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Third Rock Techkno is a company providing custom solutions in voice technology for a variety of purposes. We are a top-ranked voice app development company that keeps up with the latest trends in technology. We understand the needs of a fast-changing market and our client’s technology goals. Our voice app solutions have helped several enterprises succeed.

Voice commands and reminders are becoming the norm. From reminders about birthdays to commanding the voice assistant to play your favorite track, the Voice Assistant does it all. Alexa - the digital voice assistant by Amazon was launched in 2014. According to the latest Alexa statistics of 2019, over 100 million devices compatible with Alexa have been sold. Alexa is available on 60,000 devices. Amazon Alexa has 90,000 skills. Our team’s expertise in developing voice-based technology can create skills such as face recognition, home, and office automation, leave management systems and more. In addition, we offer full support in testing and deployment.

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  • 1. Custom Skill Development
  • 2. Mobile App Integration
  • 3. Integration with ERP System
  • 4. Alexa skill testing
  • 5. Multilingual Support

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We cater to a diverse clientele spanning across various industries.

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Our highly-qualified Alexa Skill Development experts specialize in building customized, creative and highly-interactive web and mobile applications. Whether you are a startup or SME, our experts will get the job done.

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We employ the agile methodology to keep you in the loop. Throughout Alexa Skill Development, we focus on delivering solutions that meet your business goals, timeline, and budget.

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Whether it is Alexa Skill Development, we offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our personalized services meet different budget needs of our clients from across the globe.

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Our Alexa Skill Development company ensures complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your requirements. We use email, phone, Skype, Slack and other mediums for regular communication with our clients.

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Our designers, developers, quality analysts, and a project manager – all strive for customer satisfaction. We deliver Alexa Skill development services that align with our clients’ needs.

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Our WORK speaks louder than our WORD. Find out how we helped clients overcome challenges and succeed.


Very good communication at all stages. Always prompt to reply. Excellent quality of work. The team at Third Rock Techkno was communicative, responsive, and accommodating as they produced high-quality work.

Jonathan Wood, Smoovr


It was a pleasure working with the TRT team. Prior to contracting this group, I had a system created that was absolutely terrible and poorly developed. I also worked with a few freelancers that couldnt cut it either. TRT was actually able to execute on our concept and have built a truly solid system for our company.

Karl Pierre, Ontime

Features Of Alexa Voice Assistant

Account Linking

The account Linking Feature can authenticate users on the Alexa Voice Assistant platform via Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.

Amazon Pay

Alexa provides built-in support with Amazon Pay. The user simply has to give permission to Amazon Pay from the Developer Console. Next, the user can use Amazon Pay through custom skills.


Alexa Assistant can be synced with Amazon speakers. Furthermore, Amazon speakers are optimized to work with Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and SiriusXM in addition to Apple Music.

Built-In Features

Alexa Voice Assistant consists of built-in features that enable users to set reminders and get results for search inputs ranging from music, news and weather information and forecast info of your area, call, messages, etc.

Echo Communication

Echo communication enables interaction between different Alexa Echo Devices. This interaction happens when one echo device gives a voice command to another echo device and uses the Alexa drop-in service.

Ordering And Sports

Alexa Voice Assistant enables users to have an easy food ordering experience. Alexa Voice Assistant users can also listen to updates about their favorite sports teams. Users simply add their preferred Alexa-supported sports team to the list under Alexa's Sports Update app section.

