecommerce Business Ideas for Your Startup

Krunal Shah

Feb 20, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

Ecommerce Business Ideas

What's up entrepreneurs? So, if you have been wanting to start an online business for a while now, we think this is the right time to jump right into it. Especially with so much that is happening in the world lately.

More and more people are moving towards eCommerce business to make money, therefore, further in this article, we will share with share the best online business that you can get started with even if you don’t have much experience or can offer you the freedom of working remotely.

But before we begin with the idea let us talk about the importance of eCommerce and the difference it makes when done properly.

Table of Content

  1. Second-hand products
  2. Planners supplies
  3. Industrial b2b products
  4. Content writing
  5. Selling ebooks
  6. Mentoring or Online coaching
  7. Digital marketing
  8. Educational courses
  9. Beauty products
  10. Video blogs/ Vlogs
  11. Niche fashion products or accessories
  12. Smart home products
  13. Affiliate Marketing

Why eCommerce?


Whether it is a startup or a huge business or big want to brands, there are a lot of companies that have benefitted from their eCommerce website. There they can sell their products and services.

In today’s fast-paced and competitive world, consumers do not want to linger on the streets anymore to buy products, instead, they want to shop from their own convenient space, their home, which makes eCommerce a flexible solution for both consumers and businesses as they are fast, responsible and reliable.

Here are the top 5 important reasons that eCommerce businesses have proven success for businesses and how you can also benefit from moving online this year!

  • Ecommerce gives you the ability to connect with the world
  • It will be more convenient and time-saving
  • It increases your reach.
  • You get more opportunities and more marketing ideas
  • It is scalable

Now that you have understood its importance, let’s talk about the 13 most popular eCommerce businesses for you to start.

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13 eCommerce business ideas

These are the 15 most popular eCommerce businesses that you can launch this year.

Ecommerce business ideas
E-commerce business Model for second hand products

Second-hand products

Nowadays people don’t mind using second-hand products as long as they are in good condition and are durable. All you have to do is start collecting used products like clothes, furniture, jewelry and start posting them on your eCommerce website.

You have to make sure that you sell all those products at a reasonable price. As the purpose to buy the second-hand product is that buyer wants to be benefitted from the products at a medium-range.

This way you will be making them reuse the products by increasing their lifespan. These are some of the business models that work.

  • Vintage products
  • Furniture
  • Fashion
  • Child products
  • Automobile
  • Electronics

You can learn more about the type of second-hand store you want to start depending on your niche by checking on this website.

Planners supplies

E-commerce ideas for Planners Supplies

Having a local retail store is great. It allows your customers to touch, feel and see the product in hand before buying.

Nowadays the planning business is shifting towards eCommerce business. This online model comes with its benefits. One of the many benefits is it exposes you to the audience not just locally but the entire world. Planners have a great following wherever they go.

The cost is much lower to start an online store, fewer employees, you can operate it from your home and can make your schedule, holidays too. Depending on what you are serving hard to find items all in one place you will have your specific audience and you will get more exposure for your eCommerce.

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Industrial b2b products

E-commerce ideas for B2B Products

Industrial eCommerce is hard when it comes to launching. It is difficult to enter the market initially but once you do the margins that will get will be higher. You won’t be spending much on marketing as well.

Many companies have cracked the code of selling an industrial product online and at scale. The market is ripe for you if you have any eCommerce chops at all.

Not most people dream of selling generators online but this was proven highly profitable for AP Electric Generator which generally on the online industrial market. With the help of digital marketing, 1-800-Stencil is one of the leading industries in B2B industrial eCommerce.

Ecommerce in industrial B2B is most underserviced. More opportunities are opening up to sell their products online and opt for e-commerce as a viable online business option for their company.

With technology today it is easy to reach customers even with a simple website, proper shipping processes, and understanding your customers. Industrial eCommerce is highly potential and opens opportunities for eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Content writing

Content Writing

Content writing is a great service and keeps getting more valuable with time. And now, with the help of the internet, you can create your own e-commerce business where you can sell your services, or even as a freelancer this is a great option.

Not just that you can also pre-write your content and put it on sale. In the beginning, you will have to keep yourself affordable for more reach and to start.

But once your eCommerce business takes off you can increase your prices and work at your own time.

Selling ebooks

E-commerce ideas for E-book selling

Yes! You can sell your books online. Gone are the days when you were needed to find a publishes to publish your book. That makes selling ebooks one of the best eCommerce business ideas. You can create an online platform to write books yourself or the world.

If you have something to write and have a story of great value on any particular topic like fiction, non-fiction, romance, technology, etc then you have a great chance of selling a good number of copies. With ebooks, you have the opportunity to provide detailed information to your consumers. There are many websites like kindle that sell ebooks and let people sell theirs as well.

