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Why Should You Opt For Node JS Development Services?

Krunal Shah

Jul 19, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Nov 02, 2023

Node.js has gained a lot of popularity among programmers worldwide. It offers many benefits, which give you the reasons to opt for Node JS development services.

Node.js has become extremely popular among developers for creating real-time web APIs and an environment of interoperability across the internet. Node.js is an event-based platform; all that happens is a reaction to an event. It processes in a loop known as the event loop, which accepts requests and responds to them. The loop is the runtime part, which keeps a Node.js app running.

Before the introduction of Node.js, an inexpressive request-response paradigm was used. However, today real-time apps with two-way connections are being developed. This means that the communication cannot initiate from the client side if you want to make the application truly responsive. Servers can push data to clients, and this needs to happen only when there is data to push. Continuous pushing of data will be a tedious process. This is when Node.js fills the bill. Node.js runs JavaScript by leveraging Google Chrome’s V8 engine. It enables Node.js to build a runtime environment that pushes JavaScript from the server end to the client end at a fast pace.

Benefits of Node JS Development Services

If you are considering building your real-time web app, here are why you should avail of Node JS development services.

Node.js helps in handling multiple requests simultaneously. Although Node.js operates on a single thread with event looping, its asynchronous, nonblocking way of handling code execution allows it to handle more requests. The API calls do not wait and block other calls. Node.js can handle multiple requests concurrently.

As Node.js uses Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, it expedites the execution of the JavaScript engine.

Owing to the Node.js event mechanism, the developers can write highly scalable networked code.

The Node Package Manager (NPM) can handle the installation and update of reusable modules, along with dependency and version management of these reusable modules.

Many big names in the industry, such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, and Yahoo, opted for Node JS development services. It means that the tool is well-tested, and you can always benefit from the growing community of highly-skilled Node.js developers to get your real-time, server-side web app built.

The developers are empowered to write code in the same language on the front and server end. It makes it easier to manage the code written in the same language and can save considerable time for professionals when it comes to debugging.

Thanks to Node.js, real-time communication can be controlled by the event loop without using much memory. This allows the Node JS development company programmers to spend more time on the app's functionality rather than worrying about the application getting blocked with too many queries.

Node.js comes with all of the tools required to pace the development process and enhance the app's performance.

The Node.js framework is divided into different small modules, two of which are Node.js Core and Node.js Application. Although both of these modules can be used together, it is not always necessary to use them together at the client-end or server-end, which makes it light. Because of all such benefits, many companies have embraced Node.js and are offering Node JS development services to businesses planning to develop their real-time web app.

Node.js has simplified the development process for the programmers and helped reduce time-to-market. If you want to leverage Node.js to enjoy the same benefits, partner with an experienced Node JS development company. The team of seasoned professionals can understand your needs and use the right solutions to provide you with a high-performance web app that meets your business requirements quickly.


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