Recent Alexa Skill Development Blogs

04 Mar 2021 | 8 Min Read
Top 10 Software Technology Trends Expected in 2021

The year 2020 was forgettable in many means for humankind. Be it the global pandemic which humanity experienced for the first time in hundred years or the large scale global business disruptions, 2020 was a dreadful year. Besides disrupting the businesses, Covid-19 also brought unprecedented changes in software technology trends as well. The software technology post covid has largely been focusing on products aimed at e-commerce and remote communication. Businesses that have embraced software technology have found newer ways to evolve, innovate and grow. As we enter the third month of 2021, it is crystal clear that whoever uses its technology information to the core will be the winner of this year. Thus, to make it easier for our readers, we have curated a list of technology trends that would impact your business and will take it higher. So sit back, relax and enjoy the read. Here we go! Table of content * Edge computing will grow by leaps and bounds [] * E-commerce will continue its upward trend [] * Quantum computing will gain more momentum [] * Popularity of Chatbots will reach a new pedestal [] * Multi-cloud technologies will be vital in the future [] * The rise of the Native applications [] * Open source platform will get more attention [] * Modern programming will be free of past baggage [] * Video Games will get a push [] * Low code and No code development [] Edge computing will grow by leaps and bounds Decentralized infrastructure is all set to soar high in 2021. The reason behind it is there are many scenarios where companies want to compute power and data near the end user. Here the data can be of low latency, could be influenced by real-time use cases, has a high bandwidth, etc. Edge computing is an old concept but it is gaining popularity with the rise of IoT, mobile gaming, AI/ML, etc. Another reason behind the prolific rise of edge computing technology is the rise of 5G devices in the future. Telecom companies and cloud service providers will have the lion’s share of the market of edge computing. Thus, don’t be surprised if you see cut-throat competition and innovations in Edge Computing in the year 2021. E-commerce will continue its upward trend The one thing that had ‘happy days’ in the dreaded year of 2020 was E-commerce. The sales volume of this sector is quadrupled in the span of six years to $4.9 trillion []. Now with the emergence of voice recognition technology, retail purchases via internet will gain more momentum. It is projected that E-commerce revenues will hit a new high of $6.5 trillion [] by the year 2022. Thus we can safely say that E-commerce will be one of the top software technology trends in the year 2021. 11 Must-Have eCommerce Mobile App Features To Maximize Your Userbase Read More [] Quantum computing will gain more momentum Quantum computing has the potential to be one of the most revolutionary technology the business sector will see in 2021. 2020 was a major breakthrough year for it as Honeywell claim to have created the most powerful quantum computer [] . Market leader Amazon is seeing high potential in this technology trend. That is why it is offering managed quantum computing services through Amazon Bracket Cloud. Along with the tech giants worldwide, many governments are also investing in quantum computing. Moreover, IBM and Google are the leading companies offering quantum computing services worldwide. Google here has gone a step ahead and has launched an open-source library. This open source library will assist with prototyping quantum machine learning models. Popularity of Chatbots will reach a new pedestal This software technology is one of the high flying software development trends. The popularity of Chatbots can be gauged from the fact that 58% of the Chatbots [] are used in the B2B segment and the rest in B2C. Prime reason behind the increasing demand of Chatbots is that it increases the communication process between the parties. Chatbots are very cost effective and are very famous amidst leading social media networks like Facebook, Skype, etc. In the present day, software development companies are very keen to include this computer programming in their system. With chatbot, the software company can remain in touch with their customers 24/7 and solve their problems at a rapid pace. Moreover, chatbot deliver a personal touch while interacting with customers and plays a pivotal role in customer retention. Apart from software development companies, Chatbots are very popular in the healthcare and special services sector as well. Chatbots are pivotal in client retention thus this software technology trend is bound to rise in the year 2021. Multi-cloud technologies will be vital in the future As many companies are moving towards the multi-cloud strategy, this technology trend will take a bigger, better shape in the year 2021. The global pandemic in 2020 has been instrumental in businesses moving towards cloud in processing and storing data. Cloud technologies are very cost effective and have greater productivity as well. In addition, business software that uses cloud technology has less maintenance. Thus, whether you are a newbie or an established player in the market, you can have your own cloud software. