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5 Food App Ideas That Can Get You Huge Revenues

Krunal Shah

Apr 27, 2021

6 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

Food App Ideas

It’s been years since the famous food delivery apps like Zomato and Uber Eats became sensational. They revolutionized customer experience with food joints and paved the way for on-demand food delivery. And now, food businesses are getting way more innovative in how they can meet their customers’ ever-increasing service expectations. There are various existing food business apps that have tested the demand for innovative solutions. That means, there is tremendous scope to increase supply and meet that demand. If you are interested in building a food-based tech startup, these food app ideas will help you get to a good start.

Table of Content

  1. Apps to sell coupons and discounts
  2. App idea to provide nutritional details of a dish or a food item
  3. Food app idea to minimize wastage
  4. Catering booking services app
  5. AR-based food app ideas

1. Apps to sell coupons and discounts

restaurant coupons app

Just as the demand for food business will remain under any kind of situation, so is the demand for ordering food at lower prices. That’s why one of the best food app ideas for a startup could be to build an app offering food coupons and discounts.

There are many ways you can leverage this app idea. The easiest way is to keep track of deals offered by restaurants and food joints and alert your users about them.

Additionally, you can choose to tie up with restaurants and promote their deals through your app. If you build on this approach, you can easily expand your user base by offering discounts that are exclusive to your app.

Because this idea is so popular and easy, many startups have already tried them. But honestly, how many such apps do you personally know of and use? Not too many, I am sure.

That’s because these apps, despite their potential, haven’t been able to deliver solid value to their users.

If you partner with an experienced mobile app development company, they can help you polish your idea, build a UX that appeals to users and suggest technologies that can power the app to its full potential.

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App idea nutritional details of a dish or a food item

2. App idea to provide nutritional details of a dish or a food item

If you have ever tried any diet plans, I am sure you’d have practised reading food labels as you’d read about prescription medicines.

And there are many, MANY people out there who have to do this regularly. So why not just digitize this process with the help of an app?

Such an app contains nutritional facts about a large number of dishes, snacks, and other food items. And the user can get the details in an instant while grabbing a quick snack at home or outside.

Even though highly potent, this food app idea hasn’t been explored more. So if you want to build a food-based app for your startup, get on with market research already!

Interestingly, you can also build this app as a SaaS product. This way, you can offer basic services for free. Additionally, you can charge a premium for advanced features like custom diet plans based on nutritional requirements.

If you build this app and it starts getting momentum, you can also scale it further to provide fitness and work out related tips too.

3. Food app idea to minimize wastage

Food app idea to minimize wastage

There are multiple ways of leveraging this food app idea. First, if you have or plan to have a food business startup, you can build this app as a part of your social responsibility program.

For example, if you own a restaurant or a food delivery business, a food app to minimize wastage could be used to allocate the leftover food to the needy. Of course, you will have to build databases and a system to find, store and list the details.

You can tie up with local food NGOs that will pick up food from your restaurant and deliver it to their beneficiaries. Or you can in-house personnel to set up your own system.

Secondly, if you are not a food business startup, you can simply build this app to serve the community with the help of volunteers. Under this approach, you can tie up with local food joints or even residents, collect leftover food from them and distribute it to the needy.

If this food app succeeds in either approach, you can always scale it later to cater to different segments of the community with not just food, but with grocery or even clothes.

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4. Catering booking services app

Catering booking services app

Another very potential food business app idea is to build a catering booking services app. Again, you can choose to build it to complement your already existing catering business. Or you can build it as a marketplace app for catering services. Let’s explore both these scenarios.

Suppose you already own a catering business. Now your customers may or may not be local residents. In the absence of a mobile app, you lose out on customers who can’t visit you but want to take a detailed look at the different types of services you offer. So it’s essential that you build a mobile app for your catering booking services.

Through the app, your potential customers can take a look at menus, cuisines, rates, client testimonials, etc. But most importantly, they can place their custom orders through the app. This kind of convenience in the catering industry can help your business outperform the competitors.

The second scenario is when you don’t own a catering business yourself but want to build a marketplace-like app for catering booking services. You can tie up with catering services providers in different cities and create an easy-to-navigate directory. Create filters based on pricing, location, cuisine, etc to ease the decision-making process for your users.

Even a basic revenue model like offering exclusive discounts and referral rewards for users and earning commission from service providers can help sustain this food business startup app idea.

5. AR-based food app ideas

Augmented Reality based food app ideas

Augmented Reality (AR) has found applications in many industries now, including the food and restaurant industry.

If you own a restaurant, you can make it stand out by creating engaging and informative experiences for potential customers. For example, you can enable an AR feature that lets the users see the dishes in 3D format. This way, a user can accurately identify what exactly they can expect from a particular dish.

Secondly, AR in a food business app can also show the ingredients of a dish along with their nutritional benefits.

And of course, AR can let potential customers how the dine-in experience in your restaurant is going to be like.

Additionally, you can also integrate AR with geolocation to help your customers find your restaurant easily. They can just take a glance at the nearby locations and see where and how your restaurant stands in a locality. This feature will also help users gauge whether there are easy parking spaces available outside your restaurant.

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Transform your food business app idea into a profitable startup

In addition to the ones I shared above, there are tons of other food business app ideas that can prove to be lucrative for a startup in 2021. However, the idea is only the tip of the iceberg. The success of your app idea depends on how well you are able to execute it.

As the first step, conduct thorough market research to validate your app idea. Then narrow down the features to one core functionality so you can build a quick MVP of your app. Lastly, hire dedicated developers from countries like India to build an efficient MVP at lower costs.

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