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Third Rock Techkno endeavors to be in sync with emerging and trending technologies. Our knowledge and expertise in the latest in voice technology make us a top-ranked company in voice app development. With expertise in Google home action development, we specialize in building google assistant actions like facial recognition, business applications, and home automation. Thus we cater to a variety of clients and businesses ranging from education, healthcare, entertainment, etc.

Google Assistant was launched in 2016. Google Assistant made it very simple to create reminders, integrating flight dates and timings, finding hotels, etc. with its voice features. Google’s assistant’s voice feature is compatible with smart speakers. Globally, the number of installation smart speakers is expected to reach 200 million by the end of 2019. In the USA, the smart speaker installation rate went from 60.2 million in 2018 to 87.8 million in 2019. In China, the growth was from 22.5 million in 2018 to 59.9 million in 2019.

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  • 1. Custom Action Development
  • 2. Mobile App Integration
  • 3. Integration with ERP System
  • 4. Google action testing
  • 5. Multilingual Support

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We cater to a diverse clientele spanning across various industries.

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Experienced Developers

Our highly-qualified Google Assistant Development experts specialize in building customized, creative and highly-interactive web and mobile applications. Whether you are a startup or an SME, our experts will get the job done.

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We employ an agile methodology to keep you in the loop. Throughout AR development and mobile development, we focus on delivering solutions that meet your business goals, timeline, and budget.

Competitive Rates

Whether it is AR development or mobile development, we offer the most competitive rates on the market. Our personalized services meet different budget needs of our clients from across the globe.

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Our AR development company ensures complete project visibility right from the time you approach us with your needs. We use email, phone, Skype, Slack, and other mediums for regular communication with our clients.

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Our designers, developers, quality analysts, and a project manager – all strive for customer satisfaction. We deliver Google actions development services that align with our clients’ needs.

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Our WORK speaks louder than our WORD. Find out how we helped clients overcome challenges and succeed.


Very good communication at all stages. Always prompt to reply. Excellent quality of work. The team at Third Rock Techkno was communicative, responsive, and accommodating as they produced high-quality work.

Jonathan Wood, Smoovr


It was a pleasure working with the TRT team. Prior to contracting this group, I had a system created that was absolutely terrible and poorly developed. I also worked with a few freelancers that couldnt cut it either. TRT was actually able to execute on our concept and have built a truly solid system for our company.

Karl Pierre, Ontime

Features Of Google Assistant

Open Apps

Users can use this command to open apps, including third-party apps. e.g. 'OK, Google, open Gmail' and users are directed to their Gmail inbox.

Image Search

You can ask the search engine to look up any objects, animals, cars, bikes etc. by voice.

Play Music

Google’s Assistant enabled users to use it for playing music. Google Voice Assistant also supports apps such as Google Play Music, YouTube, Gaana, Saavn, etc.


Google Assistant is supported in Android smartphones running Android Marshmallow or Nougat, Android wear, Android TV, Android Auto, and Google Pixelbook.

Smart Display

Smart displays have support for Google Duo video calls, YouTube videos, Google Maps directions, Google Calendar agenda, viewing of smart camera footage, in addition to services that work with Google Home devices.

Locate Places

Google Assistant can help users find places using its Nearby feature. Users can find restaurants, hotels, dance classes, most visited places, historical places, etc.

