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How to Hire a Flutter Developer - A Complete Guide

Krunal Shah

Jul 20, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Jan 23, 2023

hire a flutter developer

If we say that Flutter app development is on a roll and is rising by the day, it will not be an overstatement. Yes, the Flutter framework is expanding rapidly and is presenting exceptional opportunities in cross-platform app development.

We all are aware of the fact that developing cross-platform apps is the ‘need of the hour’. It allows businesses to expand their user base in a cost-effective way. Flutter is a robust framework that creates exceptional cross-platform apps in less time.

So now the question arises: how to hire Flutter developers for your app development process? Well, to answer this question, you need to understand the process of identifying a leading flutter app development company. Moreover, you need to know the answer to the following questions:

  • Things to consider while hiring Flutter developers
  • What are the traits of a good flutter app development company?
  • Reasons behind the rise of the Flutter app development framework

Therefore, in this blog, we will give you the complete guide in the best possible way. Moreover, we will also see Flutter developer salary per hour, their engagement models, etc.

So, keep reading!

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Why is Flutter becoming the ‘eye candy’ of the business organizations?

To put it straight, the Flutter framework is easy to use and is very accessible. Also, in a survey conducted by Stackoverflow in 2020, Flutter is the third most loved application development framework. Around 69% of the developers in the survey wanted to work on Flutter for cross-platform app development. Moreover, Flutter renders all the freedom to the developers and they are not restricted to a particular system or platform only.

The flutter development framework is handled within a single codebase only. Thus, it escalates the overall app development process, reducing the development lifecycle. Since developers are able to develop the app in a quick time, they get an early-bird advantage at the app store.

The other prime reason why developers love to work on the Flutter framework is that it has an extensive set of tools. Thus, the developers have a plethora of options at their disposal when it comes to cross-platform application development through Flutter.

In another research done by statistics, there has been a considerable growth in the usage of Flutter among developers. The use of the cross-platform framework increases from 30% to 39% in 2019 and 2020. While if we talk about its peers, Cordova had a share of 29% and Ionic 28% in the same time period.

Be it web or desktop development, the Flutter app framework has all the ingredients to deliver the best results. This is the reason why it is highly popular among the developer community.

Now after understanding the reasons behind the popularity, let us see the nuances to hire Flutter developers.

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Flutter app developers: Roles and Responsibilities

Flutter app developers

Flutter was first released in May 2017. Thus, despite being at its nascent stage, it is a very prospective cross-platform app development framework. Since the framework is so young, not many developers are experienced enough with Flutter. Thus, it is important for companies to understand the primary roles before hiring Flutter developers.

The Flutter developers are divided into three major categories according to their experience:

Junior Flutter developers

It is understandable that at the beginning of their career, all Flutter developers will be juniors. While starting their career journey, the majority of the developers know only one programming language. Moreover, their knowledge about various tools of development is also limited.

So, if you are hiring Flutter developers with 0-1 years of experience, you need to be patient with them. Because, as they are not fully aware of everything about the framework, the development process will be a little slower. Moreover, they will spend more time understanding the logic and architecture of the framework.

Therefore, as a company, you need to understand the requirements of the project before hiring junior Flutter developers. Moreover, think logically before investing your time and money in them.

Mid-level Flutter developers

With time the junior Flutter developers will gain experience as they polish their skills related to Flutter app development. Thus, developers with 2-4 years of experience can be considered mid-level Flutter developers.

Now while hiring the Flutter developers with around four years of experience, you need to check your budget. Moreover, verify your business goals and then move forward in the direction of hiring mid-level Flutter developers.

Moreover, the companies must understand that the mid-level developers do not need mentoring. Thus, they can be directly included in the main development process to enhance the speed of development.

Senior Flutter developers

Flutter developers with more than four years of experience are considered Senior Flutter developers. Now if you are thinking of developing a high-end cross-platform app with Flutter, you should go with the senior pros. The greatest advantage of working with senior developers is that they bring their experience with them. Thus, along with the development process, they can guide the junior and mid-level developers as well.

But, the per hour salary of the senior Flutter developers will be more as well. Thus, if you have budget constraints, you should consider the other two options. Moreover, the bottom line remains the same here as well: companies must understand their project requirements.

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Responsibilities of Flutter developers

Responsibilities of flutter developers

As Spiderman once said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. This phrase implies perfectly to the Flutter developers as well. We all know that the potential of the Flutter app framework is huge. Thus, to leverage the benefits of the potential, developers need to understand their responsibilities as well.

Thus, as a business organization, to hire Flutter developers, you must consider their responsibilities as well:

Writing clean code

We need no rocket science to understand the importance of writing a clean code. The Flutter developers must write code that is easily understandable and readable. In addition, a clean code is vital in enhancing the speed of the overall application development process.

It also allows rapid scaling of the app as the team spends less time understanding the working methodology. Also, writing clean code helps the developers while taking references for different app development as well.

Developing and designing apps

Application design and development is the basic thing that is expected from all software developers. So while hiring Flutter developers, you must carefully analyze their ability to design and develop cross-platform apps. Also, while gauging them, do not forget to increase the complexity levels to understand their speed to adapt to difficult situations as well.

Moreover, the Flutter developers are also required to integrate all the needed features. In addition, they are required to foresee the possible bugs as well.