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) plays a key role in the expansion of multi-cloud development. 2021 will be a breakthrough year for CNCF as it will see more growth with some proactive initiatives coming up. The rise of the Native applications We all understand the fact that smartphones today are an inseparable part of our lives. The smartphone users will be 3.8 billion in 2021. Thus it becomes inevitable for business to provide top-class user experience. In order to provide the best experience to their users, modern-day businesses look to operate in high competitive niches. Thus, many tech pundits suggest that native applications will be the top software technology trend for 2021. Since they provide high customer experience, native applications for specific platforms are in vogue. Native applications will be vital for three major sectors like multimedia, E-commerce and banking. It is very important for businesses to render2020 stable and secure applications to their users and to enhance their experience. Native applications remain fast and comfortable ways of communication and thus would continue to be the first choice of the customers. Native app software technology is flexible and has better performance as compared to cross-platform apps. There is no doubt that using this technology information, you are going to rule the roots of the tech realm. Open source platform will get more attention We are seeing a rising trend where more and more developers are releasing their open software in the public domain. This is done with a view to allow other developers to get free access to different computer programming information. As the open source platform is free, it also helps in developing a large developer’s community. The developers within the community could help each other in times of distress. There is a significant growth in the number of freelancers, especially after the coronavirus pandemic. Since more and more people do not have corporate accounts to work with, open source domains will help them in accessing information. Moreover, the open-source business software is more secure to store information as compared to its commercial analog counterpart. Software technology will reach new heights with the growth of open source platforms in the year 2021. Technology Stack For Mobile App Development: How To Choose The Right One Read More [] Modern programming will be free of past baggage The newer, modern-day programming languages are free of any past baggage and are more than capable to fulfil developer’s demand. Unlike the older languages which have become bloated and cannot move fast, the modern day languages have flexible infrastructure. Among all the computer programming languages, Swift, Kotlin, Rust, etc will lead the way for the developers. Modern hardware like GPU, TPU, cloud, etc will allow the developers to explore their horizon and develop better softwares. Modern programming languages led by Rust will be in the limelight in 2021 and it will emerge as a leading software development trend. Video Games will get a push The global video gaming industry saw a decline in the year 2020. But despite the low numbers, it is bound to grow in the next year. There are several reports that suggest that the video gaming industry will make a strong comeback in 2021. The worldwide market of video games and goods related to video games will reach $222.3 billion by 2022. Thus 2021 becomes the right year to invest in the gaming industry as this software technology trend will take a bigger shape in times to come. Low code and No code development We need no rocket science to understand that businesses are trying to decrease cost in order to curtail the crisis. Be it reducing staff or working remotely without having an office, companies have tried everything. As the adverse effects of the pandemic are likely to stay, low-code and no-code solutions emerge as good options for businesses all around. This technology trend is gaining momentum as the developers can build web and mobile apps even for the non-tech people. It is projected that the global low-code development market will grow at 28.1% CAGR during 2020-2025 [] . Moreover, the platform is expected to reach a market value of $45.5 billion by 2025 [] . We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient Application? 'Hire Dedicated Developers []'. Conclusion With a view of delivering synchronized and high-end user experience, companies should look forward to ride on the above-mentioned trends. The skill to rise from the ashes of 2020 with these software technology trends still lies in its application according to the targeted audience. Reduce your App development costs With the right technology and industry expertise, we build software products that maximize your ROI. Schedule a free consultation call []

