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Why Flutter Is the Best Platform to Make Hybrid Apps?

Krunal Shah

May 17, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

We need no rocket science to understand that the mobile app development space is growing at a rapid pace. Around the fourth quarter of 2020, there were 3.14 million apps on Google Play and 2.09 million on Apple App Store. Therefore, with the growing competition, businesses constantly are looking for technologies that can help them to increase their user base.

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Flutter app development over the years has emerged as one of the most sought-after hybrid app development methods. In the quest of reaching a larger audience, businesses are more inclined to develop hybrid apps. Two of the major reasons behind this inclination is that:

  • Cheaper and take less time for development
  • Developers can use similar codes for multiple platforms

In order to excel in the new-age business environment, timing is the key. Flutter being an open-source platform enables the developers to highly interactive and efficient hybrid apps. These apps run consistently well on both the mobile OS platforms as they are made of a single codebase.

Moreover, in the dynamic world of mobile app development, opting for hybrid app development has become an absolute necessity. Thus, Flutter app development with its immaculate features has become the ‘eye candy’ of the tech realm.

Therefore, in this blog, we will understand the nuances that make Flutter the best for Hybrid apps. Moreover, we will also see the benefits it can provide to your business.

So, without further ado, let us set the ball rolling!

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Dart Programming Language: The USP of Flutter app development

Flutter and Dart Programming Language

Google launched Flutter with a view of making a mobile app development framework that is convenient and accessible. In order to achieve the above-mentioned things, the search engine behemoth used Dart Language in the framework.

Dart programming language has a very easy learning curve and therefore developers can easily work on it. Therefore, right from the beginners to the veterans of the field, everyone finds Flutter similar to Java and C#. This fact has played a very important role in enhancing the popularity of Flutter development.

Also, because of the Dart programming language, Flutter is preferred in other sectors as well along with hybrid app development. Be it server development, website development, IoT services, Flutter is the preferred choice of many developers. Thus, it will be safe to say that Dart is a cornerstone for the success of Flutter cross-platform development.

After understanding the importance of Dart programming language for Flutter, it is now time to check its distinct features.

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The Good and the Bad of Flutter App Development

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Flutter and other SDKs

There is no doubt about the fact that Flutter has excelled in every aspect of cross-platform app development. Even if we are talking about the cost of mobile app development, Flutter helps in reducing it big time.

The reason behind such immaculate service is that Flutter has something extra as compared to other SDKs. We will see about them in detail below.

On-point and straightforward

Hybrid mobile app development with Flutter reaches a new height as it allows the users to be multilingual. Since the users can access the mobile app in their preferred language, it will give your app an edge over its peers. Moreover, as the platform is straightforward and precise, the mobile app works with the same speed across the platform. And along with the speed, the performance of the app is never compromised.

With the presence of Dart programming language, the developers would find it easier to blend in the app development framework. Thus, Flutter development stands out in performance as compared to its peers.

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Rich animation library

Flutter app development has a rich set of libraries. This is one of the prime reasons why developers prefer the framework over other SDKs for cross-platform app development. Due to its large library, developers get a chance to develop better UI/UX for mobile apps.

Since hybrid apps work on different mobile OS platforms, they need large arrays of animations according to the OS platform. With Flutter hybrid, the developers get access to an entire range of prolific libraries. Thus, they have the liberty and the cushion to choose from what is best for the hybrid mobile app.

Using a central language

Dart programming language is a central language of the Flutter platform. Thus, irrespective of the app or the OS platform, the developers can write code using a single language only. Because of the central language, Flutter can function magnanimously across iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, the developers face fewer hurdles and do not have to change their coding styles when working on Flutter.

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Since the developers feel at home while working on Flutter, the process of mobile app development can be amplified. In the modern-day business scenario, we all are aware of the importance of timing. Businesses that take the early-bird advantage rise high above their peers.

With a single language, app development takes place at a faster rate as compared to other SDKs with Flutter.

Superb performance

Hybrid mobile apps developed by using Flutter have a very high-performance ratio. This means that when it comes to the ranking, Flutter development ranks very high as compared to other SDKs. The framework allows the developers to quickly develop action-packed and feature-rich mobile applications. Along with being fast, the hybrid apps are highly reliable and give a native app-like user experience.

Since the framework has Google’s backing, it also has a large community of developers. Because of this, the developers working on a certain project can get guidance whenever they need one. Moreover, the cross-platform app development framework is designed for 60fps on a consistent basis.

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Profound widget selection

The hybrid mobile apps developed through Flutter are highly customer-centric. Because it allows the users to choose from a wide range of widgets while they use the mobile app. Since the spectrum of the widgets is readily available, the users can go about their work in a hassle-free manner.

The widgets are precisely placed so that the users won’t face a problem in finding and using them. The widgets not only glorify the hybrid app but also makes the app highly scalable for users. Also, through Flutter development, developers can place the widgets in a smooth way.

The wide spectrum of highly decorative widgets increases the aesthetic value of the app and makes it stand out. Therefore, as the app becomes a standout, there are more chances of it becoming a hit in the app market.

