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Accelerating Business Growth With Enterprise Application Development

Krunal Shah

Jul 25, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Jul 25, 2023

Enterprise application development has garnered high popularity with the growing demand for enterprise apps. Owing to several advantages such as high productivity, cost-effectiveness, time and resources optimization, better scope to automate, and others, enterprise app development is often the first choice of businesses to meet their specific requirements.

What is the most important benefit of an enterprise application? Or, why building enterprise applications is high on trend? The answer often lies in the specific business requirements from diverse domains and the competitive enterprise application development technologies used.

To give you a glimpse of how popular enterprise application development is in 2022, let’s present some of the latest stats. The global enterprise application development industry was worth $238.36 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $527.40 billion by 2030, as stated in a recent market report. And not only that, the revenue in the enterprise software sector is set to surpass $237 billion by the end of 2022.

No doubt that businesses are utilizing this app development technique at an increasing rate. You too can boost your business growth with enterprise app development. If you are wondering how and why then read on. We are going to walk you through all you need to know about accelerating business growth with enterprise application development.

What Is Enterprise Application Development?

An enterprise application development is defined as the process of developing an application that is aimed to provide an enterprise with a specific solution to simplify and streamline the related workflow and improve productivity. An enterprise can opt for enterprise application development to accommodate their internal or external requirements or both.

Enterprise application development process is meant to execute the relevant complex enterprise tasks/processes/activities to cater to the business growth by optimizing the time, resources, and cost. Generally, an enterprise app can be deployed on the cloud and is compatible with diverse platforms, media, and networks.

Some of the highly sought-after types of enterprise apps are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, and project management tools, to name a few. Next, we will know how enterprise app development can boost your business growth.

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How Enterprise Application Development Boosts Your Business Growth

Enterprise application development is subject to sky-high demand in the coming years due to the exclusive perks it offers to enterprises. But what is the most important benefit of an enterprise application? It is - its ability to cater to a business’s growth. Let’s see how the new enterprise application ideas for building enterprise applications can boost your business growth.


1. High Return on Investment (ROI)

Having high ROI is the ultimate goal of every business or enterprise. And we cannot emphasize enough how well enterprise application development can cater to your ROI growth through its compact solutions as per the business requirements.

While an enterprise app is highly efficient in executing the intended tasks, the cost to deploy, upgrade, and maintain is much lower than the overall outputs and revenue you get from it. As a result, it helps a business raise its ROI significantly leading it to long-term success.

2. Automated Workflows

One of the key reasons for the high popularity of enterprise application development is, that an enterprise app is capable of automating the major parts of a specific task, process, or process while it ensures generating the best possible result. Let’s give an example to understand this better.

A CRM tool is meant to manage and improve the customer relationship for any business while offering many more facilities. Some of the key tasks and the relevant workflows that get automated by a CRM tool are - storing and utilizing the information of various customers, prospects, and leads, managing diverse marketing campaigns as per the requirements, storing, accessing, or modifying various service issues, status, and relevant information, and others. No doubt that in this way enterprise app development improves the overall working capacity for a specific task while making them more accurate and fast through automation.

3. Optimized Employee and Business Productivity

Coming to the question - of what is the most important benefit of an enterprise application, this pointer definitely ranks near the top of the list. By opting for enterprise app development along with the competitive enterprise application development technologies, one can improve employee as well as business productivity manifold.

As most of the tasks are carried out with high accuracy by the enterprise application, it saves significant time and workload for the employees. As a result, the employees can focus on the other important business areas, can work more efficiently, and improve business productivity at certain levels.

4. Better Customer Experience

One of the main goals of building enterprise applications is letting an enterprise work on a customer-driven approach that focuses on the customer requirements, exceeds their expectations, and improves the customer experience to take your business to a whole new level.

An industry-grade enterprise application development process takes into account the end users’ perspectives, their requirements, the present demand-supply scenario of the competitive market, customers’ behavioral patterns, and others to ensure that the app accommodates every requirement the customers may have.

