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Fitness technology opportunities for business growth

Krunal Shah

Dec 24, 2019

6 min readLast Updated Apr 28, 2023

The Fitness and health industry is experiencing a revolution. With technology entering every life aspect, health and fitness app development has become the order of the day for fitness enthusiasts and the fitness industry around the world. Over the years, the growth of the fitness industry in terms of fitness technology and fitness apps has been so phenomenal, it would be a folly to miss out on the business opportunities it can provide. Fitness technology covers an enormous user base regardless of whether they go to a gym, health club or fitness class, play a sport and more. So if you are looking to invest in fitness technology, design a fitness app or are a fitness enthusiast, read on to know why fitness technology is so sought after and its scope for growth.

Why is fitness technology such a rage today?

The fitness trend is only slated to grow in the future as more and more people including millennials and Generation Z are investing heavily in their fitness routines in terms of money, time and more importantly will power. According to a Press Release Fitness App 2019 Global Market Net Worth US$ 14.7 billion Forecast By 2026 by Market Watch reports that “the global fitness app market size is anticipated to reach over USD 14.7 billion by 2026”. Moreover, the report states that “North America is expected to be the leading contributor to the global fitness app industry during the forecast period.” The primary reasons for this are factors such as increasing rates of obesity in the American population, health risks associated with obesity, sedentary lifestyles etc. The following are some other factors associated with the rise in mobile fitness apps:

Fitness catering to a large variety of users :

Fitness technology is enabling people with different lifestyles, preferences and time restrictions to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. For example, fitness technology is a boon for stay-at-home parents or for working people who prefer a 45-minute walk rather than go to a gym.

Fitness for all Budgets

Secondly, gym memberships are becoming more and more affordable. Gym memberships are not just limited to the upper class anymore. In addition, fitness apps have paid, free and affordable subscription plans which cater to all budgets. Heavy discounts on annual memberships are a great incentive for people to join gyms and therefore wearable fitness technology such as fitness bands are very popular. Irrespective of whether users have a gym membership or not, fitness apps are downloaded by users. Fitness technology thus covers a large number of users and not just those that go to gyms, health clubs and fitness classes.

A Personalized Experience for Millennials

Also, given the curiosity of millennials and their unquenching thirst for more information about everything, fitness technology is being used increasingly by this generation. Fitness apps do everything from tracking the user’s heart rate, calories burned, distance covered etc. which resemble a personal fitness training session. In addition, fitness apps also help develop meal plans, keep track of the calorie count depending on the user’s food intake. On the whole, fitness apps have become a one-stop solution for all kinds of fitness enthusiasts with unique fitness needs and goals.

Being Fit is Cool

Fitness and fitness technology has become a cool and hip trend. Thus people are constantly sharing information about their “fitness journeys” on social media. Hundreds of fitness experts and enthusiasts have become social media influencers. They are a great marketing tool for fitness apps as well.

Fitness Apps are Socially Impactful

Investing in developing fitness technology and apps can help in keeping peoples’ health in check. As a result, fitness technology is not only profitable but, can have a positive impact on people’s health and help them lead better and more productive lives. Fitness apps give users constant reminders and motivate them to exercise, eat well and be healthy. Thus those of us in fitness technology and those planning to launch a fitness technology app have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

Wide Variety of Exercise Routines and Options

Today fitness is more than a gym workout, a walk or an aerobics class. The fitness world is teeming with all sorts of exercise routines and workouts such as Pilates, TRX, Tai-chi, freestyle dancing, meditation, yoga, strength-training etc. Fitness apps stream videos and podcasts of different workouts for their users. The variety of workouts keeps users interested in fitness apps.

What are the Different Types of Fitness Technology?

Fitness technology can be accessed through a number of tools. From mobile apps to wearables, below are a few examples of fitness technology in different mediums:

Mobile Technology

Mobile fitness apps are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. From streaming videos, podcasts, diet charts to tracking calories, mobile apps are compatible with most smartphones and optimized for android and iOS. Fitness apps are also optimized for smartwatches.

Wearable Technology- Activity Bands

Perhaps the best example of the most popular among wearable technology in terms of fitness bands is FitBit. Earlier this year, FitBit released a press statement reporting a revenue of $1.51 billion in FY 2018. FitBit is extremely popular as an activity tracking device which informs the user about the number of steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, total fat burned etc. Garmin is another example of an activity tracking device which has now upgraded to a smartwatch and is a strong competitor of FitBit.


These gadgets are also fast becoming popular. According to the Internet Of Things Agenda, a smartwatch is a wearable device which is like a wristwatch. However, it is Bluetooth-compatible which allows the user to sync his smartphone with the smartwatch. As a result, the user can check emails on his smartwatch, give voice commands for topic search, get weather updates etc. Brands like Apple, Samsung Galaxy and Misfit Vapor X have also come up with smartwatches that keep upgrading and adding more features with every upgrade. Smartwatches also have features like sleep monitoring, activity tracking, hydration rate etc.

Smart Clothing

Technology is leveraging the big boom in the fashion industry. This is by way of smart clothing or e-textiles or smart textiles which according to Fibre2Fashion are defined as “fabrics that enable digital components (including small computers), and electronics to be embedded in them." This category also includes shoes and socks which are technology-enabled and give the user intricate data about his fitness levels which reflect on their smartwatch or smartphone. Wearable Technologies lists a few examples of the latest apps trending in the fitness industry.

Voice Technology

The above mediums can be synchronized with voice technology, which is one of our strengths. Voice assistants like Alexa for example, can be synced with all the above mentioned mediums. Several fitness apps use the Alexa voice assistant. Users can interact closely with the voice assistant to meet their fitness goals. From asking for guidance for Yoga sessions to a pilates class, to a calm voice that walks users through meditation and much more, the Alexa Voice Assistant does it all. So no problem if you don’t have the leisure of walking to a Pilates lesson or find it inconvenient to follow the moves on your computer screen. Online pilates classes companies like A Lot of Pilates (ALOP) leverage Alexa Voice skills to deliver Pilates classes through your phone or speaker.

How Third Rock Techkno helps You leverage Fitness Technology for your Business?

There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs and IT companies to explore business opportunities in the fitness technology sphere. With optimal experience in mobile app development, voice apps and web development, Third Rock Techkno’s team of dedicated technology professionals have what it takes to design and develop apps for your existing fitness-related business or if you’re an enterprise looking to enter the fitness technology market. All fitness apps are optimized for both Android and iOS and our team is skilled in developing apps for both platforms.


Today, there is a mobile app covering every aspect of human life and the fitness industry is ensuring it doesn’t lag behind. People all over the world are jumping onto the fitness bandwagon as a result of growing self-awareness, rising incomes, affordability of fitness services and technology. Therefore, this is a great time and opportunity for technology to leverage this phenomenon and create opportunities for business growth.

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