World’s First Voice-Gifting App


Tracy M




React Native

Work Duration

2 Months



Team Size

2 React-Native developer, 1 backend developer, 1 QA


One of the key challenges in developing this voice gifting app was implementing custom end-to-end encryption to secure the content. This encryption ensures that only the intended user can access and view the gifted content. Developing a robust encryption mechanism requires a deep understanding of encryption protocols and techniques, as well as careful implementation and rigorous testing to ensure the security of user data.

Autumn Whispers transcended being merely an idea or concept and evolved into something grander: a mission to bring happiness and solace to people, while fostering family connections through audio, in a truly personal and exclusive manner. It aimed to leave behind words of wisdom that would resonate with future generations.

Process We Followed To Develop a Voice-Gifting App

Designed a visual blueprint for the app's interface.Developed an encryption algorithm to secure images, videos, and audio files.Assisted the client in finding reliable services for secure data storage.Built the app's features and integrated the encryption algorithm.Conducted thorough testing for functionality, compatibility, and security.Involved selected users to test and provide feedback.Prepared and released the app on appropriate platforms.Ensured app performance, addressed issues, and provided updates.

Tech Stack
angnode js

Key features

  • Image, Video and Recording storing.
  • End to End encryption at application level.
  • Invite users to access images, videos and recordings for specific time.
  • Multiple device access for files.
key feature AutmnWhispers

Project Duration

2 weeks


14 weeks


1 weeks


1 weeks



The outcome of developing the voice-gifting app, Autumn Whispers, has resulted in a groundbreaking achievement - the world's first voice-gifting app. This innovative application allows users to capture and preserve precious memories and heartfelt messages for their loved ones. Autumn Whispers acts as a digital time capsule, creating a lasting connection between individuals by enabling the expression of emotions and sentiments in a unique and personal way. Through the app's user-friendly interface and robust security measures, it has empowered users to express their love, thoughts, and wisdom for future generations to cherish.

AutumnWhisper outcome leftAutumnWhisper outcome right
AutumnWhisper screenshot

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