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01 Introduction

02 What Is an Enterprise Web Application?

03 The Architecture of an Enterprise Web Application

04 Top Technology Stacks to Develop an Enterprise Web Application

05 How to Choose the Right Technology Stack for Your Enterprise Web Application Development

06 Strategic Lessons from Salesforce, Zoho, Trello, and Basecamp

07 Third Rock Techkno

Chapter 01


The demand for enterprise web applications has surged significantly over the past years resulting in every other startup opting for enterprise web application development. Being suitable to operate in the corporate environment and compatible to run with various business phases and their respective operations, enterprise web applications are getting adopted for diverse businesses - ecommerce to SaaS.

While its popularity has given enterprise web application development the much-needed limelight, it has made it even more important to opt for the right strategies and approaches to make your web application a huge success.