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Importance of opting for Node JS Development Services to build an app

Krunal Shah

Aug 23, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Nov 01, 2023

Are you planning to build a real-time web application for your business? Node JS is the answer. Opting for Node JS development services is an optimum choice for any customers to make their business app productive and fruitful.

The Node JS server technology is extremely popular in the technical world these days, and is quickly becoming the go-to-technology for most of the companies. Resulting in, it has changed the face of the web app development dramatically. From LinkedIn & PayPal to Groupon & Netflix many giant companies have already tested and embraced Node JS development services. Node.js uses Javascript as its main language, which is regarded as one of the most popular client-side programming languages.

Javascript is a lightweight built-in web server and consists of several Plugins which are managed via the Node Package Manager, which allows you to customize your utility app as per your requirement. However, the working process of this technology is similar to any other web technology, but there are some certain features that make it a popular choice among developers and customers to build any web application.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the significance of opting for Node JS development services. If you are planning to build a real-time website application, these development services will help you out. Let’s dive into it:

Easily Scalable

Node JS offers an easy scalability which means that the developer finds this technology an easy way to scale the application in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Moreover, Node JS also enables the programmers to add some extra resources to the single node during the vertical scaling of an app. Therefore, we can say that this technology is highly scalable and bestows an outstanding option as compared to any other Javascript servers.

Extremely Fast Speed

Node JS acts as a fast suite and the reason behind this is it runs on the V8 engine which is developed by Google. With the help of this technology, the developers can develop fast and reliable network applications which address parallel connections with higher performance.

Node JS is capable enough of handling issues related to the formation of separate threads and instead uses a single thread, which means that event loop handles all the asynchronous I/O operations. By using this suite, one can expect quick performance in certain tasks on their web application such as reading or writing the database, file system, and network connections.

Solve the Database Queries with an Ease

Node JS development services can easily solve database queries. The database queries have the Javascript framework for some new NoSQL databases, including MongoDB, CouchDB, etc. And while integrating the Node.js and NoSQL databases, the developers do not need to modulate the syntax differences.

Easy to Understand

Since Javascript is one of the most popular and widely used client-side programming languages, most of the front-end developers have in-depth knowledge about the tools and libraries of Node.js framework. They utilize the same to build customized, feature-rich, secure and powerful applications for businesses. It is straight forward to learn and implement Node.js as compared to any other Javascript service.

It is a Single Programming Language

Node.js provides the developers some advantages of writing the server-side applications in the Javascript. This technology enables the developers to write both front-end and back-end web application code in Javascript by using a real-time environment.

Node js is undoubtedly a great tool for building the server-side web applications in Javascript. Node js environment is continously evolving and expanding its use. It is a resource-efficient and cost effective system for building mobile apps, websites, and software. This is the reason, why every business is looking for a Node JS development services to build their native and hybrid applications.

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