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01 What’s in this ebook for you?

02 Why you should build a saas product

03 How to build a saas product

04 Common Mistakes To Avoid

05 Build an MVP Right: What Uber, Airbnb and Facebook Have Taught Us

06 10 Essential Steps To Building a SaaS MVP

07 Build an MVP Right: Summing Up

08 Final Words

Chapter 01

What’s in this ebook for you?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a software delivery model wherein a vendor can provide the users with software that is centrally hosted on a third-party server. It is a cloud-based software that you can access from your devices anywhere anytime. Because of the convenience it offers to the users, the SaaS industry has gained immense popularity. The SaaS industry is expected to have a market share worth $220 Bn by 2022. In this ebook, we will take a bird’s eye view at SaaS development right from the ideation to the launch and post launch success. The contents of the ebook are:

  • Why you should build a SaaS product
  • Step by step guide on how to build a SaaS product
  • Common mistakes to avoid while developing and launching your SaaS product
  • What the success of products like Uber, Airbnb and Facebook have taught us
  • 10 essential steps to building a SaaS MVP