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Pop World TV


online streaming application



Work Duration

8 Months


Angular, Bootstrap, NodeJs, MongoDB

Team Size

2 Angular developer, 1 backend developer,1 DevOps, 1 QA


Implementing a robust user authentication system

Secure account management for real-time tracking

Analytics of user interactions with links and QR codes

Ensuring cross-platform compatibility

Developing the Pop World TV app entails overcoming various challenges, including seamlessly integrating interactive links and QR codes within video content while maintaining a smooth viewing experience. The main challenges we encountered in the development process were above:.

Key features

  • Generate professional invoices
  • Embedded time tracking tool
  • Recursive Payment
  • Appointment management for the teams
  • Create reports
  • Dashboard
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Client Requirements

Clients wanted to support their company investors and sponsors and bring more by showcasing them more valuable returns on investment. Also, investors want more attraction from web series viewers on their products or site. They want to make it easy for a user to reach the sponsored things to buy those easily, increasing the selling of the sponsors' products.

Process We Followed to Develop the Web App

We extensively discussed with the client to outline the enhancements and modifications required for developing Pop World App. Our development journey began with crafting a user-friendly, easily maintainable, scalable architecture, seamlessly developing a web-based format.



We collaborated closely with the client team to conceptualize the fundamental wireframe for the web application. Recognizing the need for advanced functionalities, we structured a development roadmap with clear milestones, simplifying the client's progress tracking.



We focused on constructing an intuitive and navigable interface for the application. We meticulously defined the app's architecture before delving into the development phase. We dedicated our efforts to enhancing and optimizing the application for scalability and future updates.



Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality guided our rigorous testing practices. In partnership with the client team, we conducted comprehensive testing to ensure a flawless launch. Our meticulous approach guaranteed that the solutions we presented were of the utmost quality.



We executed a streamlined app deployment process after meticulously developing and thoroughly testing each feature. This encompassed everything from the initial app launch to providing the client team with comprehensive training on the app's intricacies and technical aspects.


This idea helped viewers to get access to every product they see they wish to get by simply clicking on the links, and scanning QR codes.

  • Sponsors sales went high after this application came.
  • Sponsors made 60% of the sales via users using this application and clicking these links.
  • Sales of the products mentioned in this application are very high compared to other products on sponsor company sites.
  • Investing and sponsoring things with PopWorldTv, they got much more sales than before.
Tech Stack
Amazon Bucket for Sequential Storage

Project Duration

4 weeks


24 weeks


1 weeks

DevOps for testing load balancing

8 weeks


1 weeks


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the integration of links and QR codes in short videos work?
Pop World TV's short videos are enhanced with links and QR codes directly accessing sponsored products, investor offerings, and other related content. Viewers can click on the links or scan the QR codes to quickly access information and purchase products showcased in the videos.
What security measures were implemented in the Pop World TV application to protect user data and facilitate secure transactions?
Security measures include encryption for data privacy, secure payment gateways, and compliance with relevant data protection regulations. A customized solution can ensure robust security features to safeguard user information and transactions.
What are the technical aspects of developing an app like Pop World TV's application?
Developing a similar solution involves integrating user authentication, UI/UX design, QR code/link integration, payment gateways, and backend database management. Customization is key to aligning the solution with your specific goals and needs.

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