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Top Android App Development Trends in 2021

Krunal Shah

Feb 22, 2021

7 min readLast Updated Nov 07, 2023

Android app development trends

Android OS platform is a ‘darling’ for business companies who are looking to build a mobile platform and proliferate their business. The reason for it is simple. Opting for android app development gives your product a wider reach as there are more than 1.6 billion Android users worldwide. Android devices encompass 85% of the world market and Android’s worldwide share of mobile OS is 71.93%. In addition, Google Play store has over 3 million android applications ranging from social media to gaming apps, etc.

Along with the business houses, Android platform is a huge hit among the developer community as well. And if you think that its widespread availability is the reason behind its popularity, you are wrong.

The Android platform allows the developers to incorporate most cutting-edge technologies into Android apps to make them more effective. Moreover, Android applications foster better user experience which keeps them trending.

With its ever increasing popularity, Android application development is evolving at the rate of knots. Thus, it has become necessary for the business houses to keep up with the recent trends to stay in the competition.

Therefore, to ease the grind for our readers, we have curated a list of the latest Android app development trends that will skyrocket your business in 2021.

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Android Application Development Trends

Blockchain Technology Will Decentralise How Most Android Apps Are Developed

Blockchain Technology Android app development trends

In order to enhance transparency, Blockchain technology offers decentralized application development solutions. In addition, it reduces intermediates by blocking unauthorized access and using strict security protocols.

Blockchain technology can prove vital for banks, currency exchange points and other institutions falling in the bracket of the finance sector. Blockchain Android applications minimize data loss as it is very safe for data encryption. As data is kept in small blocks, it can be distributed easily even if there is a power failure.

More Businesses Will Leverage Flutter For Multiplatform Development

Flutter for multiplatform Development

Flutter technology brings in a myriad of bright options for the Android app developers. Android app developers prefer Flutter technology as it is the most impeccable tool to build feature-packed and compatible mobile applications. In addition, the framework plays a crucial role in mobile application development using native platforms.

One of the prime reasons behind the surge in demand of flutter development framework is that it is very easy to use. The developers can render better Android app development services as flutter eases the MVP development process as well. This is the reason why market leaders such as Reflecty, Google Ads, Alibaba, etc. majorly use It for their mobile application development.

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Instant Apps Will Witness Increased Popularity

Although a known term in the realm of Android application development, instant apps are still going strong and are very popular. One of the prime reasons behind its popularity is that it allows the users to try different applications without actually installing them.

Instant apps have brought in a paradigm shift for the mobile gaming and ecommerce business apps. As they don’t require extra space, your smartphone can work without any unnecessary system interruptions. Moreover, instant apps are compatible across all the Android devices. Thus it will be one of the top android app development trends in 2021.

AR VR Android App Development Trends

We need no rocket science to understand that Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are destined to rule the tech realm in future. This fact is statistically proven to. The value of AR gaming is expected to reach $284.93 billion by the year 2023. Therefore, not only for 2021, AR and VR are more than capable to take center-stage in the coming years as well.

Everyone is aware of the stupendous success of the mobile game PokemonGO. Apart from nostalgia, optimal usage of AR technology was the main reason behind the success of the game. Other than mobile gaming, AR and VR can be more than handy for lifestyle, ecommerce and construction businesses as well.

For example, popular Brand L’Oreal Paris uses AR for their ‘style my hair’ app. It gives a life size experience to the users as they see different hairstyles choose the best which suits them. The ‘Live View’ feature of the Google maps where people can see places instantly is a prime example of usage of AR technology.

Google Assistant/Chatbot will be a boon for entrepreneurs

Google Assistant Chatbot

Make no mistake about the fact that the demand of chatbots/Google assistants is going to rise in the coming year. Chatbots are being instrumental in bringing a paradigm shift in the way in which modern businesses interact with their customers. We are already seeing top results of including chatbots in food delivery and ecommerce industries where chatbots have created quite a stir.

Chatbots are one of the best and quicker ways to connect with your customers on a daily basis. Along with Chatbots, we are witnessing a huge rise in the number of users of Google Assistant. Voice-based mobile applications are easier to use and it takes the user experience to a whole new level.

Thus, the Android app development trend of implementing Chatbots/Google Assistant on a larger scale is going to continue in 2021.

Security solutions to save mobile apps from malicious activities

Despite having some of the most important details related to their life in their smartphones, users have a very security conscious when it comes to securing their mobile apps. A study has revealed that just over 50% of the users have any protection on the data in their smartphones

Android applications are utilized for works related to daily life, be it home or office. Therefore, it is necessary for the business organizations to spread awareness about data security to their targeted customers. Moreover, seeing the growing security concerns, it is necessary to bring enterprise level tools to Android. Therefore, rendering high-end security solutions will be one of the ‘marquee’ Android app development trends for the year 2021.

Android App motion layout

MotionLayout has double benefits as it enables animating every layout and also explains transitions between layouts. Moreover, this layout also lets the developers handle widget animations in the android mobile applications.

In the year 2021, using MotionLayout can be big for developers. The Android app developers can use MotionLayout for developing interfaces that can use animations. These interfaces would help the users understand the nitty-gritties of the app and get a better experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) Will Continue To Revolutionize Android App Development

IoT Android app development

IoT is going to be one of the major Android app development trends in 2021 as it is a vital cog in proliferating business automation. This is the reason why more and more businesses are looking to invest in IoT Android app development as the technology is beneficial for both commercial and household purposes.

Tech pundits expect that there will be more than 75 billion connected devices in the world by 2025. Moreover, as connected devices are becoming cheaper, this Android app development trend is expected to rise more.

AI and ML Will Make Most Android Apps Much Smarter

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for android apps

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are important as modern AI can enhance productivity to up to 40%. The rise of cloud computing has made the process of developing AI models easier. Along with automating different tasks, AI can be used in data analytics, image identification and NLP.

On the other hand, through Machine Learning, predictive analysis, data mining, etc. can be used to enable businesses to make better decisions. For example: market leader Netflix is using Predictive Analysis to provide more personalized services to its users.

EMM and APM Will Be Key Factors Enhancing The Security of Android Apps

Enterprise mobile management (EMM) and Application Performance Management (APM) are two technologies used to reduce the slowness of the mobile apps. APM and EMM have become vital ever since the rise of mobile app development as a quality tester of mobile apps.

Apart from providing better security, EMM and APM allows the employees to indulge into productive data exchange over smartphones.

Cloud-Based Apps Will Create Smarter Wonders Through Android Apps

Cloud-based android apps

In today’s time, one cannot imagine operating android mobile apps without a cloud space setting. With cloud based apps, the user doesn’t have to worry about using phone memory as data can be saved in the cloud. Moreover, accessing data becomes a ‘cake walk’ for the users as they can access it from anywhere.

Cloud based Android apps can do wonders for business organizations, especially during the pandemic. As working from home has become the ‘new normal’, cloud based apps can ease the extra baggage of heavy data loading and allow businesses to run smoothly.


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The Bottom Line

The year 2021 is being touted as the year of innovation, especially after the setback the entire world faced due to coronavirus pandemic. The above-mentioned Android app development trends will help you in knowing not only the latest activities in the tech realm but also enable you to develop more customer-centric apps.

Keeping up with the latest trend will enable your business to earn better return on investment and be a front-runner in your genre of companies.

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