Responsive UI layout for flutter

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Remarkable features of Flutter for hybrid apps

Flutter app development framework has some of the most noteworthy features that make it a ‘class apart’. As far as hybrid app development is concerned, we have curated a list of some of the most astounding features. Let us have a look.


The architecture of Flutter is basically built on Dart programming language. This language uses the Skia C++ engine which allows it to incorporate high-end graphics as the engine is open-source. Moreover, the architecture of Flutter does not require a JavaScript bridge-like React Native. Because the framework can communicate with the native components without it.

In addition, different frameworks like Cupertino and Material Design are bundled inside the Flutter hybrid architecture. Thus, the developers don’t have to look for any third-party add-ons as everything is present inside Flutter. This plays an important role in increasing performance.

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Hot Reload

This is one of the top features of Flutter app development. With the hot reload feature, the developers can see the changes made to the code in real-time. As the changes are seen instantly, the developers can act upon their mistakes (if any). Moreover, making necessary adjustments during the course of mobile app development becomes easier as well.

It is because of this feature among many that developers rate Flutter so highly among its peers. Also, with hot reload, the developer is not required to run the app every time to see the changes. They can see the end result while making the necessary adjustments. Hot reload also makes the process of bug fixing easier and more reliable.

Here are some of the other remarkable features of Flutter app development:

Features of Flutter
Features of Flutter

  • Flutter is exceptionally flexible and has a very highly scalable library
  • It has engaging and fashionable themes that play an important role in increasing user time. These engaging themes are tailored according to the trends and thus makes Flutter a hit
  • Flutter is known for its high efficiency and its dynamic productivity. Moreover, hybrid app development done through Flutter up-to-date interfaces
  • The developers can localize their apps through Flutter. This is vital if as a business you wish to achieve a wider user base. The audience can access the localized apps globally as well
  • Flutter app development framework supports Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The wide range of IDEs includes Android Studio, Xcode, Visual studio code, and many more.
  • The framework is very well equipped with the native Advanced RISC Machines (ARM). Therefore, it is very beneficial for startups and technology ventures.
  • It has a command called Flutter Doctor. The command helps in finding the bugs and the glitches. Moreover, with this command, the developers can easily locate and rectify their problems
  • Flutter app development framework has some of the most advanced APIs. In addition, it has a 2D GPU-accelerated API. This API assists in making the animations faster and making them look cleaner.
  • It is preferred for hybrid app development as the framework can be easily embedded into the existing mobile applications
  • Since the framework is powered by Google, the developers get added access to Google’s Firebase development platform

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Benefits of using Flutter app development for Hybrid app development

Flutter hybrid app development

The new-age businesses can get a myriad of benefits if they opt for Flutter app development for developing Flutter hybrid app development. In this section, we have listed some of the major benefits of Flutter in Flutter hybrid app development Let us see what they are:

Going beyond the horizon of mobile apps

Businesses should understand that the tech demands are growing by leaps and bounds each day. Therefore, there is a need for a framework that can embed both desktop and web seamlessly. Flutter app developers understand that and thus Flutter is no longer confined to just mobile apps.

The tech developers are exploring new horizons for Flutter apps without changing the source code. Flutter is steadily upgrading into a full-throttle cross-platform application development package. Thus, people using any other framework other than Flutter will still be using the usual cross-platform development.

This upgrade provides the businesses with the much-needed edge and keeps them in a league of their own.

Maintaining the design standards

Flutter only works according to internationally accepted design standards. Therefore, each and every design component obeys and fully confirms according to the standards. With this, the Flutter hybrid app development process becomes smoother and completely synchronized.

It becomes easier to upgrade the design components in an organized way as the standards are met. Moreover, as Flutter hybrid app development work across different mobile app platforms, maintaining the design standards is important. Because, if adequate work is not done, it will affect the consistency of the app.

Speedier mobile application development

Flutter app development will allow your business app to ‘seize the moment’ in the market. As it works exceptionally well for both Android and iOS, the objective of cross-platform app development is met.

In addition to the above-mentioned things, the framework also allows to readily alter the widgets. Thus, businesses can use their resources significantly and save a fortune.

Immaculate Reactive framework

Flutter makes hybrid mobile app development easier as it has a highly reactive framework. Because of this, the developers can easily modify the interface by just changing the variables. When the changes are done in the state, they will automatically get reflected in the user interface.

In addition to this, the reactive framework has an added advantage as well. With Flutter, it is easier to set up a mobile app as compared to React Native.

Flutter and the ‘rest’

Google Trends for Flutter

The graph of Flutter app development is consistently increasing as compared to its peers. The other cross-platform app development frameworks such as AngularJS, Xamarin, React Native, etc. are lagging behind.

The above-mentioned graph would give a clear picture of Flutter’s increasing popularity.


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Flutter app development which is developed by Google is expanding at the rate of knots. The framework is not only feature-rich but also provides benefits to the businesses. Therefore, if you are thinking of switching to Flutter, now is the right time to change. Because the mobile app development realm will wait for none and you will lag behind your peers.

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