Recent Google Assistant Development Blogs

25 Jan 2021 | 8 Min Read
How To Choose Between Onshore vs Offshore Software Development

Technology is getting smarter, in order to walk step by step with the technology-driven world, it is important to be aware and updated about the new ways to get the work done without any hassle. Have so much on your plate but can not focus? Does your company want to launch an app or have a project to complete but lacks efficient staff? While trying to finish the work and to save time, the right equipment and highly skilled professionals are a necessity. The requirement of doing the work up to the client's expectations, you might have to hire a team of highly skilled developers which can take up all of your time, space, and money. To avoid all that, companies look for alternatives that can provide everything you need? Here outsourcing your software development is an all-in-one option, depending on your requirements. Offshore and Onshore software development are the two options preferred by companies these days. But before we begin discussing which option to choose, we will take a quick look at what software development outsourcing is and what advantages both the given options offer. Moving down you will find out all the things you need to know while choosing the right software development partner for you and why. What is software outsourcing, and how does it help businesses? Software Outsourcing means you hire a team of software developers outside your company to do the operational functions of your business. It gives you the freedom to open many doors of opportunity without breaking your bank. It is mainly done to cut costs and save money, bringing consistency to your business. The hired professionals are responsible for fulfilling that part of your business which you couldn't handle on your own. Therefore, your company can focus on the core business. You no longer have to worry about recruiting or training new in-house employees, as you will have a dedicated team of outsourcing developers working for you remotely. It will not only give your company more exposure, but you will also welcome new talents, skills, strategies, and ideas outside your in-house company with increased growth and scope, without compromising on service quality. Operations having permanent or temporary needs will allow outsourcing to bring in extra resources when it's required and release them when done. Benefits of Software Outsourcing Outsourcing your software development especially consists of reducing a company's costs. By decreasing the investments of an organization in capital expenditures and want for in-residence workforce training. Typically enhancing the usage of a company's resources. And since these processes reduce recruiting and hiring costs, resources, and infrastructure. Enabling your company to quickly expand and contract employees elsewhere, depending on your business needs. So many companies have expanded with the help of software outsourcing and are ruling the world now with their service. It acts as a savior when the service prices are skyrocketing. Globally, the largest customers of software outsourcing are Tech and Telco giants. These corporations' headquarters are in nations that include the Philippines and India. Alibaba, WhatsApp, Google, and Slack are some of the few companies that are highly successful companies [] that are outsourced for business growth. So the bottom line is, any company can benefit whether small or big from software outsourcing by finding the right software outsourcing partner. [] However, you don't get all these benefits with every different type of outsourcing, different types of software outsourcing avail you different benefits. Let’s understand the three types of software development outsourcing. Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore Software Development Onshore software development Onshoring simply means outsourcing a certain part of your business to the team of developers located inside your own country. Offshore software development Offshoring means outsourcing a certain part of your business to a team of developers outside your country with different time zones. Nearshore software development Nearshoring refers to outsourcing a certain part of your business in a neighboring country having similar time zones. Offshore Software Development Rates: A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Offshoring Partner Read More [] Advantages offered by onshore software development The key benefits of all the models are as followed. Let’s start discussing. Cost-efficient It isn't as cost-efficient as compared to the other two options in terms of highly skilled developers. But it does cut costs in terms of resources and infrastructure, saving you a lot of time and money. No Linguistic Barrier As the software developer is from the same country you can easily communicate and understand each other without any problem. Easy understanding because of no linguistic or cultural difference and same days of holidays. Sames Rules Located in the same country gives the benefit of following the same rules and regulations in terms of employees, privacy, and tax policy. You will never have to worry about copyright or patent infringement. Same Time Zone Having the same time zone will have no problem in synchronization. Providing you the benefit of easy communication because it's local. Proximity It is one of the many options that make onshore a better option. If your outsourcer is only a few miles away you can always have a face-to-face interaction if that's what you prefer. You gain a greater level of control, reliability, and responsiveness. They know the same market, the customer service becomes easy as they understand your clients and their needs making it reflect on your company’s image. Advantages offered by offshore software development Cost-efficient Here the dedicated team of experts will be cheaper considering the other two options while making no compromises in the performance or the quality of their work. As it is scalable it will allow the staff to only focus on a particular project for your company capable of delivering strict deadlines. Global Pool of Talent You will have access to