Generates Digital PDFs from Hand Written Notes


Chrisin Wade





Work Duration

2 Months



Team Size

2 flutter developer, 1 DevOps, 1 QA


The challenge we encountered in our project was to generate a digital font that accurately represented a user's handwriting. To overcome this obstacle, we conducted extensive research on the topic and explored various methodologies. Through this process, we defined a set of guidelines that helped us establish a template for generating the desired digital font. By leveraging these guidelines and implementing our template, we successfully achieved the objective of accurately replicating a user's handwriting in a digital format.

The generated fonts faithfully replicate the users' handwriting style, ensuring that the messages they send feel truly personal and reflect their individuality.

Process We Followed to Develop a Digital Font Generation App

In the process of implementing the required functionality for the app, we followed a systematic approach. Firstly, we conducted thorough research to understand the technical aspects involved. To validate our ideas, we prepared a proof of concept (POC) to test the feasibility of the functionality. Additionally, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure the app flow aligns with their requirements. Next, we began the design phase by creating rough mockups, allowing us to visualize the app's layout and structure. Taking into consideration the client's preferences, we refined these mockups and prepared a final wireframe. To enhance the user experience, we incorporated dynamic colors into the wireframe, adding an interactive element to the app's design.

Tech Stack
angnode js

Key features

  • Font generation from template
  • Custom keyboard with handwritten font
key feature HandTyped

Project Duration

2 weeks


8 weeks


1 weeks


1 weeks



Our team successfully developed handtyped app using Flutter and Dart, overcoming the challenge of generating a digital font that accurately replicates users' handwriting styles. Following a systematic approach, including research, proof of concept, close collaboration with the client, and incorporating their preferences, we created key features such as font generation from a template and a custom keyboard with a handwritten font. This achievement showcases our expertise in Flutter and Dart development, as well as our ability to deliver effective solutions in the utility industry.

handtyped outcome lefthandtyped outcome right
handtyped screenshot

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