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How Much does Flutter App Development Cost?

Krunal Shah

Jul 27, 2021

9 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

Flutter App Development Cost

How easy would it be to write code once and then use it to develop an app on any platform? That’s right! Flutter app development gave that opportunity to developers since it came in 2017. It made developing apps for both Android and iOS a more straightforward task.

According to Statista, Flutter ranks second place in the list of ten most popular cross-platform frameworks of 2020.

That’s a huge achievement for a technology that came into the app development world just three years earlier!

Why has Flutter become such a popular option for developers, you ask? Because its cross-platform and Flutter app development cost meets specific business needs. Multi-platform technology is one of the most important trends in software development today. React Native app development along with Flutter are two great examples of this. They can allow developers to build hybrid apps which combine the best features of cross-platform and native development.

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The Demand for Cross-platform Apps Makes Flutter a Favorite

Cross-platform apps makes flutter

The gap between native and hybrid apps is closing. With the increased demand for cross-platform apps, they will be more relevant for businesses to develop. And cross-platform development tools like Flutter make it beneficial by maintaining a single code base. Hence, more businesses seek to find a way to save money with Flutter app development costs.

Many companies now look to outsource their writing and coding works to the best developers in the market. But what's most important is finding and hiring the right Flutter app developer. With a massive demand for skilled developers in the market, one must be aware of the costs involved with hiring these developers.

On the market, cross-platform apps will continue to hold a higher crown. The cost of creating unique apps for each platform increased in recent years. Such rapid development times mean that even a slight delay in the app release can cost a business dearly. Flutter is more popular as it offers a slightly different approach to building mobile applications. Also, Flutter app development cost takes over its competitors with an optimized code and no performance issues. Cross-platform apps continue to be a viable solution to cut costs and build a single app for multiple platforms.

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Advantages of Developing a Cross-platform App with Flutter

Advantage of Developing a Cross-platform app with flutter

Mobile apps are an invaluable part of our daily lives. They’re a great tool that allows us to do things we can’t in other ways. Users can now find out about new restaurants or shop for goods and services on the go. With a rich user experience, Flutter is one of the best hybrid app development frameworks that delivers an easy-to-access way for efficient app making. If you want your app to be user-friendly and cost-efficient, you might want to take a look at Google Flutter app development cost.

The people working behind the scenes come from all kinds of skills, often working together to create something original and useful. Their creators have limited budgets and often work on multiple platforms at once. Hence, Flutter ticks off some essential points of its incredible multi-platform finesse:

  • It's purpose-oriented and is easy to learn. It makes it easier for developers to follow and implement guidelines.
  • A number of customizable widgets are available. This allows users to create unique designs and layouts.
  • Flutter has a faster development time than other platforms. Hence, making it more desirable for businesses who need a quicker turnaround.
  • Flutter is backed by Google, ensuring its credibility, and acceptance.
  • Its hybrid platform with a single code base allows for faster test development.
  • Faster testing saves money in the process of testing.
  • A recent collaboration with a CD solution, Codemagic, offers cloud deployment options.
  • With faster prototype development, it's best suitable for building MVPs.

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Factors Affecting the App Development Costs with Flutter

Factors affecting the flutter app development costs

We explained above how Flutter would be a great choice for building cross-platform apps. Let us now discuss the factors that play an integral part in estimating Flutter app development costs.

It is worth noting that React Native is the closest contender to Flutter for developing cross-platform apps. Firstly, both are open-source frameworks. Secondly, even though Flutter saw a steep increase in the number of developers with a 9% jump from 2019 (30%) to 2021. React Native has been steady, with its popularity at 42% in the same period.

Hence, the rise in popularity of Flutter is commendable, which shows it can surpass other frameworks in the coming years. And that makes choosing the right Flutter app development company even pertinent.

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Here are the other integral aspects:

App Complexities

The complexity of developing an app for a specific platform is a multi-faceted issue. It requires a complete assessment of the needs of the business. Additionally, the development of the platform itself has many third-party integrations that affect the development cost. Besides that, developers also need to build administrative functions and management systems. Some apps are easy to develop. Others are fairly complicated.

The customizability of the app's features also determines the difficulty level and pricing that reflects the development time and complexity. Flutter is a great framework for creating apps that need a lightweight code base, hence affecting the Flutter app development cost. The absence of native functionality makes it easy to create custom routes, streaming, augmented reality, and background processes. It takes less time to develop with Flutter compared to native solutions, and it is free to use.

App Categorization

To categorize your app, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • What is the purpose of your application?
  • What features does it have?
  • How big is your user base?
  • What are your competitors in the category?

