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Types of apps an AngularJS development company can build for you

Krunal Shah

Aug 29, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Nov 22, 2023

AngularJS has become a preferred framework for building apps. An AngularJS development company can build different types of apps for you by leveraging this framework.

AngularJS development company

Are you planning to build your web app? Are you unsure which framework is perfect for your project?

Looking for a Java framework with AngularJS? Take the next step and hire an Angular developer today!

If you are looking for the right JavaScript framework to build your application with desired end results, bring an end to your search with AngularJS.

AngularJS is an open source framework mostly used by the developers worldwide for building Single Page Applications (SPA). It is a comprehensive tool, providing an AngularJS development company with everything it needs to develop the front-end of an application. Its wide range of offering makes it more preferred and meaningful compared to other frameworks.

Here is the list of amazing features that make AngularJS a perfect choice for app development:

Scope: Objects that refer to the model and work as a bond between the View and the Controller.

Data binding: The two-way data binding implements automatic synchronization of data among Model and View components.

Filters: Filters select a subset of items among an array and then provides a new array in return.

Controller: JavaScript functions that have a particular scope.

Services: AngularJS offers various built-in services such as $https: for making an XMLHttpRequest.

Directives: The markers on DOM elements are used for building custom HTML tags which act as new custom widgets.

Templates: These comprise of the rendered view with information from the Model and the Controller.

Dependency injection: AngularJS comes with a built-in dependency injection subsystem that simplifies development and testing.

Routing: It includes the concept of swapping views.

Deep linking: It allows encoding the state of the app in the URL so that it can be bookmarked.

Model View Controller: A design pattern to divide an application into different parts such as Model, View and Controller, each with different set of responsibilities.

List of applications that an AngularJS development company can build for you

AngularJS development company

eCommerce and mCommerce apps

A large number of eCommerce websites have been built using AngularJS. The framework has a whole lot of features that allow the developers to build an eCommerce or mCommerce website that looks completely eye-catching and is user-friendly at the same time.

Travel apps

Regardless of the type of travel app you want to build for your business, the dynamic features of AngularJS allow an AngularJS development company to build a flawless and feature-rich travel app for you.

Social apps

One of the best examples of a social app built using AngularJS is LinkedIn. The entire mobile part of this application is developed using AngularJS framework.

Video streaming apps

YouTube and Netflix are the perfect examples of AngularJS apps to be put under this category. AngularJS empowers the developers to build amazing video streaming applications with great functionality.

Weather apps

If you need to build a weather app with an interactive and user-friendly interface as well as high performance, AngularJS is the right framework. is the perfect example of a weather app built using AngularJS framework.

Job portals

Any type of user-generated content portals such as and can be developed using AngularJS. Although such types of apps have high functionality, AngularJS development is completely feasible.

Why should you use AngularJS for app development?

Top reasons to opt for AngularJS development include:

Backed by Google

As AngularJS is developed by Google, it has a large community support which can guide you on any query that you may have related to AngularJS.


AngularJS framework users various filters like JSON, OrderBy, Currency, Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, Limit and more. These filters allow data extraction before getting into View and help with pagination, formatting and reversing text.

Quick development of small apps

AngularJS framework empowers an AngularJS development company to build small applications at a fast pace. Even the large applications can be easily built using the framework.

Readable code

The code written in AngularJS is readable and easy to maintain, which reduces the need for clients to rely on programmers for any text changes as they can be done by the clients themselves.

Pre-built solutions

The framework comes with a collection of several pre-built solutions for application development such as routing modules, UI-router and more.

Though you will find various JavaScript frameworks in the market, AngularJS has a great potential. It is the most popular and established framework that has been used by many big brands. If you want to build your next business app using AngularJS, partner with a trusted and experienced AngularJS development company for quality services and outstanding end results.

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