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How we created a chat bot for our customer support?

Krunal Shah

Apr 16, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Dec 01, 2022

created a chat bot for our customer support

We create solutions using the latest JavaScript technologies like NodeJS, Angular 4 and the mighty React native. We wanted the people visiting our site to be greeted in a smart and interactive manner.

We initially thought of implementing chat system like “Zopim”. No doubt it’s a wonderful system for catering to the people visiting your website. But its little high on human effort investment and little bit on the cost too.

Hence, we thought that “we are a company that deliver IT solutions” why not create one for ourselves?

The solution we wanted was aimed to make communication process easy. Also wanted to experiment with the so called chat-bot as we had been reading all about it over the web like it is future of the autonomous communication. So we went ahead and developed a chat bot named “TRT assistant” which can communicate with visitors and can provide answer to their basic queries.

What was the thought process before we started implementation?

We wanted to give a user space where they can simply chat with our bot and get all the basic information about our company instead of going through each page and look for specific page.

We failed !!!

Yes, we had failures and issues when we were developing the bot. When content was less and not much of a questions it was working fine and answered all queries perfectly. As time passed questions started increasing and so the intent and entities were increasing. Day by day it was difficult to answer all the queries asked by visitor. It started giving any random and irrelevant answers to the questions. We tried to explore issues and solutions but we failed. Hence, we redesign the whole chatbot which turned out in a successful chatbot.

Here are few scenario how the bot would behave in the given situation

What if user want to check our portfolio?

It’s very simple you just need to ask it. And you would be presented with not boring links of portfolio. But with cards that has portfolio logo, images to give glimpse of the project along with the URL. Further we made easy for already impressed users to hire us right away just by clicking the button “HIRE US”. The “KNOW MORE” button allows the user to get more information and make informed decision.

What If client want to hire a specific developer for a specific technology.

No worries visitors can simply click on Hire us button and can hire developer in particular technology. i.e If visitor want to hire our angular or node developer, bot will redirect the client to the hire us page.

We always wanted to get the information about out client.

We have implemented our bot on Facebook messenger so, whenever new client/visitor arrives bot gets FB id name from that we can get idea about our client and their interest for particular technology.

Any Future plans?

To sustain in market and to stay up to date up-gradation is must. Hence, we have planned to integrate our chat bot to Google assistance and Alexa. We are also planning to add some new features too for which research work is ongoing.

Hope you enjoyed the article!!!

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