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Sketching circle of a HTML5 Canvas using the FabricJS

Krunal Shah

Sep 09, 2017

2 min readLast Updated Jul 10, 2023

Concept of circleSketching circle of a HTML5 Canvas using the FabricJS

Aaha! we are back with the fourth blog where we are sharing our learning of using FabricJS to sketch things over HTML5 canvas. Please check the below mentioned links to get updated with the earlier blogs about drawing simple shapes using FabricJS with HTML5 canvas.

Steps to Draw Circle of a HTML5 Canvas using the FabricJS

  1. )How to draw a line using HTML 5 canvas and FabricJS?
  2. )Draw an arrow using HTML 5 canvas and FabricJS
  3. )Drawing a square or rectangle over HTML5 canvas using FabricJS.

Hope you by now you have get the good foothold with FabricJS and HTML5 canvas concepts. Checkout the JSFiddle below to sketch the circle on an HTML5 canvas.

Hey, by now you have got the hands-on to draw shapes like line, arrow, square,rectangle and now you have the circle. We would suggest that you create a small demo application with this learning. Third Rock Techkno is eager to see what brilliant ideas does their followers and readers have. You can share us your demo on .

Here is what we had created using the FabricJS and HTML5 canvas. We have created a chrome extension called Quick Capture. The extension is a screen capture and annotation tool. The extension can easily capture your browser or desktop screen. You can then annotate that captured screen with the array of the tools as you need and share it over Google drive, Slack or save it to the Quick Capture server.

Hope you enjoyed the code…

Happy coding!

Do share your feedback. And don’t forget to checkout Third Rock Techkno ‘s extension Quick Capture :)

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