A Quick Guide to Hire an Edtech App Development Company for your Startup

Krunal Shah

Aug 12, 2022

8 min readLast Updated Aug 16, 2022

The expansion and accessibility of technologies have led schools and colleges to broaden their horizon and teach students with a renewed perspective. Education is no longer constrained to the four walls of a room because many cutting-edge e-learning apps present a broader picture of learning to the students. Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic has also played a vital role in the wide acceptance of educational apps across the globe.

The advent of technology in education has allowed students to learn from experience and explore various things. In addition, the growth of e-learning has compelled many companies to invest in educational solutions.

So, suppose you, too are focusing on edtech app development and have a brilliant free hand in bringing a paradigm shift in the educational sector. In that case, it becomes necessary to be cautious while hiring an ed-tech app development partner. This is because, for the optimal growth of educational apps, the experience, adaptability, and skill of the app development partner become essential.

Therefore, here, we will give you a brief guide on education app development. Moreover, we will also focus on the essential things an entrepreneur must consider while selecting their app development partner.

What is Educational Technology?

Simply put, educational technology means using different information and communication technologies to boost studying methods. There are other forms of information and communication technologies that are included, such as digital whiteboards, cloud-based learning educational apps, interactive blogs and discussion boards for students, and different online tools for both students and teachers.

Strategized usage of educational technology creates a win-win situation for teachers and students. On one side, the teachers can encompass both software and hardware to help the students to collaborate with the class and create an engaging environment for the remote students. For the students, education app development technology will allow a three-dimensional view of everything that was not possible in regular, physical classrooms.

There are AR-enhanced, AI-powered, and VR-integrated education mobile app development products that are rapidly coming into the market and increasing the potential of educational technology. This is one of the main reasons why education technology as an industry is expected to grow by over 20% until the year 2028.

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List of top edtech apps

With covid-19 in 2020, most education across the globe has become online. Therefore, it has become inevitable for teachers, students, and administrators to become accustomed to the latest edtech tools before they become overwhelming. Here is the list of top edtech apps that are going great guns in the market.

1.  Byju’s

Byju’s started in Bangalore, India, in 2011 and has grown into the world’s best edtech startup over the past decade or so. It began as a simple learning platform but had a sudden leap in 2020 when its app users began to expand. As of March 2022, Byju had more than 150 million application users, almost double the number (80 million) in early 2021.

It emerged as one of the leading educational apps as it renders kids from grades from their nascent stage (lower kindergartens) to Std 12th.  In addition, it also provides study materials for higher competitive exams in India.

2.  Chegg

Chegg began in the early 200s (2005) as an online learning platform that provided a wholesome learning experience to the students. The platform is also known to provide top-rated learning resources to the students. As per the stats in 2021, Chegg has more than 7.8 million subscribers and is growing at the rate of knots as the educational app has introduced many student-friendly innovations recently.

This education mobile app development platform is also considered good for online tutors as it allows them to convey their teaching methods easily to the students. Moreover, in addition to learning, the students can quickly sell, buy or rent required study materials through the platform.

3. Coursera

Developed in the USA, Coursera is one of the leading MOOC platforms connected to over 150 universities worldwide. This educational app offers over 4000 courses in different disciplines and subjects that assist students in getting the education in their space according to their learning capabilities.

Coursera provides professional upskilling courses that allow even the working employees to enhance their work process. As per the reports in 2021, Coursera had more than 82 million users worldwide and is rising exceedingly well throughout.

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How to develop an educational app?

Developing an educational app is like building a multi-story building; it requires a step-by-step synchronized process. To make matters easier for our reading, we have created a list of some simple steps to consider for education app development:

1. Have a straightforward thought process in mind

As an entrepreneur, you must understand what you want to offer to the target audience. Although the online education industry is expanding at an alarming rate, riding on this bandwagon without thinking about your product might not be the best idea. Therefore, you must focus on understanding the user requirements and look to include the essential assets before building big.

