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01 What Is Outsourced Software Product Development?

02 Why Should Your Startup Outsource Software Development?

03 Cons of Software Development Outsourcing

04 Software Development Outsourcing Models

05 How to Set Up Your Outsourcing Strategy?

06 How Is Software Development Usually Done?

07 Where to Outsource and How Much Does It Cost?

08 How to Choose a Software Development Vendor?

09 Software Development Outsourcing Contract Details

10 Third Rock Techkno as an Outsourcing Partner

Chapter 02

Why Should Your Startup Outsource Software Development?

The startups are outsourcing software development at an increasing rate. Unless you have professional knowledge on product development or in-depth technical expertise in the relevant fields, it is recommended to opt for professional services. But that’s not it. Below we have listed out the top reasons why your startup should outsource software development.

Access to deep knowledge and experience

Having a well-defined plan is not enough to develop a competitive product. You need to follow the proper development process, adopt the most effective tech stacks, and take the proper architectural approach while developing a product.

And that’s why having only theoretical knowledge won’t help you launch it successfully. Outsourcing software development from the professionals with years-long experience ensures that your product is being developed under the proper expertise. It’s not possible to have such in-depth knowledge and experience during your product development unless you go for third party professional software development services.

Access to superior tech talents worldwide

Unless you have a tech background with expertise and experience on diverse technical domains, it is next to impossible to understand the technological areas during the development, the relevant technical trends, their applications, and other tech-related factors. Just having the basic knowledge on the technologies won’t suffice to a quality product development.

And that’s where outsourcing software development works wonders. No matter where you are based, you can have the privilege of having access to the tech talents with professional expertise from around the globe. You can have a lot of options to choose as per your requirements, budget, technical specifications, and product development requirements.

Optimal balance of skills and rates

Having the proper skill sets is pivotal for any product development. But at the same time it requires heavy investment to hire in-house experienced tech professionals.

Furthermore, you may not need the professionals’ services once the app is developed. So, instead of going through such a costly and lengthy process, you can simply go for software development outsourcing to have your preferred skills onboard within your budget.

Ability to gather the best professional team for the project

You must opt for professional developers and testers to develop your product. Because no matter which type of product you are developing, it is expected that the market for that will be quite competitive.

It is important to have a professional approach during the product development to launch a competitive product that fits the target audience’s requirements properly. Opting for software development outsourcing opens the path to launch a quality product that aligns with your startup goals

No need for micromanagement

Through software development outsourcing, you get a fully-managed software development solution, which doesn’t require any micromanagement, or even much management from your side. Here the professional team looks after everything including the development workflow, process, milestones, deadline, and others. As a result you can focus on the more important areas of your startup instead of micromanaging everything.

Effective communication within the team

Communication is often the key for successful product development. Software development outsourcing ensures proper communication among the team members as all are dedicated to your project and have the common aim of making the best out of it. You can also take the timely updates and participate in the effective communication with the team to have a transparent idea about the development process.

Application of the Agile methodology

The conventional waterfall process is used in traditional software development. That is, teams should first create a clear project strategy before launching it through a linear, step-by-step development process. They have very strict timelines with no room for error. If you need to modify something later, you won't be able to, and if you do, it will be quite expensive.

This is where Agile teams come in - rather than preparing the entire project ahead of time, Agile teams focus on planning continually throughout the project, giving you the flexibility to make changes as needed. And to make the best out of the Agile methodology, you need the proper experience in it. Software development outsourcing ensures that your product is developed under the experts’ supervision while utilizing the Agile methodology in the right way

Easy scalability

Scalability is a very important factor to consider while developing your product. How easily can you scale it up to cater to the growing demand of the end-users? How well can your product adapt to the changes? How easily can you integrate it with different platforms, third party systems and solutions? Outsourcing software development ensures that your product has all the qualities to aid in high scalability.