Fixing the bugs

If the developers have the keen eye to predict the bugs, they will have no difficulties in fixing them as well. After the completion of every development phase, testing it becomes very important. The quality assurance team will carry out several detection processes in order to find out possible bugs, malfunctions.

Here the QA team and the developers have to work in tandem to get the possible results. Thus, as soon as the QA team finds the bugs, the developers have to fix them as early as possible.

Getting involved in the development cycle

The mobile app development process is teamwork. It includes experts from different sections such as UI/UX design, project manager, QA, etc. Thus, it becomes the primary responsibility of the Flutter developers to cooperate with all the team members to get the best results. Thus, while hiring the Flutter developers, you need to see if they are team players or not.

Moreover, there may be instances where the development process can become a little bit more demanding. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of the developers to adjust their work ethics and do not let the development process suffer.

Be innovative

The realm of app development is very dynamic and is constantly evolving. Thus, if the Flutter developers are not self-motivated and don't think on their feet, they are a liability. So, make sure to hire the Flutter developer who is innovative and never stops engaging with the new technologies.

Moreover, the Flutter developers are expected to improve the app architecture by integrating new tools.

Be up to date

It has become a necessity to be updated with the new and changing trends in the modern app development world. Thus, constant learning is a must for the Flutter developers. The cross-platform app development framework has seen three major updates since its release in 2017.

Thus, it becomes necessary for the developers to keep pace with the changing trends and keep themselves updated. It will also allow them to deliver the best possible result during the app development process.

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Where can you hire Flutter developers?

Hire Flutter Developers

Now we have reached a stage where we are fully aware of the roles and responsibilities of the Flutter developers. So in our quest of finding the answer to ‘how to hire Flutter developers?’, we have reached the demographics stage.

The location has become a very important factor for hiring software development services. With the proliferation of technology, the world has become a global village, thus companies have options. As far as the top destinations to hire Flutter developers are concerned, we have a list:

  • United States of America (USA)
  • Europe
  • China
  • India
  • Brazil

Every demographic location has its set of pros and cons. We will now have a detailed look at them.

United States of America (USA)

The USA has remained the epicenter of all software development services since time immemorial. So if you are looking to hire Flutter developers from the USA, you are bound to get high-quality services. Moreover, the Flutter developers from the USA are easy to collaborate with since they have rich experience.

On the other hand, the Flutter developer salary per hour in the US is the highest in the world. Moreover, the availability of the developers for worldwide services is also under question.

Flutter developer Salary per hour: $75-$120 per hour


Just like the US, western Europe has been a torchbearer when it comes to rendering top-notch software development services. Also, one of the prime reasons for it being a prime outsourcing destination is lower pricing. The Flutter developer salary per hour in the UK is less than that of the US.

Moreover, Western Europe has a vast talent pool for companies to choose the best Flutter developers. Also, now with the emergence of Ukraine and Poland as prime software development destinations, the horizon of Europe is rising. As a disadvantage, the availability of the developers varies according to country.

Flutter developer salary per hour: $70-$90 per hour (Western Europe)

$45-$65 per hour (Eastern Europe)


China too has an ever-increasing pool of specialists when it comes to software development services. Moreover, the country is also famous for its supportive developer community.

Now the biggest hurdle for doing business is the legal process in China. In addition, it has the highest software development rates in Asia and a lot of cultural differences as well. Also, you might face problems of working hours getting overlapped due to the time difference.

Flutter developer salary per hour: $40-$55 per hour


India since the dawn of the new century has emerged as the leading software outsourcing destination. Some of the prime reasons behind this are developers’ availability and lower software development costs.

But the country still needs to streamline the business process and level up the service quality.

Flutter developer salary per hour: $35-$40 per hour


Like India, Brazil has an increasing pool of emerging talents in software development. Especially US-based companies are looking to hire Flutter developers from Brazil as it has lower rates and it is a new outsourcing destination.

However, the biggest roadblock here is the lack of communication skills of the developers and the legal & business process.

Flutter developer salary per hour: $45-$50 per hour

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Engagement models

Flutter engagement models

The engagement models to hire Flutter developers depends on six core things:

  • Expertise
  • Management
  • Consistency
  • Control
  • Cost
  • Collaboration

In accordance with the above-mentioned core things, the companies can hire Flutter developers in:


While outsourcing your Flutter app development needs, you will get a large pool of talent to source from. Moreover, outsourcing app development is a cost-effective method as well. Also as companies, these days work 24/7, the collaboration will be streamlined during the development process.  Therefore, you tick mark all the boxes right as far as the core things are concerned.



Freelancing over the years has emerged as one of the easiest ways to hire Flutter developers. But it has its own share of demerits as well. The company cannot be sure about the consistency of the freelance developer. In addition, they cannot control or manage them as they are not directly associated with an organization.


Full-time engagement model

This is the standard model which companies use to hire Flutter developers for long-term projects. Here, the company follows a proper screening process while hiring the Flutter developers on their payroll. Since they are directly associated with the organization, it becomes easier to manage the entire app development process.

Full-time engagement model

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To hire a flutter developer, the businesses first need to be clear in their mind. Otherwise, it will become a complex process. Flutter app development framework is one of the best when it comes to cross-platform app development. Thus, the companies should consider the technical skills, experience, location, etc. before hiring the Flutter app developer.

Moreover, if you are facing any difficulties, it is always advisable to consult a leading mobile application development company. The app development firm will be your perfect ally and will guide you through the app development process.

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