the young and vast talents globally through offshoring. Your teams across multiple locations not only offers your company specialised services. But also, cut back the risks of labor lags, meager client engagement, communication, and similar challenges. Different Time Zones This distinctive advantage of different time zones provides you the advantage of nonstop business operations. Adjusted work shifts make sure  your business desires each hour of the day, every day, by the foremost appropriate staff available. Faster Service You'd be quicker in obtaining your ideas regenerate into merchandise and better at delivering the added proposition. To be able to provide service 24/7 to support your clients for their needs because of different time zones resulting in better customer service. Thus, making offshoring an advantage for any business attaining specific requirements. Offshoring provides benefits to your business more than you think. It isn't just for cutting costs but promotes business and innovation, repositioning your company in the market, expanding your services and offers. Advantages offered by nearshore software development Similar Time Zones The different time zone isn't a problem because the working hours are the same. You wouldn’t have to burn the night to set up a meeting or to talk to the company. Proximity It is a neighboring country where you can meet your outsourced partner face to face or in urgency, saving you a lot of travel costs. Nearshore outsourcing is an in-between option while considering the other two options. Technically, nearshore outsourcing works just like offshore the only difference is the location. Now that you have understood the difference between onshore and offshore software development and its importance it will be easier for you to choose.  No matter what option you choose, it all allows you to be more flexible. Offshore outsourcing is not only proven cost-efficient but provides you the highly qualified skilled professionals at a low price. Software development outsourcing gives both small and big businesses to access global talent, making recruiting more affordable and easier. Offshore and Onshore are the two software outsource mainly used by companies these days. How To Outsource Software Development Projects The Right Way Read More [] Software Outsourcing Stats and Trends To Consider Image source: Statista [] According to the statistics [], 57% of companies outsourced so that they could focus on their core business. 31% outsourced to improve service quality, while 17% specifically used outsourcing to bring change and innovations into the business. To handle one of their main business processes, 37% of small businesses use outsourcing [] . In 2019, $92.5 billion was the worth of The Global Outsourcing Market [,to%2092.5%20billion%20U.S.%20dollars.] . 85% of logistics leaders [] increased their outsourcing budget for the year 2020 and beyond, stating that outsourcing is no longer an option but a necessity. Companies that outsource payroll management on an average saved more than 18% than those who do it in-house. India is a leading country in global outsourcing [] , as more than 59% of businesses in the world have already outsourced some form of service in India. Read More: Finding The Right Software Outsourcing Partner in India: 5 Useful Tips [] Why is offshore better than onshore? If creating a product or service at a far lower cost across the ocean is possible, it is wiser to go for offshore software development than produce it regionally or inside your company. Having multiple teams in different countries provides a greater marketing opportunity allowing you to support your client whenever they need it. Moreover, they have skilled employees with expert knowledge and experience, and if they don’t have someone who can solve your problem. They have a network of specialists with complementary skills they will pull the work from. You don’t have that kind of flexibility with in-house employees. Offshore software outsourcing is a cost-cutting tool, work efficient and an easy option to provide better service quality. Therefore, depending on the type of business and the requirements. Offshore software development outsourcing is the best option if you are someone with a limited budget and higher goals. Common problems to overcome while outsourcing software development * To avoid any kind of confusion and getting the best service, make sure to put everything in detail in the SLA(Service Level Agreement) document, to avoid any legal trouble. * As the outsourced company will have complete ownership of the project given to them, it is very important to have proper risk management [] while hiring them. * Make sure the Communication skills of the team are top-notch making the coordination better in the future. * Do a complete research on the company you want to outsource with about their safety practices, resources, and quality control. It will become easy for you to trust your partner. * Make sure they follow Agile Development Practices. * Before going into a contract, ensure you have done the mandatory analysis and investigation into the traits and abilities of your third-party vendor. How To Overcome High-Risk Problems of Outsourcing Software Development Read More [] Why Third Rock Techkno [] a one-stop solution? Third Rock Techkno is a one-stop solution for all your outsourcing software development-related businesses. When it comes to quality and professionalism, responsiveness, and innovation, Third Rock Techkno promises to deliver all. Along with methodology, commercial flexibility, and knowledge management, total Back Office Solution. The offshore team at Third Rock Techno is well versed in English, hence creating a language with no barrier. We expertise in the service of Web development, Voice development, and Mobile app development. We provide you with highly skilled software developers for your projects as per your requirements so that you can focus on your main business. Build World-Class Software at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our industry experts both in the US and in India ensure your unique software needs are met while also maximizing the ROI. Get free cost estimation for your project []

