Language Learning App


Samir Patel





Work Duration

2 Months



Team Size

1 Flutter developer, 1 QA


Developing this app for learning the Hindi language presented several challenges. The primary challenge was the need for rapid deployment to make the app available live within a very short timeframe. This required streamlining the development process and adhering to strict deadlines. Additionally, enabling dynamic content updates posed a significant challenge.Implementing a robust content management system (CMS) was crucial to facilitate real-time content updates while maintaining a seamless user experience.

With a focus on prioritizing fun and interactivity for students, as well as providing flexibility and customization options for educators, KidsLipi was developed as a platform that aimed to meet these goals.

Process We Followed To Develop a Language Learning App

Collaborated with the client to establish the user's journey in the app.Incorporated Junior KG syllabus in various Indian languages.Created wireframes covering the app's basic functionality.Suggested adding small animations to attract and engage young learners.Implemented continuous iterations based on client feedback.Integrated language learning content and conducted thorough testing.Gathered feedback from users and incorporated improvements.Launched the app and planned regular updates based on user feedback.

Tech Stack
angnode js

Key features

  • Personalize learning in Indian languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.
  • Small games which motivate kids for learning.
  • Daily new activity based on kids interest.
  • Parents can monitor their kids' activity.
key feature KidsLipi

Project Duration

2 weeks


8 weeks


1 weeks


1 weeks



The outcome of the language learning app development process resulted in the creation of KidsLipi, a secure, intuitive, and fun platform for learning and teaching Hindi. KidsLipi has successfully reduced the learning curve for students, providing them with an engaging and effective tool to enhance their language skills.

By incorporating the Junior KG syllabus in multiple Indian languages and utilizing small animations to attract and engage young learners, KidsLipi offers a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. The app's user-friendly interface and carefully designed user journey ensure that students can navigate through the app with ease, making language learning more accessible and enjoyable.

KidsLipi outcome leftKidsLipi outcome right
KidsLipi screenshot

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