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01 What Is Outsourced Software Product Development?

02 Why Should Your Startup Outsource Software Development?

03 Cons of Software Development Outsourcing

04 Software Development Outsourcing Models

05 How to Set Up Your Outsourcing Strategy?

06 How Is Software Development Usually Done?

07 Where to Outsource and How Much Does It Cost?

08 How to Choose a Software Development Vendor?

09 Software Development Outsourcing Contract Details

10 Third Rock Techkno as an Outsourcing Partner

Chapter 01

What Is Outsourced Software Product Development?

Outsourced software development is high on demand for various types of product development such as web development, mobile app development, voice development, and others. The outsourced software product development refers to the process of software development by a third party. Nowadays many of the companies opt for this type of product development by outsourcing various services & solutions related to product development and maintenance.

Outsourced software product development has been garnering wide popularity for a while now as it lets the companies, especially the startups choose from a wide range of professional services within their budget to develop a competitive product that fits in the current market.