24 Dec 2020 | 10 Min Read
How To Overcome High-Risk Problems of Outsourcing Software Development

Despite 2020 being massively affected by COVID-19, the global spending on IT services is expected to cross $1 trillion in 2021 [] ! Clearly, more and more businesses are planning to get into the industry in the coming years. A lot of them have been relying on outsourcing to meet their software development needs for almost a decade now. However, software outsourcing is a tight rope and you need to balance a lot of things to reach your end goal. If you are not careful, you will fall prey to many high-risk problems of outsourcing software development and lose a lot of money. In this article, I list down the most common pitfalls of outsourcing software projects. You will also find valuable lessons on how to avoid or overcome these challenges. So let’s get started! Common Problems of Outsourcing Software Development and How To Overcome Them 1. Not scoping your software project accurately Before you entrust an external team to deliver the right software, you have to ensure that they know what exactly you are looking for. The biggest reason why software outsourcing fails for so many businesses is the failure to communicate the project requirements clearly. And in most cases, this happens because clients don’t have a clear understanding of the project themselves. In the absence of a carefully vetted project plan, the vendors present you with a time frame and budget estimates that they aren’t able to stick to eventually. This may have serious repercussions if your project is time or budget sensitive. Outsource software development using an effective RFP document A great way to avoid this common software outsourcing problem is to draft a detailed Request For Proposal (RFP) document. An RFP document requires you to organize project information in the following sections: Executive Summary - Brief highlights of your business, your target market, your product strategy, the software project goals, potential roadblocks,  and the ideal solution. Project scope and deliverables - Infrastructure requirements of your project, functional design of the software, product features and capabilities, and security requirements. Timeline and format for responses - Information on how long you are accepting bids and what the bidders must mention in their proposals. Ultimately, an RFP document will help you specify details of the project for yourself and for the vendors. It will also help you only from the vendors who can fulfill these requirements. RFP for Software Development: How To Write an Effective Request For Proposal Read More [] 2. Filtering vendors on the basis of cost instead of value I understand that cost-effectiveness is the very reason businesses opt for software outsourcing. However, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. A grave software outsourcing pitfall is filtering and hiring vendors solely on the basis of their quotes. It’s possible that a vendor with lower rates isn’t the right fit for your project. Sometimes, they may not have the relevant expertise, or they may not have a fair understanding of the industry your business operates in. If you end up hiring the wrong offshore partner, the initial lower development costs may result in higher software enhancement costs. Or worse, you may have to let go of the messy code and start all over again. How to avoid hiring the wrong outsourcing partner If you have prepared an RFP for seeking bids, you will most likely receive bids from the vendors capable of delivering your requirements. Now, you only need to filter these vendors on the basis of how well they can deliver the solutions. To avoid the problems of outsourcing software development in the future, hire a vendor who: Understands your market well - Building the right software requires an in-depth understanding of who the customers are, how the market functions, and what are the latest industry trends. Has relevant experience - I always emphasize the word “relevant” whenever I talk about vendors’ experience. Some companies may have been operational for a decade but they may not have worked with a client similar to you. On the other hand, a two-year-old startup may have worked for clients only with similar requirements as yours. Understands your vision - The most important consideration while hiring an offshore software development team [] is their capability to understand your vision. The consultants should be able to translate your business goals into technical specifications to get you the desired results from your business app. In essence, the only criteria for evaluating vendors’ bids is how much value they will bring to the table instead of how low their development rates are. We are a team of expert developers, testers and business consultants who strive to deliver nothing but the best. Planning to build a completely secure and efficient React app? 