24 Feb 2021 | 9 Min Read
Project Discovery Phase: A Crucial Part of Software Projects

No matter what software development project you are doing but it needs to begin with the project discovery phase. It will help you not only work faster but will succeed in achieving your goals. According to the Standish group 2015 chaos report [], only 29% of software development projects were successful and 19% were a complete failure because of poor management. 85% of the software projects fail but the developers can help you succeed, said the Tech Republic article [] . Now that you know it’s crucial we believe you must have a lot of questions and we are here to answer them all. In this article, you will find all the answers related to the project discovery phase. What is a project discovery phase? The project discovery phase is the first phase in delivering any software project you are going to begin. It could be understood as a scoping phase where you create a shared understanding of what this service is? who is it for? why is it important? and what good does this service do? From this, you can get a sense of what kind of issues to start exploring and potentially testing in the subsequent phases. It helps to answer the question like a business’s aspects, its target audience, and who are the product users. Overall the discovery phase helps businesses in organizing and understanding the development stage better. Why is the project discovery phase needed and its purpose? The discovery stage is an intensive research stage ultimately defining a project’s scope and giving it a proper direction. It begins with the understanding of the client’s requirements, target audience needs, and analyzing the market for the upcoming product and its benefits for the users. The project discovery stage should be a part of the development process and considered as an initial stage of any software development. The discovery phase is helpful in the following ways: * It helps in solidifying project goals and scope resulting in an accurate estimation. * Ensuring higher returns. * It helps in coming up with the right end-user experience. * Saves a lot of time and money especially in advanced stages for a  sudden change in the development process. * Helpful in identifying and tackling risks and roadblocks. * No need to do further research as the discovery phase provides all the information required for the development stage. * It will be easy to communicate as you will know who is fulfilling which role. Let’s see what happens when you start the development with unclear understanding and refuse to consider the discovery phase. Product Managers vs Project Managers: Key Differences in Roles and Functions Read More [] What happens if you skip the project discovery phase? According to Mckinsey [] , only 17% of IT projects collapse because of the lack of proper planning and analysis. Overconfidence and enthusiasm may put you to skip the project discovery phase but it will only lead to disaster. Some companies skip the project discovery phase and it results in: * Uncertain expenses and unfocused aim. * It will be difficult to meet your project expectations. * The company is more prone to missed deadlines, postponing the launch. * Lack of planning and changing plans leads to an unexpected result causes delaying the launch. * You will be unable to change your vendor and if you do you will have to start the whole process again but now with including the project discovery stage. Therefore in this article, you will read why it is important to include it as you already know how it can be lethal if you ignore it. What happens in a project discovery phase? The discovery phase is meant to eliminate the risk of market demand and not being able to pay unexpected expenses. The main aim of the project discovery stage is to test your ideas, implementing strategies, and speed of the product launch because mistakes made during the planning stage will cost you the most to fix later. Therefore, we will explain to you the process based on our experience in developing a great product. The project discovery phase activities include: Studying the organizational structure All the stakeholders using the software including the ones who are designing and building it are the people who are going to get involved in this entire activity. Establishing business goals This activity helps you identify the main goal of your business to increase companies’ productivity or boost revenues and find solutions to any problem that needs to be addressed within this stage. Interviewing Stakeholders The project discovery phase team might have understood the team structure but it isn’t enough to begin. It is important to include all the people like CEOs, senior managers, and their take on the software project and to determine the project goals and achievements according to their requirements and needs. Competitor Analysis Market analysis gives you the ability to find the strengths and weaknesses of the product launched in the related niche, making your product stand out in the market. Therefore, identifying your niche will help you build an attractive product to engage customers by filling the gap that other products couldn’t. Time and budget Estimation Half of the battle is won with an accurate time and money estimation. With this accuracy, you will know how much money and time is needed to implement the idea into a complete product. Creating a roadmap The software development company and the client’s team together provide a complete project timeline with an overview of goals and deliverables. It is important as it helps you organize different aspects of launching a new product. It allows the client to keep an eye on the whole project despite many internal problems. ‘User’ research In this stage, the expert team has to think like a user as to how they will interact with the product. It includes not just the interface but the features as well of the product. To find out the discovery stag might have to do user interviews, different surveys for making it easier for people to understand, the user needs as to why the software application is needed. Work on the strategy This stage takes out the step-by-step development strategies of turning the idea into a reality. Ensuring the tasks are performed with financial and time benefits. In short, hiring a team of developers should be cost-efficient. The project team might increase depending on the project size