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How To Get The Most Out of Your IT Budget

Krunal Shah

Feb 12, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

IT Budget

With passing years, technology is obtaining a bigger position in our businesses and our lives. With this growing technology, it is almost impossible to close your eyes when it comes to budgeting your business.

The IT budget works as a foundation for the company. It outlines the resources necessary for a strategy that will be implemented throughout the year. It simply means allocating the company’s money to various IT projects including funds for all your projects and technology in the IT department.

Every business owner should decide where to issue funds, and it will be troublesome to reconcile expending a big amount and not seeing immediate returns. Moreover, it's an integral part of almost all businesses and might provide long-term benefits.

Technology ought to be viewed as both a chance to try to do more and a price of doing business.

Consumer expectations are rising quickly and also the bar is often climbing; technology permits your company to contend and rise above in this digital world.

You gain the ability to achieve additional potential clients and develop an improved account together with your client base. It provides better and distinctive service to customers.

Having strategic IT planning supports better relationships with key partners. Optimizing your IT budget will help you streamline operations, reduce costs, gain better efficiency, maximize profit, and minimize waste.

But before we begin talking about optimizing the IT budget, let’s take a quick look at why an IT budget is important for businesses and how it affects organizational efficiency.

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Budgeting: Impact and Importance


It is like an IT roadmap, the budget provides direction and an entire view of your department and its funding needs. You can compare your expenses with those of similar departments. This way you can quickly determine if resources are being overloaded in one area or another, and in the case of IT budgets at the departmental level.

The whole purpose of planning your IT budget is to know before spending. And this strategic planning will make sure you meet deadlines and also accounting your finances in time.

Rather than seeing the budget solely as an administrative management process, view it as a confirmation and support tool for your IT strategy.

The IT Budget affects everyone including the people and leads you're able to deliver and it also affects your external partners, from software dealers to strategy consultants.


An IT budget will facilitate IT leaders to use the budgeting method as a tool to help in communication and planning when implemented correctly. It provides resources required for executing strategies throughout the year. The budget allows departments to continue operating without any interruption.

Almost everywhere companies struggle with the budget when in reality creating an IT budget is as same as any other department. It should be looked upon as a future investment. Keeping a common goal in mind IT budget can be created with ease.

Here are some of the statistics to consider worldwide before optimizing your IT budget.

Key statistics on the importance of IT budget in global businesses

  • According to the latest forecast done by Gartner, Inc., in 2020, IT spending is projected to total $3.4 trillion worldwide.
  • A recent study done by Deloitte LLP’s U.S. CIO Program revealed that industry spending patterns can examine conjunction with the appetite for risk and disruption, business strategy, and priorities to influence IT budgets.
  • Recently a survey shows, 36% plan to improve IT operations & systems performance due to the impact of covid-19.
  • According to CIO, A small company with a revenue of less than $50 Million spends 6.9% of its revenue on IT.  A medium-sized company with revenue somehwere between $50 million to $2 billion spends 4.1% on IT. And large companies with a revenue greater than $2 billion spend 2.1% on IT.

Now the question arises how do you make the most out of your budget without any hassle. Read further to know different ways to optimize your IT budget.

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How to optimize your IT budget?

There are different ways when it comes to optimizing your IT budget. Here I have listed the best five ways for you so that you can make the most out of your IT budget.

How automation can optimize your IT budget

IT service management

IT Service Management also known as ITSM Automation has become an important authorization of transformation with pushing companies to use automation. It is implemented in order to improve employee and customer satisfaction, for better productivity, and saving money.

It might look unreasonable to fund something new considering budget optimization, but ITSM automation can help decrease cost and ultimately increase productivity.

ITSM automation can embrace AI technology, like self-service, or chatbots, and across a platform of service, it might be integrated into a full enterprise resolution.

ITSM automation can give improved ticketing and advancement for IT and non-IT departments, a stronger worker experience, elimination of repetitive tasks, and bigger flexibility in user experiences along with alternative benefits.

It is important to note while considering ITSM automation in a limited budget that the key is the overall ownership cost. Moreover, the cost may be higher than usual, if the software requires an admin to code or outsource expert services to deliver new functions.

With implementing ITSM, firstly, it will be essential to address the future of the IT department and its work. Secondly, the company will need to alter the service level agreement(SLA) to make all the changes which will help you keep everyone on the same page.

You can limit the number of useless meetings that reduce efficiency and the amount of time and money being wasted, which will eventually lead to budget optimization.

