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Python vs. Node js: Which backend technology to choose in 2022?

Krunal Shah

Jul 12, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Nov 02, 2023

Its cornerstone is the backend of an app plication, whether mobile app or web. You could have the best-looking frontend, but if the backend or server-side is not robust, the application will fall flat. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best backend technology to increase the app’s longevity in the market.

Over the years, Pythons vs. Node JS have emerged as two of the leading web app development technologies. There has been a vast difference since the inception of these two technologies, as Python was first developed in 1991 and Node JS in 2009.

Since both the technologies are at par when it comes to comparison, as a CTO of a firm, you might be wondering what to choose from Python vs. Node JS. Therefore, in this blog, we will put both these back-end development technologies in a similar situation and see how they fare against each other.

But before that, let us begin with the basics.

What is Python: In brief?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language that has been around for more than three decades and has a lot of APIs, libraries, and ancillary tools available. Moreover, learning Python from JavaScript is easier for developers, and the language has several programming paradigms.

In addition, the language has its community, libraries, and supporting platforms that are ideal for businesses to develop apps for uncorrelated use cases.

What is Node JS: In brief?

Node JS is scalable and an event-driven programming language that brings a lot of efficiency to the project if used in it. Also, due to its asynchronous nature, it is easier for the developers to work on concurrent requests without changing the I/O operations. Due to this quality, the future of Node JS becomes bright as most organizations prefer to use JavaScript for both front and backend.

Python Vs. Node JS: A detailed side-by-side comparison

To better understand our readers, we have divided this comparison into different paradigms to understand the clear usability of back-end technologies. Let’s dive deep and understand the server-side languages in detail.

1.   Speed in Python vs Node JS

Python: Speed is not the greatest attribute of Python as a server-side language. It is a single flow, interpreted language and is not the correct choice if speed is your priority. Moreover, Python is not ideal for applications that involve a lot of complex calculations.

Node JS: The performance of Node JS is remarkable as it is interpreted with the V8 engine along with the JavaScript code. Moreover, Node JS performs better and is more resource-efficient as it executes the code outside the web browser.

Also, to increase the speed of code execution, Node JS has an event non-blocking architecture. This architecture also helps in simultaneous action against multiple requests at one time. Node JS has single-mode caching that helps in reducing the app loading time, making it more responsive.

Third Rock Teckhno’s verdict: Node JS is the winner.

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2.  Scalability in Python vs. Node JS

Python: Multithreading is the essential virtue that helps in scaling the application. But as a server-side language, Python does not support multi-threading as it uses Global Interpreter Lock (GIL). Moreover, even if Python has multiple threads, GIL will not let the interpreter perform tasks simultaneously, negatively affecting the application’s overall performance.

In addition, Python is more dynamically typed. Therefore, it is unsuitable for large projects with rapidly evolving teams. Also, with growing teams after a point of time, it becomes tough to maintain the high-demanding and complex situations.

Node JS: It is easier for developers to scale Node JS horizontally and vertically. Unlike Python vs. Java for microservices, that will help them to communicate with lightweight mechanisms and run their process.

Moreover, as far as typing is concerned, there are more options in Node JS than in Python. The developers can use both weakly or strongly-typed TypeScript. Also, there is space to add extra modules and microservice in Node JS, making the backend development process more flexible.

Third Rock Teckhno’s verdict: Node JS is the winner

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3.  Syntax in Python vs. Node JS

Python: The syntax of Python is straightforward and is often deemed its most significant advantage. Python developers need to write fewer lines to code as the syntax is devoid of curly brackets.

If the developers use Flutter front end and Python backend, it will become easier for them to read and debug the code. Moreover, code readability in Python is so simple that clients with an essential technical background can easily understand it. Also, with a more straightforward syntax, Python becomes the perfect backend language to work on for aspiring developers as well.