and complexity but the discovery phase outline remains the same for the products of any industry. The project discovery phase team Another important factor that also determines the success of the project is the team that participates in the process. The complexity of your project will decide the experts required in it. Therefore, the roles and responsibilities will be divided equally. Best Project Management Software 2020: 6 Essential Features Read More [] The project discovery phase team consists of: Project Manager A project manager is responsible for scheduling and arranging client meetings. It is in charge of making records of all the details discussed during the meetings and maintaining the productive engagement between the development team and the development team. Business Analyst A business analyst is responsible to look after the business analysis and market research, as well as the product’s market value. BA is responsible for identifying the main goal of the project and also monitoring the reporting and quality of the metrics. It also defines the functional and non-functional project requirements and lines up with business objectives. UX/UI designer A UX/UI designer is responsible for creating meaningful sketches, mockups, and wireframes that you can discuss with the stakeholders. A UX/UI designer, therefore, will create a digital interface, and its features on which the whole application will be built. It will provide a clear understanding of how the project will work and feel when finished. The software developer Software developers are responsible for technical solutions creating a development approach and sequence and giving estimates on the timeline. It will carry out additional research to ensure that the tech solutions used in the process are the best to solve clients’ technical challenges. In the discovery phase, other specialists might also be involved if their expertise is required. How long will it take to run a discovery phase? The major part of the process takes place during this stage. Once the team has understood their role and responsibilities properly the project can be easily carried out. As the confusion will cause delays and disaster. The project manager divides the project into five different phases of initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. This phase bridges the gap between the two phases of initiation and execution. This will determine the understanding between the client and the development team and clarifying the issues. This phase can last from few days to few weeks depending on the complexity of the project. * A small project can take up to 1-3 days. * A medium project can take up to 1-2 weeks. * A large project can take up to 3-4 weeks or more. After this process, the billing is carried out depending on the model and hourly rates of all the members involved in the development team. Discovery phase deliverables and benefits The main outcome of the project discovery phase is the outcome that which is the time and estimation and a detailed plan. The deliverables may vary depending on the project size, complexity, phases, and urgency. Following are the gains of the project discovery phase: * A fully structured plan of roles and responsibilities providing accurate time estimation and deadlines based on real facts or expert research. * It establishes a comprehensive high-level project roadmap with interim goals leaving no reason for further rescheduling or alterations. * Regular communications and in-depth discussion will build trust and gives you the freedom to change the vendor if necessary. * The discovery stage provides the best-suited technical solutions according to the project. * It provides the blueprint of the technical design. You will have an entire process in your hand ready for coding. * Accurate price estimation for the whole project. * A clickable prototype based on wireframes and final product design representing the flow and functionality of the application. * Preparing a cost proposal for larger development cost involved in the development of the entire software project. * It forms closed business processes and optimizing the development cost. * Planning the project according to the companies budget and efficient usage of time, human and financial resources. * The company will avoid any uninvited business risks from the beginning. * It gives the potential to immediately test the product on the end-users. The project discovery phase is not an option anymore but it has become a requirement for IT projects to succeed. It gives you a complete idea about the product and the stages included in the development process for it to build within a specific timeframe and budget. Spending time and money in this phase is better than sabotaging the whole idea. The project discovery phase ensures the company, that nothing will prevent them from achieving their goal. For a mobile, web, or voice application design and development, send us your requirements and we will get back to you with a 'free cost estimation! []'. Conclusion A project discovery phase is an easy and efficient way to avoid any problems that can hold the whole process in the future. If ignored you will end up spending more and delaying the launch. Effective project management [] can ease the whole process as you will understand the whole process. Having a firm grasp of the requirements, scope and resources results in proper estimation and ensures a significant reduction in the software development budget. In other words, the discovery phase saves time and money, and if you find the right software partner [] the process becomes even easier. Ignoring this phase will do the opposite. Third rock techkno has vast experience in helping programming teams and identifying core strengths and drawbacks of the company for the upcoming project giving you a complete idea of what the outcome will be of the project. Therefore, Third rock techkno and its services [] provide you with the best team according to your requirements resulting in shorter development time and lower development costs. Our expert team will help you build a project roadmap. Turn your software development project idea into reality with us. Build World-Class Software at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our industry experts both in the US and in India ensure your unique software needs are met while also maximizing the ROI. Get free cost estimation for your project []

