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Drawing a square or rectangle over HTML5 canvas using FabricJS.

Krunal Shah

Aug 28, 2017

1 min readLast Updated Jul 13, 2023

Drawing a square or rectangle over HTML5 canvas using FabricJS


I hope the you have followed last blog “Draw an arrow using HTML 5 canvas and FabricJS” and got hand over how the HTML5 canvas and FabricJS works. In this installment of the blog we are sharing a bit more complex shape a polygon with 4 lines i.e. a Square or Rectangle.

Lets explore using JSFiddle

Once again we have created a demo on JSFiddle for you to go through as we believe in practical implementation rather than the theoretical discussions. So check out the JSFiddle code below and you can edit the code on JSFiddle to play around our stock code and test your learning.

By now we have shared the code to work line, arrow, square and rectangle so what next? Obviously, we need to learn the basic shapes first so the next blog will give you an idea about how to draw circle.

Hope you enjoyed the code…

Happy coding!

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