Node JS: Node JS has a JavaScript-based environment. Therefore, for the developers, it is necessary to know the basics of Java to work on Node JS. On the other hand, Node JS has a shallow threshold for developers therefore there are chances that a lot of incompetent developers get in. So, it is necessary to follow the right tips to hire Node JS developers.

Third Rock Techno’s verdict: Python is the winner

4.  Error handling Python vs Node JS

Python: The backend language has a clean and compact code and therefore, troubleshooting is more straightforward in it. In addition, as learning Python from JavaScript is easier along with its lagging parallel processing ability, it is easier to carry out the process of debugging.

Moreover, with better error handling capacity, Python renders a better customer experience and aids in enhanced user retention as well.

Node JS: As seen earlier, Node JS has multithreading abilities that help in increasing the performance of the application. But in hindsight, it has a disadvantage as well. As multiple requests are processed simultaneously, the error handling capacity reduces. In addition, there is a regular occurrence of runtime exceptions that can become difficult to cope with in the long run. Therefore, as far as error handling is concerned, the future of Node JS looks bleak as compared to Python.

Third Rock Techno’s Verdict: Python is the winner.

5.  Use Case in Python vs Node JS

Python: Python has been around for more than 30 years now. So, in terms of concise coding and functionalities, it has an upper hand over several backend development languages. The language has massive documentation and a large community, although, in Python vs Node JS, Python lags a little bit in speed.

There are several use cases of Python such as science and engineering, Big Data, Testing Automation and DevOps, Technical Projects, and more. In addition, some of the market leaders like Reddit, Facebook, Pixar, Google, Spotify, and more vouch for Python and use this backend development language extensively.

Node JS: Unlike if you use Python as a server-side language, Node JS development is great for apps that require data-intensive or real-time information. It can also be used in heavy client-side functionalities as Python's data streaming efficiency is much better than Python.

When we compare Python vs. Node JS in terms of use cases, Node JS has chatbots, content management systems (CMS), eCommerce stores, 3D graphics, and gaming, among many others.

Moreover, like Python, leading business organizations that prefer Node JS are PayPal, Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. So, in Python vs. Node JS in use cases, both the backend development languages fare equally.

Third Rock Techno’s verdict: Both languages are equal.

Community in Python Vs. Node JS

Python: Apart from being old, Python is an open-source backend development language. Because of this, Python has a large community and has different contributors who have in-depth industry experience. So, a larger developer’s community can help the business owner develop various applications and consult with the community during difficult circumstances.

Node JS: Just like Python, Node JS to has a larger developers’ community that is mature and highly experienced. Moreover, Node JS is an open-source platform with over a decade of existence and presence all over the world.

As the backend development language has grown rapidly in the past 13 years, the developers have a large community to rely on in face of difficulties. Therefore, the future of Node JS is highly secured as far as the quantity of developers’ community is concerned.

Third Rock Techno’s verdict: Both backend development technologies fare equally.

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Range of app development in Python Vs Node JS

Python: Python as a server-side language is capable of handling various backend development projects irrespective of their size. Python is used for the development of 3D development of games and modeling software, data analysis and visualization, voice and face recognition systems, etc.

Node JS: If as a business owner, you are thinking to develop an app that can handle numerous concurrent requests, then you don’t need to look beyond Node JS. In Python vs Node JS comparison, the latter can deliver heavy client-side rendering apps, complex single-page applications, and more.

Third Rock Techno’s verdict: Both backend development languages fare equally.

Concluding remarks

Both Python vs Node JS have perks and perils of their own. Therefore, it is according to the requirement of the app and the visualization of the business owner that the selection between Python Vs Node JS is made.

Like Python as a server-side language has a great developers’ community and is efficient in error handling requests. While on the other hand, Node JS is highly scalable and has more speed as compared to Python. Thus, the choice of backend development languages is purely based on the requirement of the project at hand.

At Third Rock Techno, we boast a team of experienced Node JS and Python developers who after understanding the business owner’s requirements will cater customized services according to their requirements. To know more about us, have a look at our work portfolio.

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