25 Jan 2021 | 9 Min Read
How To Choose Between Onshore vs Offshore Software Development

Technology is getting smarter, in order to walk step by step with the technology-driven world, it is important to be aware and updated about the new ways to get the work done without any hassle. Have so much on your plate but can not focus? Does your company want to launch an app or have a project to complete but lacks efficient staff? While trying to finish the work and to save time, the right equipment and highly skilled professionals are a necessity. The requirement of doing the work up to the client's expectations, you might have to hire a team of highly skilled developers which can take up all of your time, space, and money. To avoid all that, companies look for alternatives that can provide everything you need? Here outsourcing your software development is an all-in-one option, depending on your requirements. Offshore and Onshore software development are the two options preferred by companies these days. But before we begin discussing which option to choose, we will take a quick look at what software development outsourcing is and what advantages both the given options offer. Moving down you will find out all the things you need to know while choosing the right software development partner for you and why. Table of Content * What is software outsourcing, and how does it help businesses? [] * Benefits of Software Outsourcing [] * Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore Software Development [] * Software Outsourcing Stats and Trends To Consider [] * Why is offshore better than onshore? [] * Common problems to overcome while outsourcing software development [] * Why Third Rock Techkno a one-stop solution? [] What is software outsourcing, and how does it help businesses? Software Outsourcing means you hire a team of software developers outside your company to do the operational functions of your business. It gives you the freedom to open many doors of opportunity without breaking your bank. It is mainly done to cut costs and save money, bringing consistency to your business. The hired professionals are responsible for fulfilling that part of your business which you couldn't handle on your own. Therefore, your company can focus on the core business. You no longer have to worry about recruiting or training new in-house employees, as you will have a dedicated team of outsourcing developers working for you remotely. It will not only give your company more exposure, but you will also welcome new talents, skills, strategies, and ideas outside your in-house company with increased growth and scope, without compromising on service quality. Operations having permanent or temporary needs will allow outsourcing to bring in extra resources when it's required and release them when done. Benefits of Software Outsourcing Outsourcing your software development especially consists of reducing a company's costs. By decreasing the investments of an organization in capital expenditures and want for in-residence workforce training. Typically enhancing the usage of a company's resources. And since these processes reduce recruiting and hiring costs, resources, and infrastructure. Enabling your company to quickly expand and contract employees elsewhere, depending on your business needs. So many companies have expanded with the help of software outsourcing and are ruling the world now with their service. It acts as a savior when the service prices are skyrocketing. Globally, the largest customers of software outsourcing are Tech and Telco giants. These corporations' headquarters are in nations that include the Philippines and India. Alibaba, WhatsApp, Google, and Slack are some of the few companies that are highly successful companies [] that are outsourced for business growth. So the bottom line is, any company can benefit whether small or big from software outsourcing by finding the right software outsourcing partner. [] However, you don't get all these benefits with every different type of outsourcing, different types of software outsourcing avail you different benefits. Let’s understand the three types of software development outsourcing. Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore Software Development Onshore software development Onshoring simply means outsourcing a certain part of your business to the team of developers located inside your own country. Offshore software development Offshoring means outsourcing a certain part of your business to a team of developers outside your country with different time zones. Nearshore software development Nearshoring refers to outsourcing a certain part of your business in a neighboring country having similar time zones. Offshore Software Development Rates: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Offshoring Partner Read More [] Advantages offered by onshore software development The key benefits of all the models are as followed. Let’s start discussing. Cost-efficient It isn't as cost-efficient as compared to the other two options in terms of highly skilled developers. But it does cut costs in terms of resources and infrastructure, saving you a lot of time and money. No Linguistic Barrier As the software developer is from the same country you can easily communicate and understand each other without any problem. Easy understanding because of no linguistic or cultural difference and same days of holidays. Sames Rules Located in the same country gives the benefit of following the same rules and regulations in terms of employees, privacy, and tax policy. You will never have to worry about copyright or patent infringement. Same Time Zone Having the same time zone will have no problem in synchronization. Providing you the benefit of easy communication because it's local. Proximity It is one of the many options that make onshore a better option. If your outsourcer is only a few miles away you can always have a face-to-face interaction if that's what you prefer. You gain a greater level of control, reliability, and responsiveness. They know the same market, the customer service becomes easy as they understand your clients and their needs making it reflect on your company’s image. Advantages offered by offshore software development Cost-efficient Here the dedicated team of experts will be cheaper considering the other two options while making no compromises in the performance or the quality of their work. As it is scalable it