Furthermore, enterprise app development incorporates top-notch features like impenetrable security, data encryption, real-time data access, and modification, to name a few, to optimize the overall customer experience.

5. Time and Resources Optimization

Enterprise application development paves the path for automation, high productivity, and optimum output no matter in which area it operates in - resources management, business intelligence, customer relationship management, or others.

It requires the minimum time, money, and resources possible compared to other conventional systems and software and provides competitive outputs. So, this remains one of the main driving factors for businesses to opt for enterprise application development.

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Key Factors to Consider before Enterprise Application Development

As discussed above, enterprise application development is popular for several reasons and in the coming years enterprises are likely to explore this option even more to increase their productivity and profitability.  To ease your task, here we are going to take you through the key factors to consider before you start or opt for enterprise application development.

1. Selecting the Right Platform

It is of utmost importance to select the right platform before you proceed with enterprise application development. It is recommended to target a broad range of platforms to ensure high compatibility and target most of the present ecosystems. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are two of the most basic yet highly efficient ecosystems or platforms that you should target.

2. Knowing Your Audience

It is pivotal to know the target audience before you start the enterprise application development process. What is the purpose of using the app by the specific audience/audiences, their profession, demographics, and other factors have a lot to determine how you will proceed with enterprise app development, or what enterprise application development technologies you will be opting for. Having a well-defined idea about the target audience, their requirements, and pain points will let you meet their requirements perfectly through enterprise application development.

3. Doing Market Research

Market research is an important stage for any product development and enterprise app development is not an exception to this. To crack it right, you should start with the present market, competitors, their audience, and the required key solutions to analyze them and come up with the best possible enterprise app in that field.

4. Focusing on Mobile Analytics

Before you start enterprise app development, you must plan for adding the mobile analytics feature. The mobile analytics feature is meant to offer an in-depth view of the KPIs to your end users to assess the relevant app performance, and outputs and let them optimize them further.

For instance, for a CRM app, the KPIs such as customer churn rate, acquisition rate, engagement rate, relevant recurring revenue, and others play an important role and mobile analytics give the end users a 360-degree view of all of these.

5.Emphasizing UI/UX Design

Even before you start with enterprise application development, you should have a well-defined plan for a competitive UI/UX design that aids in a better customer experience. Starting from the navigation to the outer look and ease of communication - these all play vital roles in determining how well the UI/UX design of your enterprise app is. Also, it is recommended to keep it comprehensible, catchy, and easy to access for all users.

6. Ensuring Robust Security

Be it submitting their personal information or doing transactions, security comes into play in every part of your enterprise app and you must take it into account during the enterprise application development process. Data security, backup, secure payment gateways, authentication protocols, and others are crucial to deploying during an enterprise app development process.

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Top Use Cases of Enterprise Application Development

Now that you have a better idea of the enterprise app development process, here is a list of various use cases of enterprise application development.

Diverse Use Cases of Enterprise Application Development

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Automated Billing Systems

Finance and Accounting Systems

Recommendation Engines

Business Development Management 

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) Systems

Notification Management Systems 

Enterprise Search 

Enterprise Messaging Systems (EMS)

HR Management

Enterprise Content Management

Business Intelligence (BI)

Leading Examples of Enterprise Applications

Here’s a list of the top enterprise applications in the market.

App Name



Cloud Meetings App


Team Projects Management App


Workplace Management App


Marketing and CRM App

Bamboo HR

HR Process Management App


Enterprise Communication Management App

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With the growing popularity of enterprise applications, enterprise app development has become high in demand around the globe. No matter what type of business you are running, opting for the right enterprise apps can improve your business drastically. The above information will help you stay up-to-date and will let you choose the right enterprise app development process for your business.

Be it enterprise app development, web development, or any product development - we, at Third Rock Techkno, offer you an industry-grade solution to meet your every requirement and ensure a highly competitive end product. Check out our portfolio and contact us for a free consultation.

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