For example, during the process of edtech app development, look to integrate various languages to enhance your userbase. Then after understanding the features and point of view of the learners, integrate small-sized videos or tutorials, podcasts, audio materials, tests, etc. In addition, it is also essential to keep a close eye on the look and feel of the education app.

2. Importance of SWOT Analysis for Application Development

It is necessary to know the strength and weaknesses of your education app development process so that you can act accordingly. List down the advantages and USPs of the app and jot down the ultimate goals you want to achieve with the app.

In addition, it is also important to figure out what are the areas that need improvement and the areas that can pose challenges for revenue generation. Moreover, the entrepreneurs must also avoid including extra features in the app just for the sake of it

After identifying the threats, the next step is to find out what are the best technologies that will aid in the education app development process. Here, a competent edtech app development company will assist you in the process.

3. Understand the features and app’s launch time

For an ed-tech app developer, it is necessary to find out what they want to offer to the students before including the features in the app. Moreover, it is also essential to launch an MVP (minimum viable product) to precisely gauge the actual requirements of the students before launching a full-fledged app.

As far as the features are concerned, it is essential to keep the latest trends in mind during the education app development process. Some of the leading advanced features to be included in an educational app are:

  • Audio and video-based content
  • Live classes and tutorials
  • Gamification & 3-D lectures
  • Push notifications
  • Regular practice and analysis
  • Screen recording
  • Student/parent dashboard
  • Track progress and achievement

Important factors to consider while selecting an Edtech Apps Development Company

There are some important factors that will determine the selection of the Edtech app development company:

1.  Understand the portfolio of the company

An organization’s portfolio is necessary to understand its technical expertise, business domains, project themes, and other important factors. A good portfolio will also give a clear idea about the testimonials, experience, and skillsets of the developers of the edtech app development company.

Do a complete study of the task list completed by the edtech app developer and also see the feedback the previous clients have given to the company. In addition, it is also necessary to understand the different types of edtech software solutions provided by the service provider.

2.  Effective Delivery Management

While selecting the edtech app development company, be sure about their work process. There must be effective communication between the client and the company so that the client is informed about every progress of the project.

To ensure effective delivery management, it is also necessary to understand the transparency policy and its effectiveness in the product development cycle.

3.  Testing and QA Measures

For an uninterrupted process, it is necessary to have stringent QA and testing measures for the educational app. It is essential that the edtech app development partner must use updated automated and manual testing procedures during education app development. Poor quality in the edtech may result in mental fatigue and frustration for the end users.

Cost of developing an education app

The entire cost of edtech app development depends on a variety of factors. Let us understand them in detail:

1.  Complexity of the app

The complexity of the education app development process is defined by the number of integrations and features, difficulty of the business logic, etc. In addition, a complex app development concept would also mean advanced planning, research, and design.

Based on the complexity, the cost of the education app development process would be around $24000-$8000.

2.  Geographical location of the team

Another important factor that determines the cost of an ed-tech app is the location of the development team. For example, if you outsource the education app development project to a team in the US, it will cost more compared to a team in India. Moreover, the difference in pricing doesn’t mean substandard quality.

In the US, the rate of education for mobile app developers would range from $150-175$ per hour whereas, in India, it would be around $20-$30.

3.  Type of platform of the educational app

Whether you are developing a native or a hybrid education app plays an important role in determining the overall cost. Hybrid apps fit for both iOS and Android and are cheaper as compared to native apps.

For example, developing a native iOS education app would cost around $55000-$65000 whereas for hybrid apps, it would be around $35000-$40000.

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Final thoughts

Selecting the right edtech app development team is necessary for the overall health of the final product. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, you must be vigilant enough in considering all the important factors before outsourcing the education mobile app development project.

At Third Rock Techno, we boost a profound team of experienced and skilled project developers, designers, QA, etc that render exceptional and diverse development services. that will leave no stone unturned in developing an all-encompassed educational app. To understand more about our work, have a look at your portfolio.