'Hire React Developers [] '. 3. Not signing an elaborate software outsourcing contract Many small businesses feel hiring a lawyer to draft a software outsourcing contract will only add to the already high outsourcing costs. They do some quick research and draft a contract using a common template. However, one or the other loophole surfaces after the contract has been signed and the client has to put up with whatever the offshore partner delivers. Ultimately, there are significant losses the client has to bear and all the money they tried to save while drafting the contract? That, and much more, goes into rebuilding or taking care of the mishaps that occurred. So it’s wiser to invest some money initially into drafting a tight contract that protects you from any possible legal loopholes in the future. How to avoid legal loopholes while signing a software outsourcing contract Here are a few best practices for drafting and signing a software outsourcing contract: Opt for a feature-based contract - Time-based contracts are likely to result in discrepancies in the development process. On the other hand, a feature-based contract leaves no room for ambiguity. Such contracts also make it easy for developers to stick to the planned timeframes. Schedule payments based on milestones - A sure shot way to avoid overpaying is to include milestone-based payments in your software outsourcing contract. This also avoids any payment related conflicts in the future. Ensure confidentiality and intellectual property protection - This is the most common element of any software outsourcing contract. However, I’d like to point out one thing - don’t sign the NDA just with the company, but with everyone working on the project. It eliminates the risk of an individual developer leaving the company and stealing/sharing your software idea with others. Other important clauses to include in your software outsourcing contract are the indemnity clause and termination clause. These are just off the top of my head. I strongly recommend you hire a lawyer to guide you on this. Legal loopholes are one of the most common problems of outsourcing software development. 4. Not establishing project management and communication channels If you do not establish how you want the project management to be carried out, you are in for very serious communication barriers during the development process. It’s the vendor’s team that is taking care of the development but it’s your business that understands what the actual progress looks like. So not establishing how you want to be communicated about the project progress and potential roadblocks is one of the most common problems of software outsourcing. Clarify your desired project management practices and tools in writing To eliminate any ambiguity or conflicts in communication, always clarify how you prefer project management practices to be. Project management tools - Depending on the development methodology you like to follow, mention the right project management tools [] that your offshore development team must use to track project progress. Communication channels and schedule - Clarify the communication channels you prefer to use. Also, it’s vital that you have an agreement with your offshore vendor regarding the hours of the day both teams will be available for real-time communication. Meetings - Mention the type and frequency of meetings you want to hold with your offshore team. Don’t shy away from demanding daily run-through meetings on how much is covered each day. Also, always follow up every meeting with an email to eliminate the risks of ambiguity later. Have an in-house technical lead - Even though your offshore partner has their own project manager, you need someone in-house to supervise the project. They will verify whether the standards are met regularly and help resolve the bottlenecks if any. 5. Not setting code quality and QA standards Ensuring code quality is the biggest software outsourcing challenge because there are no strictly defined code quality parameters. So you can’t just ask your outsourcing partner to write quality code. The term may mean different things to you both. In the absence of a quality code, maintaining and scaling an application becomes extremely difficult. Moreover, if for some reason, the developer working on the software has to leave, the new developer may have to re-invent the wheel if he doesn’t understand the previously written code. How to ensure code quality while outsourcing