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Reasons To Choose The Angular Web Development

Krunal Shah

Jun 19, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

“Angular js is an open source framework which was released in 2009 and since that Angular web development has gained a huge popularity among developers and businesses.”

AngularJS is a popular framework for creating interactive website components. It is a full-featured JavaScript framework that boost simplicity and efficiency. Angular web development is adopted by programmers worldwide to build dynamic, single page apps. With businesses becoming highly competitive, AngularJS has evolved as a great solution, owing to its rich features and intuitiveness.

The demand for AngularJS

Many programmers who have embraced AngularJS are happy to have used this framework for building web applications. It does not make the MVC (Model-view-controller) look skewed and works great. Unlike some frameworks that simply couple the existing tools thereby increasing the difficulty level of web app development, AngularJS ensures that every tool delivers an excellent performance and great results.

Since its release in 2009, AngularJS has steadily grown in popularity and does not show any sign of slowing down.

Benefits of Angular web development

The release of AngularJS 4 in March 2017 made JavaScript the best programming language of the year. The regular updates have helped the framework to maintain its popularity due to its improved features and security. Here are the benefits of Angular web development:


AngularJS speeds up the development process; projects that earlier took months for completion can now be completed in less time with AngularJS. Once an app is divided into different MVC components, the framework takes charge of it as no additional coding is required.

Easy to get started

The simplest thing that a programmer can imagine with AngularJS is getting up and running. All that is required is the addition of some attributes into the HTML and the first app can be completed in a couple of minutes.

Ready-made solutions

AngularJS offers solutions that help complete various tasks with ready-made modules. Since the developers need not follow a strict project structure, they can create applications with a varied structure. AngularJS can also be used for creating hybrid applications.

Ease of use

Having a rich feature set, AngularJS simplifies development by cutting down the need to write code. The implementation of data models does not require the programmers to write getters and setters. Moreover, directives are not the part of app code, which means that another team working in parallel can manage them easily.

Simple data binding

A few tasks like creating a text copy on a model that needs binding to an app’s UI are difficult to be done with most frameworks. AngularJS eliminates this stress and delivers ultimate results.

A declarative UI expression

The fully structured UI with AngularJS makes it easier to understand and manipulate the components easily. Even the designers can learn markups with ease, which means that the declarative expression of the UI of an app simplifies things for the entire team.

Client-side solution

AngularJS works on the client side and is compatible with the desktop as well as mobile browsers. The developers can leverage the framework for any project as no back-end modifications are required. It means that AngularJS is a perfect option for creating the front end of any application.


Being an open source framework, AngularJS allows custom web development at lower costs.

To sum up, AngularJS is a perfect choice if you are looking for a JavaScript framework for advanced web app development. Angular web development gained huge popularity in recent years because of its ability to improve user experience and build quick applications.

If you are planning to develop your web app using AngularJS, partner with a reliable AngularJS development company. Choosing the right provider will help you to get a customized app that is user-friendly, robust, scalable and that can take your business to the next level.

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