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Top Tech Stack Examples from around the World

Krunal Shah

Oct 31, 2022

7 min readLast Updated Jan 20, 2023

For building a path-breaking software product, having just an emphatic idea is not enough. Having the right tech stack is also necessary as it ensures the successful development of the software project in a cost-effective way. Also, the tech stack is crucial for organizations that are seeking to grow and maximize their efficiency.

The new-age businesses are evolving at the rate of knots. So, whether it is a web app tech stack or a startup tech stack, its impact on business growth cannot be underestimated. Moreover, with the plethora of choices, it is essential for firms to choose the right tech stack, as if the selection is done wrong, it could cost millions in the long term.

tech stack

Therefore, in this blog, we will understand the nitty-gritty of the tech stack, the importance of auditing tech stack tools, etc. In addition, we would take a look at the important examples from the world’s top brands of web app tech stack.

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What Is a Tech Stack?

To construct digital products or solutions like websites, mobile apps, and web apps, a group of tools, programming languages, and technologies are referred to as a "tech stack." Similar to how a tech stack works, businesses employ many tools and technologies to create the greatest software product that satisfies user needs.

Choosing the right tech stack is extremely crucial as it is the lifeline of software products. It affects the design, functionality, and potential scalability of the mobile or web application. The likelihood of creating a software application that users will adore depends on the quality of the web app tech stack that is used.

Why and How to Audit the Tech Stack?

Behind developing a software application is a specific set of thought processes, goals, and challenges. Moreover, there are certain common things that business organizations must keep in check while analyzing their startup tech stack. The tech stack should:

  • Save company and employee time
  • Maintain a single source of data
  • Consolidate the app as per the requirement

How to implement the audit process of the tech stack?

The business processes associated with each app, as opposed to the app itself, are the focus of an efficient tech stack auditing strategy.

Start by gathering feedback from all of your company's app users and stakeholders. Directors, team captains, IT executives, and contributors who often utilize the apps may fall under this category.

Concentrate on acquiring information about each app and the underlying business process while recording user opinions regarding each app's effectiveness for study later.

Different Components of Tech Stack

There are two major components of the web app stack and startup tech stack: front and backend. These components are important as they determine the role of the developers:

Tech stack components
Top Components of a Tech Stack - Source‌ ‌

Backend Tech Stack

A SQL or NoSQL database is necessary for the majority of applications. Common databases include MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.The backend technology stack in software development is server-side. It describes the unseen internal workings of a website or app.

These components are part of the backend stack:

The logic for apps and web pages is created via programming languages. The codes connect a database to the web. Python, PHP, and JavaScript are a few examples.

Frameworks: They offer assistance for programs built in a single programming language. Several well-known frameworks include Ruby on Rails, Django, and Laravel. The majority of contemporary applications are created utilizing an MVC framework.

Web servers: To handle client requests, you require backend servers. The most popular web servers are Apache, Nginx, and Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS).

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Frontend Technology Stack

The client side of the program is represented by the front-end tech stack. Anything that a user may view or interact with on a screen is referred to as client-side. The frontend stack's primary goal is to develop a fantastic user experience, a fluid user interface, and simple internal structures.

The core components of a frontend stack are three. Which are:

HTML: A markup language for producing and displaying electronic documents is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) (web pages). They serve as the foundation for how content is arranged and placed on web pages.

CSS: The format and appearance of websites are controlled by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It comprises the layout, color, style, size, and other elements of a web page. Developers frequently employ CSS management and dynamic frameworks like SASS and LESS.

JavaScript: Interactive web pages are created using JavaScript. It's a programming language that lets you use well-known tools and frameworks like jQuery, React, Angular, and Vue to develop dynamic features on web pages.

What are the Different kinds of Tech Stack Tools?