will allow the staff to only focus on a particular project for your company capable of delivering strict deadlines. Global Pool of Talent You will have access to the young and vast talents globally through offshoring. Your teams across multiple locations not only offers your company specialised services. But also, cut back the risks of labor lags, meager client engagement, communication, and similar challenges. Different Time Zones This distinctive advantage of different time zones provides you the advantage of nonstop business operations. Adjusted work shifts make sure  your business desires each hour of the day, every day, by the foremost appropriate staff available. Faster Service You'd be quicker in obtaining your ideas regenerate into merchandise and better at delivering the added proposition. To be able to provide service 24/7 to support your clients for their needs because of different time zones resulting in better customer service. Thus, making offshoring an advantage for any business attaining specific requirements. Offshoring provides benefits to your business more than you think. It isn't just for cutting costs but promotes business and innovation, repositioning your company in the market, expanding your services and offers. Advantages offered by nearshore software development Similar Time Zones The different time zone isn't a problem because the working hours are the same. You wouldn’t have to burn the night to set up a meeting or to talk to the company. Proximity It is a neighboring country where you can meet your outsourced partner face to face or in urgency, saving you a lot of travel costs. Nearshore outsourcing is an in-between option while considering the other two options. Technically, nearshore outsourcing works just like offshore the only difference is the location. Now that you have understood the difference between onshore and offshore software development and its importance it will be easier for you to choose.  No matter what option you choose, it all allows you to be more flexible. Offshore outsourcing is not only proven cost-efficient but provides you the highly qualified skilled professionals at a low price. Software development outsourcing gives both small and big businesses to access global talent, making recruiting more affordable and easier. Offshore and Onshore are the two software outsource mainly used by companies these days. How To Outsource Software Development Projects The Right Way Read More [] Software Outsourcing Stats and Trends To Consider Image source: Statista [] According to the statistics [], 57% of companies outsourced so that they could focus on their core business. 31% outsourced to improve service quality, while 17% specifically used outsourcing to bring change and innovations into the business. To handle one of their main business processes, 37% of small businesses use outsourcing [] . In 2019, $92.5 billion was the worth of The Global Outsourcing Market [,to%2092.5%20billion%20U.S.%20dollars.] . 85% of logistics leaders [] increased their outsourcing budget for the year 2020 and beyond, stating that outsourcing is no longer an option but a necessity. Companies that outsource payroll management on an average saved more than 18% than those who do it in-house. India is a leading country in global outsourcing [] , as more than 59% of businesses in the world have already outsourced some form of service in India. Read More: Finding The Right Software Outsourcing Partner in India: 5 Useful Tips [] Why is offshore better than onshore? If creating a product or service at a far lower cost across the ocean is possible, it is wiser to go for offshore software development than produce it regionally or inside your company. Having multiple teams in different countries provides a greater marketing opportunity allowing you to support your client whenever they need it. Moreover, they have skilled employees with expert knowledge and experience, and if they don’t have someone who can solve your problem. They have a network of specialists with complementary skills they will pull the work from. You don’t have that kind of flexibility with in-house employees. Offshore software outsourcing is a cost-cutting tool, work efficient and an easy option to provide better service quality. Therefore, depending on the type of business and the requirements. Offshore software development outsourcing is the best option if you are someone with a limited budget and higher goals. Common problems to overcome while outsourcing software development * To avoid any kind of confusion and getting the best service, make sure to put everything in detail in the SLA(Service Level Agreement) document, to avoid any legal trouble. * As the outsourced company will have complete ownership of the project given to them, it is very important to have proper risk management [] while hiring them. * Make sure the Communication skills of the team are top-notch making the coordination better in the future. * Do a complete research on the company you want to outsource with about their safety practices, resources, and quality control. It will become easy for you to trust your partner. * Make sure they follow Agile Development Practices. * Before going into a contract, ensure you have done the mandatory analysis and investigation into the traits and abilities of your third-party vendor. How To Overcome High-Risk Problems of Outsourcing Software Development Read More [] Why Third Rock Techkno [] a one-stop solution? Third Rock Techkno is a one-stop solution for all your outsourcing software development-related businesses. When it comes to quality and professionalism, responsiveness, and innovation, Third Rock Techkno promises to deliver all. Along with methodology, commercial flexibility, and knowledge management, total Back Office Solution. The offshore team at Third Rock Techno is well versed in English, hence creating a language with no barrier. We expertise in the service of Web development, Voice development, and Mobile app development. We provide you with highly skilled software developers for your projects as per your requirements so that you can focus on your main business. Build World-Class Software at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our industry experts both in the US and in India ensure your unique software needs are met while also maximizing the ROI. Get free cost estimation for your project []

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