software development Be very clear with the fact that you want a code that is easily maintainable and scalable [] . You could ask the following things from your offshore software development partner: List the formatting best practices - Work with your internal team or a development expert to prepare a comprehensive list of code formatting best practices. Any deviation from these standards should not be accepted or approved. Regular code reviews - Verify whether your outsourcing partner firm carries out regular code reviews [] internally. The reviews have to be done by both - the developers’ peers and their superiors. Check for code consistency - Have your in-house technical lead check whether the code is written is clear and consistent. If any inconsistencies are found at any stage, ask for a revised code before it’s too late. Additionally, your software outsourcing partner must also carry out the unit and functional tests of your app at regular intervals.  These quality assurance best practices are vital for minimizing bugs and code-rewriting efforts later on. 6. Hiring a freelancer and not a full-service company Suppose you have hired a few different specialist developers on a freelance basis. You have transformed them into a team and have been constantly invested in the development project. One day before the launch of the project, one of the developers just vanishes into thin air. You can’t contact him via skype or his phone, you can’t go to his home to check where he has been. Your entire project becomes a lost cause in the blink of an eye! Now I know it might seem very unlikely or rare to you but it’s not. So many businesses hire freelance developers to save costs but end up ruining their projects every year. That’s because the unreliability of freelance developers increases the problems of outsourcing software development. Therefore, no matter how enticing it is to hire freelance developers with lower rates, always keep the consequences in mind while making the decision. Why you should hire an offshore software development company Hiring costs are reasonable Yes, you read it right. Hiring software development companies is a more affordable option even though they have higher hourly rates. That’s because their fee doesn’t just include the development services for the software. It also includes charges for finding and retaining the best talent, training them, and familiarising them with the project requirements and goals. They also take care of all the admin and project management processes. Thus, an experienced offshore software development company in India [] and other cheaper countries can provide you high-quality deliverables at much more reasonable rates. You don’t need to look for additional service providers More often than not, a freelance developer is a specialist in one or two core technologies. So if you hire them, you will have to look for more experts to take care of other aspects of the project. When you hire offshore developers [] from a software house, it will be a one-stop solution for all your project needs. They have holistic teams with experts in UI/UX, front-end and back-end, testing and QA, etc. Assured post-development support Association with an offshore development company is often longer and more professional than with freelance developers. If you hire a software house, you can rest assured of all the post-development support your project needs. Most software development companies promise assistance with the software launch, its upgrades, and other maintenance concerns. Offshore Software Development Rates A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Offshoring Partner Get A PDF Copy [] The Bottom Line The most important way to overcome the problems of outsourcing software development is to hire a vendor who has the relevant experience and shares the same vision for your project. Secondly, don’t just rely on your vendor’s expertise. Scope the project entirely from your end first and list down the deliverables with timelines. Be clear with your preferred project management methods and channels of communication. Always have an in-house technical lead supervise the project for code quality and consistencies. Ultimately, software outsourcing is about cost-effectiveness. So evaluate the hourly rates of software houses across the globe. Compare the quality of their work, their service offering, and rates to hire the right offshoring partner for your dream project. Build World-Class Software at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our industry experts both in the US and in India ensure your unique software needs are met while also maximizing the ROI. Get free cost estimation for your project []

