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Angular 14: All the Important Features and Updates

Krunal Shah

Aug 23, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Dec 02, 2022

Angular 14

Angular 14, the latest upgrade of Angular, has become quite popular since its release on 2nd June, 2022. Being equipped with a bunch of new features and advantages such as standalone components, optional injectors, and better page title strategy, to name a few, Angular 14 is gaining fast traction.

Not only does it help developers deploy robust and better products, but also helps them have a 360 degree picture of the template insights and analytics to optimize them further. Based on typescript and developed by Google, Angular 14 is considered to be the most important Angular update so far.

By targeting ES2020, Angular 14 lets the CLI send smaller codes while eliminating the requirement of Ng Modules. And that’s not it, there have been a broad range of built-in updates and improvements in angular 14 that often makes it the first choice of the developers.

Diverse businesses from diverse industries requiring AngularJS development services, are getting inclined to opt for Angular 14 for its cutting-edge advanced features like supporting the newest TypeScript 4.7 release. In this blog, we will walk you through the latest features, updates and more about Angular 14 to have a better insight into it.

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What’s New in Angular 14?

Angular 14 is considered to be the most advanced Angular release from Google for a reason. Not only does it include all the missing features of the other Angular updates, but comes with a set of whole new features and solutions. Let’s have a look at what’s new in Angular 14 before we delve deeper into the top Angular 14 features.

Angular 14

1. Standalone Components

One of the newest properties/features of Angular 14 is it is equipped with a set of standalone components that minimizes the usage of NgModules and helps build a robust and better schematics. Here the standalone components refer to the Angular 14 components, or derivatives that are independently operational without NgModule.

The key advantage of having such standalone components is, you will not need to create new NgModules but can use the existing core ones. Developers prefer Angular 14 due to this property. As all such components are ready to be unleashed in the application development process, it becomes easier for developers to deploy fast and efficiently.

Due to this feature of Angular 14, it is easier to build schematics. Furthermore, this new feature of Angular 14 also helps in easy documentation of the deployment workflow, relevant use cases, and the journey to learn, build, and grow.

2. Typed Angular Forms

Another new feature of Angular 14 which makes it stand out from the other Angular updates is typed Angular forms. Typed Angular forms are basically used to utilize a model to let you access and leverage the properties uniformly for various Angular forms.

As angular forms are a vital part of web applications, this is a significant property that makes Angular 14 preferred over other Angular updates. The introduction of typed Angular forms helps you define the property name and its data type which was not achievable in the previous versions of Angular.

The older versions of Angular used to have Angular form models that were loosely typed. One of the major drawbacks in the previous Angular updates was the GitHub issue which implies strict typing for the Angular Reactive Forms Package. And it’s eliminated in Angular 14.

3. Better Page Title Accessibility

Angular 14 has taken the limelight among the developers due to having better page title accessibility compared to its previous updates. Page titles are crucial for accessibility as it determines how easily and smoothly a user can navigate the browser.

Angular 14 not only simplifies the page title accessibility process but ensures that the communication capability of each of the page titles of your application is distinguishable from one another. The incorporation of the new Route. title attribute in v13.2 in the Angular Router ensures this. As a result, the overall page accessibility for Angular 14 becomes much better, easier, and streamlined.

4. Enhanced Best Practices

Angular 14 facilitates best practices among the developers which makes it highly sought-after for diverse application development. Not only is it designed to improve all the deployment-related best practices, but also caters to better change detection on

Being equipped with a range of built-in features, it enables the developers to deploy high-quality premium applications. Be it code editing or routing - Angular 14 is designed to offer an all-in-one solution for industry-grade application development.

5. Improved Developer Diagnosis

Developer diagnosis is significant for any application development to analyze the tools, methods, concepts, techniques, and others to obtain the required conclusions, evaluations, and outcomes. Angular 14 comes with its new extended diagnostics that helps you avail a flexible and extendable framework.