For businesses to get started with the software development process, it is paramount to understand the different types of tech stack tools. Whether it is for web app tech stack or startup tech stack, if the business organization is not clear with what kind of tech stack they want to work on, it will create problem in the long run:

Marketing Tech Stack

Tools for drawing in, establishing, and keeping an audience should be part of your marketing technology stack. The stack might contain:

  • Software for automating email
  • A chatbot program
  • Analytics software
  • CMS (Content Management System) (Content Management System)
  • SEO tools
  • Tools for generating leads

Sales Tech Stack

The sales staff should be given the tools they need by the sales tech stack to prospect and sell with assurance. The organization should look to add the following:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) applications
  • VoIP for business or call monitoring software
  • Data management applications
  • Tools for enabling sales
  • scheduling software for meetings
  • tools for filming video

Service Tech Stack

The web app tech stack for the support team should enable team members to handle client concerns swiftly and effectively. As an illustration, the organization should invest in

  • Software for managing tickets
  • Help desk applications
  • knowledge-base applications
  • Live chat and survey applications
  • Call center applications

The process to Pick the Right Tech Stack for the Software Development

It is essential to follow a set of processes that help in picking the correct tech stack for software development.

Understand the Needs and Challenges of the Team

Business organizations have to be very careful when picking the web app tech stack for their employees. They must go through the requirements of the team as choosing a tech stack should be around resolving the team’s challenges. The business organization must make sure that each tool is in line with a corporate goal or process. For instance, buying prospecting software would be the obvious decision if your sales force has problems prospecting. However, since a team-wide Spotify premium subscription is unrelated to a plan, it shouldn't be obtained.

Know the Budget Criteria

It is important to make monthly, quarterly, and yearly budget criteria before closing the startup tech stack. Make sure your technology stack is long-term affordable no matter what. The business organization must make sure to assemble every member of the team and keep everyone in the loop while finalizing the tech stack.

Measure the Business Impact of the Tools

Keep a close eye on the changes that the business is experiencing after implementation of the tech stacks. Gather data from your team about the benefits they experienced after using the tech stack. Also, if the tool doesn't fit in for the long term, it is better to discard it at the initial stage and focus on building a more competent tech stack.

Tech stack

Leading Tech Stack Examples

After understanding the details about web app tech stack and startup tech stack for the budding entrepreneurs, it is time to see the types of tech leading companies across the globe are using:


The leading OTT and movie streaming  platform is using impactful tech stacks to enhance the user experience, let us have a look:

Oracle: Netflix deploys its web and mobile app products to users using this integration platform as a service and infrastructure as a service.

Amazon SES: Netflix employs Amazon SES, an email sending provider, for both transactional and marketing emails.

Airship: Netflix employs the Airship mobile engagement technology to communicate with subscribers by way of notifications and messages.

Falcor: Falcor is hosted by Netflix on the open-source software hosting platform GitHub.


Airbnb is a leading holiday booking platform where people rent their homes to render homestay. Let us look at its tech stack:

Amazon CloudFront: A content delivery network called Amazon CloudFront makes sure that the Airbnb website loads swiftly anywhere it is visited.

Google Analytics: Google Statistics is a website tool for viewing website stats and analytics.

Braintree: Bookings on the Airbnb site can be paid for by users thanks to Braintree, a payment processor.

Twilio: Users of Airbnb can contact hosts and the Airbnb support staff using the communication API Twilio.

MixPanel: Airbnb can view metrics and usage information on its platform on MixPanel, a product analytics platform.

Google Tech Stack

The leading search engine too has a set of amazing web app tech stack and mobile app tech stack for its products for Youtube, Android, etc, here is the list:

App Annie: Google employs App Annie, a mobile market intelligence and analytics platform, to enhance its mobile products and services.

Bazel: A unique platform as a service that Google employs to create new tools and applications.

Android Studio: Google's proprietary platform as a service, Android Studio, is used to create new Android tools and applications.

Kubernetes: Google employs the application deployment service Kubernetes to roll out new cloud-based services and applications.

EarlGrey: Google tests its iOS apps using EarlGrey, a proprietary user interface testing framework.

Final Thoughts

Having a well-thought, streamlined, and optimized web app tech stack and startup app tech stack is essential for the longevity and growth of the software. Moreover, it is also for enhancing the user experience of the end customers.

Tech stack

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