13 Nov 2020 | 9 Min Read
Finding The Right Software Outsourcing Partner in India: 5 Useful Tips

You are probably one of the hundreds of thousands of people planning to outsource software development to India. Naturally, the supply matches the demand, and in fact, there are more vendors offering software development services in India than the clients looking to hire them. Gone are the times when consumers believed that low-cost products were called the best. After some bad experiences, more and more clients recognize the importance of finding the right software outsourcing partner in India. This blog will take you through the essential steps you must take to ensure you choose from India’s best software outsourcing partner. Additionally, I will also provide five useful tips to evaluate your potential vendors and hire your business’s right partner. Why outsource software development to India As per the 2019 Global Services Location Index from A.T. Kearney [] , India is ranked first to outsource attractiveness. A current NASSCOM study [] showed that many Indian-origin software development companies have a foothold in more than 50 nations and regularly work with Fortune 500 clients. Indian IT hires 4.14 million professionals at present. Typical hourly rates vary from $20 to $35 there, but more prominent companies may charge higher amounts. India has managed to outmaneuver amid the rise of several other outsourcing destinations, such as China, the Philippines, Mexico & Ireland. Some of the primary reasons why India is the top software outsourcing destination: * India has the largest professional and technical pool of talent throughout the globe. * India provides highly versatile pricing options. * It’s a hub for high-quality services without compromise. * The contribution of India in infrastructure and technology is the best. * The Government of India is substantial and presents enticing IT programs. * With many different outsourcing models and businesses to choose from, India's outsourcing market is perfect. It provides a specific collection of features that meet additional requirements. Thus, finding the right software outsourcing partner in India is not very hard, if you know how to evaluate your requirements well. How to find the right outsourcing partner for software development in India 1. Identify the skill gaps you want to address It will help if you start evaluating your situation after establishing more work than individuals willing to do it in your company. Capture your objectives and aspirations and, with your current internal staff in sight, update them. Your goal should be to find the best fit between future outsourcing projects, capacity, current skills, and expertise. The things leftover are your inconsistencies, and the prerequisites of those gaps are a crucial input to your outsourcing selection. If IT limitations have been found, you can delve deeper and identify the technology stacks you need assistance in, whether they are stacks created, such as MEAN [] , MERN, or more advanced technical skill sets. Finding the right outsourcing partner in India is more about the clarity of your own requirements and less about the development partner. Before making any presentations with the software development firms, prepare a checklist for yourself concerning the development specifications [] . Let us understand this better with an example. You would want a web application development or mobile application development for your company, or you want both the services? Are you planning for end-to-end growth, like digital marketing and crowdfunding, from front-end to QA, or do you need support on the production side? 2. Determine whether you require long term services or it is going to be a one-time deal. Since you understand what discrepancies and shortcomings you have to fix, it is the right time to determine if your flaws are long-term or something that can be solved following a fixed-scope approach. Finding the right software outsourcing partner in India for long term services Long-term demands are better answered through a retainer agreement. All you need to do is to hire a team of resources [] , and then the outsourcing company will turn the game in your favor. It is crucial in this approach to have the right individuals on your team from a partnership viewpoint. For months or years, you will be dealing with them daily, so it is significant to ensure that they integrate well with your internal team. Make sure you interview the prospective members of the group yourself. Also, make sure to check their technological and interpersonal skills and abilities. Finding the right software outsourcing vendor for fixed-scope needs If you have decided that you have a short-term requirement, it is unnecessary to interview resources to obtain the contract specifications and T's and C's. Resourcing is left to the outsourcer directly to find out because they need to ensure that the project completes on scheduled time, budget, and within the set scope. 3. Check the company profile of the vendors and see whether they have worked with a similar requirement before You can verify a business by its past success, accomplishments, operations. You can also check the reputation of the organization and its record. One of the ways of finding the right software outsourcing partner in India is by analyzing their previous ventures. For how many years have they been catering to this sector with their services? And how many consumers have benefited from them so far? Before you choose to collaborate with any Indian company, these are the fundamental inquiries you should make. Also, recognize that software products and internal-use applications introduced by the market often have various purposes, end-users, design requirements, user interfaces, and creative processes. It takes a product mentality, an appreciation of your client (the end-user), knowledge of the value of a great UI, and an apparent capacity to think critically and creatively, not execute rote tasks, to launch consumer software products. Therefore, if you intend to outsource the production of a market launch product, ensure that your supplier has successfully delivered similar specifications in the past. 4. Identify your software development budget and look for a vendor that is well suited to work with you Is $20,000, $1 million, or $10 million in your