As a result, the developers can get a complete insight on the main templates and let you optimize them further. Furthermore, Angular 14’s extended developer’s diagnosis lets you get the on-time compilation warnings, required suggestions, and bugs reports so that you can fix the issues beforehand and improve the overall development process by manyfold.

6. “Banana in a Box” Error Fixing

“Banana in a Box” is a common error during the development process where the error of flipping brackets and parentheses can happen such as writing ([]) instead of [()]. As () looks kind of like a banana and [] looks like a box, this type of error is called the “Banana in a Box’ error.

In the latest v13.2 release of Angular 14, this error can be diagnosed, and proper error messaging in detail is given to let the developers or testers solve this issue on time. In the previous Angular updates, there was no robust solution for such errors, as technically the syntax is valid. But with the new update in Angular 14, it is possible to detect and reduce such issues beforehand which makes the development process smoother, and error-free, and helps obtain the right and required output.

7. Appropriate Error Messages

Angular 14 comes with a range of new error codes that lets you quickly get updated about the occurrence of any possible errors in your code. Not only does it let you avail all the important information to debug the code on time but enables you to deploy and utilize an optimizer to separate the error codes from a specific set of production bundles.

Also, during the issue detection, Angular 14 makes it easier to detect, analyze, and resolve such issues by referring to the relevant Angular manuals. This also helps in implementing error-free and impactful codes in the near future.

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Angular 14 Features

As discussed above, there are a lot of new properties, features, and solutions in Angular 14. However, there’s more to it. Angular 14 is equipped with a range of features that make it stand tall from the other Angular updates. Let’s have a look at the top Angular 14 features that make it highly popular among developers.

Angular 14

1. Auto-Completion

Angular CLI auto-completion is one of the top features of Angular 14 that lets you optimize your overall productivity by offering the appropriate commands as per your requirements. You can easily create various components, modules, or directives without searching for the relevant commands online.

Angular 14 is equipped with the top-notch, advanced features in its CLI (Command-Line Interface) that lets you easily run programs while having the auto-completion facility in real-time. Angular 14 is equipped with an advanced ng-create command options list, that lets you leverage the auto-completion feature for various use cases and scenarios.

2. Optional Injectors

Angular 14 comes with a range of optional injectors that helps you develop the required embedded view efficiently. Optional injectors play a vital role in injecting an existing dependency into an object or injecting null in case no dependency exists.

Angular 14 makes it much easier as you can easily mention an optional injector through its ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView and TemplateRef.createEmbeddedView.

3. Latest Angular CDK Primitives

Another prime feature of Angular 14 is it is equipped with a set of advanced primitives in its Angular CDK (Component Development Kit). With the help of its top angular CDK primitives, you can easily create the required custom components with better accessibility.

Furthermore, the CDK menu of Angular 14 along with its dialog helps you utilize a stable Angular version. No doubt that this feature makes Angular 14 preferred over the other Angular updates.

4. Online Angular DevTools

Angular 14 offers a pool of online Angular DevTools to choose from. Angular DevTools refer to a browser extension that offers efficient and improved debugging and profiling properties of Angular.

Angular 14 makes the implementation of Angular DevOps debugging extension much simpler than the other Angular versions. As a result, the overall deployment improves by manifold.

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Should We Use Angular 14?

Angular 14 is so far the best update of Angular that includes all the updates as well as new features and properties of Angular. If your focus is on developing a market-driven and highly competitive application, then Angular 14 should be your first choice. It helps develop complex functionalities and features with ease. Be it single-page web apps or native applications, Angular 14 helps bring out the best in your product through a simple and fast development approach.

If you want to avail better built-in improvements, higher cross-platform compatibility, and optimized productivity while ensuring quality app development, then Angular 14 can be your pick. Furthermore, its high speed, performance, and better code generation capacity make it one of the top choices for developers.

Angular 14

So, will you pick up Angular 14 for your product development? Let us know! Be it Angular 14 or any other framework, we, at Third Rock Techkno, offer a range of professional solutions to take your app-building experience to a whole new level. Take a look at our portfolio and contact us to avail an end-to-end development solution.

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