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Angular web development Learn what’s new in Angular 6

Krunal Shah

Sep 19, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

Looking to embrace Angular 6 to build your app and want to hire an Angular web development company for the same? Learn what’s new in Angular 6 in the first place.

Angular 6 has finally hit the market, and it is a major update from the version

  1. If you are planning to build your business application using Angular 6, and if you are looking for a trusted Angular web development company for the same, it is important that you know what is new in Angular 6 in the first place, to ensure that this recently launched framework effectively serves your needs.

Angular elements

Angular 6 is the first version to fully-support Angular elements. Angular elements enable the developers to use their Angular components in other environments, such as a VueJS app or a simple jQuery app. It wraps the Angular component inside a Custom Element, also known as DOM element, allowing the developers to utilize Angular components in other projects that lack the full Angular ecosystem.

Creating and publishing a web component in Angular and being able to use it on any HTML page will be no less than a revolution.

Ivy: The new rendering engine

Angular 6 comes with the next generation of the Angular renderer, called Ivy. It is the third Rendering engine that Angular has seen; The view Engine being the second one, which was between version 2 and version 4. When the engine was replaced for the first time, it led to the increase in speed and decrease in application size, with almost no reports of incompatibilities. The same kind of results is being desired this time, too.


When the compiler converts the template into JavaScript, it is allowed to use the information directly available on the component as well as its decorator. This is different from the existing compiler which needs global analysis for its operation. Locality means that Angular web development professionals are able to view individual files or components at the time of output generation.

Tree shaking

This build optimization concept ensures that the unused code is not used in the final bundle. The Ivy renderer is all set to take tree shaking to a totally different level.

On the contrary to the process of rendering template data and then passing it into an interpreter that needs to be aware of how to do everything, the new renderer generates template instructions directly. This leads to smaller bundles and a faster startup time.

ng update and ng add

ng update command automatically updates @angular dependencies in the the package.json file. It tries to catch bugs wherever possible and update code to benefit from new APIs.

The Angular team believes that it will result in low code maintenance while staying updated about various things, such as:

  • updating npm dependencies
  • updating the angular web development code, where it can find breaking changes
  • updating RxJS and Angular Material code at the time of depreciation

ng add command allows the seamless and easy addition of new capabilities to an application. It helps the developers to download new dependencies or packages and implement an installation script which can update the script with configuration changes.

NativeScript is also working on a schematic which will allow the developers to ng add NativeScript from the get-go to Angular 6 application. The Angular team is working together with the NativeScript team to provide additional schematics to build native mobile applications with NativeScript to extend Angular CLI and to extend existing web apps by adding the mobile environment.

The release of Angular 6 has brought along various helpful features. To benefit from these features and updates, hire a trusted and experienced Angular web development company with a team that can use the features of Angular 6 to your benefit.

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