When you define the categories, you will know which features you need to focus on. The elements of your application you consider while developing also impact Flutter app development costs.

When developing an e-commerce platform, features that fulfill a user's needs will vary depending on the functionality they need. For example, a platform that supports multi-currency payments needs more considerations. It would offer product customization and have the ability to handle recurring subscriptions. Hence, Flutter can create an e-commerce platform for non-profit organizations or for individuals planning to start their own businesses.

Similarly, the learning portals are for storing and accessing the data. The user would need to create an account, access the data, and track what's on the menu through these portals. Third Rock Techkno designed a similar app called Daily Muslim App. It contains a simple UI/UX helping people to schedule their Dua times. Then, there are apps for ordering food and making reservations. These apps are great for establishing a unique identity for the organization. They provide a platform for communication and cooperation between members of a community.

Application Design

Both form and function are crucial to the success of a smartphone app. App design is focused on the user experience, the way an app looks and acts. Any resulting app must have both a smooth interface and excellent usability. If the app's design is comprehensive, it's easy to use, and consumers will likely return for more. Hence, the two main aspects that affect the Flutter app development costs are:

1. Developing a user experience that is seamless and intuitive

2. Adding color to the outlook application

One of the major facets of UI design is the integration of certain aspects of UX (User Experience) with UI (User Interface). The better integration of UI and UX in an application offers a better user experience. As a result, users are attracted to have an interest in the features of the application.

Other features which help an application design cost are app size, animations, graphics, and interactivity. We also covered a detailed explanation of how Flutter helps developers to create a responsive and adaptive UI layout. A mobile app with many colorful images, animated pieces, and many display options will always be more expensive than a simple application. The complexity of the app is also one of the key factors that determine the number of developer hours and maintenance costs.

The backend of an Application

When building an application for a mobile device, the backend is like a soul that informs the movements of the body. The user only sees the outer layer of an application, but the deeper parts of it are rarely used. A back-end for an application is essentially the part of the program that handles many functions. It includes data storage and connectivity, interacting with other apps on the Internet, and performing actions within the framework of the main program.

Hence, the backend plays an integral role in estimating the Flutter app development costs. It stores secure and provides access to data for analyzing user behavior and personalizing the app. It also offers real-time push notifications that allow users to get instant assistance. With all the security measures in place, the backend oversees the encryption of data and the security codes of apps.

Functions and Integrations

Modern-day application development is all about developing feature-rich applications to fulfill user requirements. This new approach to application development opens up great possibilities for business owners. They want a responsive mobile app that can provide customer-centric features. We know that there is no perfect tool in the development world. So, here’s a lowdown to give you a better idea of everything that’s good and not so good about Flutter. With the use of cutting-edge technologies, mobile apps can be developed to meet any business's unique needs.

The virtual technology enables application developers to create applications that can perform a number of tasks without requiring hardware. Thus, the cost of application development increases as new advancements are incorporated into the software. The three major types of applications in the market are list view applications, dynamic applications, and gaming applications.

The capability of an application is just as important as the functionality it provides. With Flutter, developers can build apps that are immersive and interactive that affect the Flutter app development cost. They can integrate games, AR navigation, geo-positioning, AI chatbots, push messages, social integrations, and 3D modeling into their mobile app.

Support and Maintenance

You decide to build an app because you have a market need. You want to understand your customer's experience with the app, so you measure how quickly it's downloaded in iOS and Android stores. This insight is critical in the future development of the app as you continue to build custom features. Flutter 1.0 expands on the power of reusable components. This gives developers a lot more expressiveness when building new apps, impacting the Flutter app development costs.

This easy framework comes with a widget library that lets you reuse code across your app. The widget library compiles your code instantly on the server when updated. This enables you to make changes on the server-side and see those changes immediately on the phone. Hence, the app will need to be updated and maintained regularly. The application will not only require regular updates. It will also undergo design changes and must be fixed frequently to improve its utility for customers.


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Why Choose Flutter for your Cross-platform App Needs?

Flutter for your Cross-platform App

The biggest advantage of choosing Flutter is that it is a relatively easy-to-learn programming language. It’s also easy to use because there are ready libraries for everything you need to create an app. The app drawer includes everything from navigation, to animations, to user interfaces. Skia Engine is an open-source cross-platform 2D graphics library. It’s used in the creation of 3D graphics, and it has excellent performance.

Flutter enables developers to create two applications simultaneously, thereby speeding up the process of creating an app. It also allows developers to develop for both iOS and Android platforms in just one project. This means that programmers can create their developments considerably faster than traditional software development.

At Third Rock Techkno, our developers know how to use the Flutter’s arsenal to your advantage. You can hire a dedicated developer by simply getting in touch with us.

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