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Why Progressive Web Apps have taken the app development industry by storm?

Krunal Shah

Nov 20, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

If you are on the fence about choosing the right type of app for your business, opt for Progressive Web Apps and hire an Angular development company.

Native-like, fast, secure — these are some of the many reasons why Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are gaining huge popularity among entrepreneurs. These feature-rich, lightweight applications are changing the future of app development, and are providing business owners with an opportunity to expand their business reach and acquire more users.

Let’s gain insight into what exactly is a Progressive Web App.

A Progressive Web App is an application that has the look and feel of a mobile app. The use of a web stack, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, allows an Angular development company to ensure feature-rich functionality and ease of use, just like native applications. Not only this, Progressive Web Apps are known to be highly-secure, scalable and responsive.

Features of a Progressive Web App

The most significant features of Progressive Web Apps include the following:

  • High reliability
  • Fast speed
  • Engagement
  • Full screen
  • Splash screen
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocation
  • Offline mode
  • Background synchronization

Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

PWAs can be used easily, irrespective of browser type. They are safe; they do not require much space, you need not require to download them from an App Store; they are free to install on a phone, desktop or tablet; and most importantly, they are safe. Apart from these, there are many other remarkable benefits of a PWA, and thus the reasons to hire an Angular development company.

Mobile app-like behavior

A Progressive Web App is designed to behave like a mobile app while having the functionality of a website with database access. Generally, the developers choose how they want to program a Progressive web App, however, many of the programmers benefit from the existing framework to determine how mobile applications provide better user experience than web apps.

Progressive Web Apps are different from Native apps in a way that they provide access to URLs that can be indexed by search engines, ultimately providing significant benefits to business owners.

Enhanced performance

A Progressive Web App is faster because of the way the text, images, stylesheets and other text on the website is cache and served by the technology. Being faster, and providing improved performance, Progressive Web Apps help businesses to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Offline capabilities

It may sound astonishing to you that an app can work offline, but a Progressive Web App built by an Angular development company is a perfect example of such an app. A PWA allows its users to access the content offline. This is possible because of service workers — the core of PWAs — which work in the background even when the website is not being accessed.

Service Workers leverage cache and congregate API to load a PWA quickly. Not only does a Progressive Web App work offline, but it also sends push notifications and reloads content in the background.

Does not take much space

When it comes to storage space, a Progressive Web App offers a huge advantage. As a PWA is hosted on the web server, it does not need much space. Even if a user installs a PWA on the home screen, it does not require much storage or updates on a regular basis.

To sum up, Progressive Web Apps are disrupting the web app development industry. They are the future of e-commerce web apps, restaurant apps, and other web apps.

If you are planning to build a Progressive Web App for your business, and if you want to use the features of PWA to your advantage, partner with an experienced Angular development company with the expertise to build great PWAs to help your business enjoy the real benefits of having a well-built Progressive Web App.

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