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7 Reasons to use Nodejs with React for Web Development

Krunal Shah

Sep 19, 2021

5 min readLast Updated Dec 05, 2022

To survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing tech world, businesses need to evolve themselves continuously. Moreover, it is inevitable for them to be on their toes to engage their customers for longer periods.

Now with the proliferation of technology, there are newer avenues for businesses to engage their customers in a fruitful way. Amidst all this React.js Vs Node.js has remained a hot-topic for debate in the tech realm. Many of the leading developers consider using Nodejs with React for prolific web development.

See, a website is the ‘face of your company’. Moreover, in today’s digitally driven world, it is essential to have a dynamic website to remain relevant. Thus, here the combination of Nodejs with React can do wonders for the business. But before using this combination, there are some questions that the companies might need to address. They are:

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  • Is there a need to Node.js in the backend with React?
  • How will the combination of React and Node fit for web app development?
  • Is there really a chance to use ReactJS with NodeJs?

We will try to address these questions and many more in this blog. Moreover, we will tell you 7 reasons why using Nodejs with React is a brilliant idea.

7 reasons why you should use Nodejs with React for web development

The amalgamation of NodeJs and React in web development saves a lot of time and enhances efficiency. It also allows the CTOs to focus on other important aspects of business development. Thus, rather than focussing on React.JS vs Node.js, here are the 7 reasons for using them together in web development.

MERN Stack

Node.js can be highly used with MERN Stack along with ReactJS. MERN stands for: MongoDB, Express, React and Node.js. The amalgamation of all these different frameworks along with Nodejs and Reactjs will give a new dimension to the website.

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High-server load

So if your prime objective is to develop a website with multiple facets, combining Nodejs and React makes sense. With multiple facets, there will be high-server load and there are chances of the website getting crashed. Therefore, it is essential for the IT business owner to develop a website that is capable of maintaining server load balance.

With Nodejs and React, it becomes easier for the website to handle multiple requests. Moreover, it will also play a pivotal role in enhancing customer engagement as well.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications (SPA) are in trend as these apps have a very minimal loading time. Now developing SPA with React and Nodejs becomes a great idea as it synchronizes the entire development process. The SPA will be developed in React while Nodejs will be used in building lightweight backend models for asynchronous data.

Real-time data

There are no qualms about the fact that web applications showing real-time data are more attractive to customers. But for this to happen, the CTOs would need to have an efficient server connection for the website. In this scenario, having Node.js for your website can boost its performance.

First and foremost, Node.js is the best choice when it comes to terrific server connection. Moreover, if a website app heavily relied on real-time data streaming, Node.js will serve the purpose in a fruitful manner. Thus, without a thought, for the real time data streaming website, you should integrate Node,js for better results.

More streamlined process

Leading business houses refrain from indulging in the debate of Reactjs Vs Nodejs. Instead they focus on using the amalgamation of the former two and create a more streamlined process. With React DOM, the developers can cut lines and make the development process rapid and easy to understand.

In addition, with React DOM, there are components to work with Nodejs. This means that there are more chances of having streamlined server-side rendering.

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Extensive use of JavaScript

The USP of using Reactjs and Nodejs in tandem in web development is that they bring the richness of JavaScript. For the developers, JavaScript is easier to work with as compared to many other coding languages. But with Reactjs around, working on JavaScript becomes even simpler.

Thus, with an easier learning curve, the developers would feel at home easily with JavaScript. As a result, there will be high chances of them creating wonderful web applications with Reactjs and Nodejs.

Moreover, the partnership of Nodejs and Reactjs gives the power and simplicity of JavaScript to the web development process. The inclusion of JavaScript boots the performance of the website, irrespective of its genre.

Keeping pace with the unyielding demand

The modern-day business environment is all about evolution. Moreover, the demand for Nodejs and ReactJs is continuously rising and their combination has overtaken Java also. This is because the realm of both these frameworks is continuously rising. As a result, it will help the IT business owners to keep pace with the unyielding demand and thrive.

Both these technologies are expanding rapidly and have a bright future ahead. Thus, as a CTO, it would be crucial if you ride the bandwagon and take the early bird advantage. The only thing the CTO has to keep in mind is to educate their developers about NodeJs. As it is an integral part of the amalgamation, prior knowledge of the framework will prove to be fruitful.



It is important for the IT business owners to understand that Nodejs has high code reusability. While on the other hand, Reactjs has easy code sharing. Thus, by using both, building JSON APIs becomes even more efficient.


We have seen that the combination of Reactjs and Nodejs can do wonders on web development. Thus, the new-age businesses should refrain from debating over Reactjs vs Nodejs.

Using Nodejs and Reactjs can surely play an important role in scaling up the performance of the website. Moreover, it is important to know for the CTOs that Nodejs have turned the fortunes for some market leaders. Yes, companies such as PayPal, Netflix, etc. use the prowess of Nodejs and have seen some drastic improvement in their performance.

Thus, it is upto the requirements of the businesses in how they use this brilliant amalgamation of Nodejs and Reactjs.

Krunal Shah

Krunal Shah is the CTO and Co-founder at Third Rock Techkno. With extensive experience gained over a decade, Krunal helps his clients build software solutions that stand out in the industry and are lighter on the pocket.

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