Tools we use for building node application

Framework:ExpressJS, SailsJS

Testing:Mocha, Chai and Supertest

API Documentation:

Database: MySQL, PostGress, MongoDB

ORM: Mongoose, Sequelize

ERROR Handling:Boom, Express-Validator, Joi, Rollbar

Caching Server: Redis, Memcache

Email/Message Sending: Notifyme-sdk

Linting: EsLint, Standard

Background Processing: Node-resque

Push Notifications: Firebase or SocketIO

Bulk Email Sending: Mailgun or Simple Email Service or SendGrid or Active Campaign,

SMS Sending: Twilio

Big Data Search: Elastic Search + Kibana + Logstash

Serverless Backend: AWS Lambda

Precommit Hook: Husky

Server: Ubuntu

File Storage: s3

CDN: CloudFront

Map: Google Maps

Charts: D3.js or Highchart.js

To run Node Server in Background in Production: Forever or PM2

Node Security: NSP or NPM Audit

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