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01 What’s in this ebook for you?

02 Why you should build a saas product

03 How to build a saas product

04 Common Mistakes To Avoid

05 Build an MVP Right: What Uber, Airbnb and Facebook Have Taught Us

06 10 Essential Steps To Building a SaaS MVP

07 Build an MVP Right: Summing Up

08 Final Words

Chapter 02

Why you should build a saas product

The following advantages prove why building a SaaS product is a better option than building a traditional software:

  • It’s easier and more affordable to maintain a centralized platform like SaaS than most traditional desktop software.
  • Since it’s not very easy to pirate cloud-based software, SaaS helps companies to reduce the piracy of their software.
  • It’s much easier to offer upgrades and expanded services mix to users of your SaaS products. So you can scale SaaS applications easily and boost your revenues.
  • SaaS offers a larger user base as it appeals to users more because of their easy accessibility from any device.
  • SaaS products don’t need you to make investments in heavy hardware infrastructure.