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02 What Is an Enterprise Web Application?

03 The Architecture of an Enterprise Web Application

04 Top Technology Stacks to Develop an Enterprise Web Application

05 How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for Your Enterprise Web Application Development

06 Strategic Lessons from Salesforce, Zoho, Trello, and Basecamp

07 Third Rock Techkno

Chapter 02

What Is an Enterprise Web Application?

An enterprise web application is defined as a web application that is mainly utilized for revenue and various mission-critical purposes. Here mission-critical purposes refers to a set of highly important activities, operations, and functionalities with high priority.

A business or enterprise can either store all the relevant data in a single PC or can opt for dedicated systems, software, or solution for the same as well as the relevant functional executions. An enterprise web application comes into play here, which lets an enterprise execute certain processes to reach certain task-oriented goals.

An enterprise web application is basically a large software system that is meant to have certain features and characteristics such as they are quite complex in nature, works in a component-oriented approach, and is focused to execute different types of mission-critical tasks. Another highly sought-after quality of an enterprise web application is it is highly scalable that helps in the business growth by accommodating the growing requirements of an enterprise.