Implementing asset management to make better decisions

IT asset lifecycle management

ITAM or IT Asset Management means an IT asset that includes hardware and software systems, or any information an organization values.

When attempting to bring down IT spending, ITAM can offer necessary data. It helps by answering essential questions like the cost of the assets? Any exhausted assets or stock running low?

ITAM keeps all the information updated so the team can utilize better eliminating all waste. It helps your organization save money by avoiding necessary purchases and cutting licenses. Asset management involvement will create a positive impact on cost, benefitting the whole organization.

Its implementation assist leaders to decide on what software may be retired, any subscriptions which will be canceled and might keep track of hardware that has to get replaced before a significant interruption.

Therefore, the IT team monetizes the areas with IT assets and the service they are able to provide. ITAM can be integrated with IT monetary management software similarly to ITSM for a one time solution for a better business planning.

Invest in knowledge to make the most of your IT budget

value chain of learning

According to a recent study, companies investing in a complete training program noticed a higher income of 218% per employee than companies without proper training. As a result, these companies also recorded 24% higher profit margin than the ones who didn't train their employees regularly.

This process leads to higher employee retention, higher engagement, and higher productivity, with as much as 24% higher margin profit compared to corporations who don't consider employee’s wellbeing.

Moreover, though it goes on the far side straightforward budgeting, considering the good health of employees, whether or not at work or in their personal lives, are a few things that IT managers ought to think about prioritizing. This may lead to a better ROI for each member of the IT team.

Therefore, while optimizing the IT budget, investing in your new recruiters should be considered an important part of the budget.

Shift-Left strategy for reducing costs in an IT budget

shift left strategy

If implemented properly, the Shift-Left strategy can decrease the cost of the organization of supporting employees and customers with increasing satisfaction. It refers to moving works to a lower level of support from a higher-level or self-help.

With a successful strategy, over time companies can see a remarkable ROI. With an increase in efficiency of the service desk, and saving on monthly and annual costs. Due to the financial impact employee advantages are also important, better productivity, lower turnover, and higher satisfaction.

Therefore, it helps by freeing up agents and removing busy work, like resetting passwords.

It makes your work environment better for your employees, and eventually, it will result in the reduction of your budget.

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Opting for software outsourcing for a cost-effective IT budget

software outsourcing

While optimizing your IT budget one should always remember that they can anytime need more IT resources may it be due to business expansion or short-term project. It will lead to more staff and more work and that can cause the budget to increase. Therefore, there are many ways to find tech support and finish the assigned project in time without breaking your bank.

Hiring new expert professionals can be both energy and time-consuming and will become permanent which the company might not need later. That is why considering outsourcing for IT is important. It will not only provide you with expert professionals but you will have a dedicated team of experts especially for your project, they will be working as a virtual CTO to overlook all tech services that the business requires to suit your budget.

Finding the right software outsourcing partner wouldn’t be easy but it will avail you many benefits. As the outsourcing team is flexible and scalable they can anytime increase the support if needed. They can lead the part of IT projects or upgrades, including training their staff while you can focus on your internal staff and business.

Outsourcing is worth considering as it will free up all your extra resources that can be used better somewhere else just by moving from capital expenditures to operating expenditures for IT solutions.

We all make mistakes even after doing almost everything from planning the IT budget to implementing it. Here are some dos and don’ts that you should keep in mind while constructing your IT budget.

Quick tips on how to create an IT budget for your business

Here are a few tips to consider while planning an IT budget for your company.

  • Always be prepared for an emergency expense outside your standard budget.
  • Prioritize your needs. Don’t buy the latest or greatest technology unnecessarily.
  • Make your IT budget manageable and hassle-free it shouldn’t be too easy or too complex and in such a way that the numbers should represent IT strategy.
  • Every business has its own downfall. But do not let that situation force you to buy new technology immediately or else you will find yourself in great trouble.
  • Plan your budget according to your revenue without underestimating your costs, while keeping previous years’ budget in check as to where you can save money and relocate.
  • Be realistic and don’t overthink your budget, no company can predict or perfect the actual numbers of the budget.
  • While planning an IT budget it is important to invoke key people like accounting, sales, and production as they understand numbers better than you do.
  • It is important to plan your budget by keeping untimely payments in mind.
  • Do not be flexible with your budget and it simply won’t allow movements in funds and crucial expenditures and it will keep your department from drowning.

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