budget? The response would immediately minimize your search for thousands of prospective partners. Let's explore a situation where a $20 million sales firm needs to outsource $100,000 in budget software growth. Should a billion-dollar outsourcing agency, a small, 10-person production shop, or a mid-size outsourcing partner be selected? For a billion-dollar business, a $100,000 project would be trivial, and as a result, the consumer probably won't get the desired attention. They would also work with an organization that is far bigger than them, so the benefit is on the outsourced vendor’s hand if things get rough. On the other hand, for a company of only ten employees whose time is already divided between several customers, the project would probably be too high. The right partner will be strong enough to accommodate the project as described and have space for the scope to broaden, but limited enough to provide hands-on management and attention to individual customers. The mid-size company, maybe a $10 million to $50 million company, would be the best choice in the above case. Thus, always filter the options on the basis of your budget while finding the right software outsourcing partner in India. 5. Narrow down on the vendors that have significantly worked in the same industry The correct partner must have technological skills, appropriate business expertise, and product understanding to build your program. Presume you're creating a healthcare product, for now. In that situation, you would want a healthcare partner who operates, ideally in many different fields, comprehends HIPAA ordinances [] and what they intend for a tech company, and knows how to manage the overall healthcare sector’s dynamics. Not every outsourced construction company will have experience in your particular area, so you also need to search for case studies and ask for clients’ references. Tips for evaluating software outsourcing companies in India 1. Assess their development process Take a moment to think about your development process before you team up with a vendor and outsource your needs. How does your outsourcing partner get on with the software development process? You have to be smart when selecting a provider if you are looking for an Agile partner because Agile is a tossed concept. Almost all businesses have begun to say that they adopt the Agile way of software development due to the increasing success of combining the Agile methodology with outsourcing. Not all companies, however, know about doing it. To ensure the most transparent development process, find a software outsourcing company in India [] that implements DevOps development and SCRUM techniques. 2. Look for scalability and flexibility in their services Over time, the needs as an organization are bound to grow and change. Is your outsourcing partner able to satisfy those increasing demands? While finding the right software outsourcing partner in India, that's a question you'll want to respond to and an affirmation. Verify if your partner in offshore software production can tap into local talent and scale up their team quickly if needed. The product is capable of smoothly getting into new users. Also, check if your outsourcing provider has a local pool of talent to recruit from. In the same way, if and when it is appropriate, your partner should also be able to scale down. 3. Is your software outsourcing partner in India proactive and a problem solver? There are two main types of vendors. The first type is the one who obeys the instructions of the client and delivers what they are asking for. The second type is the one who takes charge from time to time and gives recommendations. If and when issues arise, such diligent outsourcing partners fix them. This constitutes the foundation of Design Thinking [] . In today’s market, the providers’ role is not limited to service providing, but they also are product consultants and advisers. Make the best of it and pick a partner who has the bigger picture in mind. 4. Don’t compromise on the after-sale support The program post-release is where the actual scene starts. Handling loads of information without any bugs or glitches should be significant. To prevent this, you can check if the company is excellent and willing to provide you with good after-sales service to preserve your apps’ health. It is a long-term commitment that you will make, and then collaboration is the tech company you will choose. 5. Efficient communication and project management is a must The secret to the company’s growth is communication. Look for a partner who is easy to connect with if you're going to outsource requirements. Ideally, the outsourcing partner needs to be available to manage any emergencies during business hours. Also, the project's progress primarily depends on successful project management. In India, recruit outsourcing tech companies that work with the instruments that your internal team is confident with. It's crucial to stay on the same page during the lifecycle of product growth. The Right Questions To Ask A Potential Managed IT Services Provider Read More [] Third Rock Techkno [] is an ideal partner for offshore software development in India We understand that finding the right software outsourcing partner in India comes with its own set of challenges, especially in terms of language barrier and legal requirements. Over the past 7 years of successfully working as an offshore software development company, we have worked our way around these challenges. Third Rock Techkno is headquartered in the USA, so you can rest assured that all the legal and management processes will be handled smoothly. Our design, development and testing teams back in India are experts in their jobs and have ensured successful delivery of over 150 global projects. Ranked as a top software development company on Clutch [], we are known for the flexibility we offer in our engagement models. Whether you are looking for a dedicated team, managed project services or remote developers, we will tailor our offering exclusively to suit your unique needs. Build World-Class Software at Competitive Rates We prioritize value over cost. Our industry experts both in the US and in India ensure your unique software needs are met while also maximizing the ROI. Get free cost estimation for your project []

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