The world wants new stories to read every day and if you think you can provide them you are good to go.

Mentoring or Online coaching

Business ideas for Education

There are so many people with valuable knowledge to share across the globe. If you are one of them, then this way you can create an online business and sell courses to people worldwide.

There are many different platforms where you can sell your courses and the demand is high. The world is growing and so is the knowledge and everything small information is still information.

Choose your niche what you are good at and start providing value to it. The consumer should see value in your provided content.

There are many fields and niches and not one platform has all. Here is your chance to provide people with any content which can’t be found anywhere else.

An eCommerce course opens up new doors and opportunities with more interaction irrespective of the place you are at.

Digital marketing

digital marketing

With the help of digital marketing, people can reach a wide range of audiences in a way that is both cost-effective and flexible and can reach several people in one go.

You can save a lot of money at the same time reaching a lot of customers for less money compared to traditional marketing methods. All you have to do is to know your audience and their needs and also allowing them to know you personally which will help you to create your brand image.

What makes it one of the Best E-commerce businesses is that digital marketing has changed the way to sell or buy products. It is a new trend of hassle-free buying and selling. If you have amazing strategies to offer your clients for digital marketing this business is for you.

Educational courses

Online Education business ideas

Online education learning is going to be the future of learning. There are many reasons why people are opting for online educational courses.

According to the Babson survey research group, in the US more than 30% of the higher education students are opting for at least one distant online course.

If you are someone who can provide students or learners a great value and information in the provided course this eCommerce business is for you. It is a convenient option with endless options for students all over the world.

Nowadays students look for flexible online education, offering a wide selection of programs, easily accessible, allowing a customized learning experience, and of course, it should be cost-effective compared to traditional learning. If you think you can provide all this you have a high chance of success in this business.

Beauty Products Business

Beauty products

Beauty products are one of the biggest eCommerce businesses in the world. This idea is the most profitable one out of all.

Now and then we buy beauty or health products online because we don’t have time to go to different stores to buy different products as no store has all. Online buying has its benefits of both time and money-saving. All you have to make sure is that the products you sell are of great value and ingredients.  

This eCommerce business idea is good for anyone with great eCommerce marketing skills but beauty products work best with young people in it. If you can market your products well, providing their benefits in your consumer’s lives, the business is going to be successful.

Video blogs/ Vlogs

Video Vlogs business ideas

Vlogs are the art of selling without selling. As youtube is the third most visited website with visitors watching 5 billion videos every day worldwide. It is a very effective selling platform for vlogs that you want to take advantage of.

With the right strategy, you can rise above and get create revenue. You can get a loyal following depending on the type of videos you make.

When it comes to business it better to show than tell and the same applies to the eCommerce business. All you have to do is how to make and edit videos.

It will make you like an expert and with great content, the user experience will be easy.

As your brand grows you can take benefit of your videos to drive customers to your eCommerce business.

ecommerce business ideas for fashion

Niche fashion products or accessories

If you are someone who knows fashion and knows well the market it’s a great eCommerce opportunity. You can start an eCommerce business of fashion products selling particular accessories or custom-made items.

It will be a great platform for people who wants to buy Halloween costumes or traditional wear. To serve audiences like hard to find and difficult fitting needs.

ONCHEK and BygoneBrand is an amazing example of selling niche fashion brands which is quite hard to find.

Smart home products

Smart home products business ideas

With the help of the internet, we have come a long way. In today’s world full of technology people love to connect their devices for a better life. The products are easy to connect with and are made your life less stressful. It can make any space a smart space.

For example, you get home from work, and with the garage door opening it signals the air conditioner to turn on, and at the same time, it makes the smart speaker play some soothing music to make you feel at home and better. You would be surprised to know that your smartphone mood tracker app can detect your stress levels.

Not many people are selling this smart device online which makes it a great opportunity for you to start with these amazing e-commerce business ideas. All you have to do is do great research and start selling and be ready to make an amazing profit out of it too.

Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing business idea

Affiliate marketing a process of promoting other people’s or company products and earning a commission through it. You can select any product or service you like or enjoy and promote it to other people and earn interest on each sale that you make. And these sales are tracked via affiliate links from one website to another.

It is a popular strategy for generating sales and online revenue. It is an extremely beneficial tactic for both brands and affiliate marketers.

According to statistics, 84%of publishes and 81% of brands have benefited from the power of affiliate marketing, and it will continue to increase in the US as the affiliate marketing spending increases.

These were the 13 most popular eCommerce businesses that have changed the way to do things differently.


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