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13 Best Angular Frameworks For UI in Web Development

Krunal Shah

Jun 02, 2020

9 min readLast Updated Apr 12, 2024

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When it comes to creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces for web development, Angular frameworks play a pivotal role. These frameworks provide developers with the tools and structures needed to build robust and efficient web applications.

Some like it for its scalability while some love it for the ease of development it offers. Launched in 2010 by Google, AngularJS has enjoyed the popularity of being one of the best front-end frameworks for web development. As the community of Angular grew, many UI libraries and Angular frameworks have been made available to simplify web development. These ready-to-use Angular frameworks for UI components provide easier and faster ways of building a visually appealing and responsive UI for web apps.

Here are 13 best Angular frameworks for UI that you can use to build a beautiful and dynamic interface:

1. Suave UI

Angular UI Framework:Suave UI
Angular frameworks

Suave UI framework was introduced particularly for building the UI of a web application using Angular. CSS definitions (like colored buttons, layered elements, grid, etc.), directives, and services facilitated by Suave make it incredibly easy for Angular developers to build an aesthetic UI for web applications. Suave UI Angular framework presents UI components in bundle files. As a result, web developers don’t need to put in efforts to include components separately. You can do it using just one command through Bower.

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2. PrimeNG

Angular UI Framework:PrimeNG

The PrimeNG UI library consists of a diverse collection of over 70 different UI components. From native widgets to pre-built themes, it has a lot to offer if you are considering Angular for web development. PrimeNG makes it very easy for you to add components like menus, form inputs, overlays, charts, etc. to the front end of your web application. The widgets of the PrimeNG Angular framework are all open-source and you can use them under the MIT license.

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3. UI Bootstrap

Angular UI Framework:UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap is an Angular framework for UI that uses one of the most robust front-end tools, Bootstrap. It comes with a rich collection of components with dependencies like Bootstrap CSS, Angular-touch, and Angular-animate. UI Bootstrap provides huge support for quick web development with Angular. The best part is that it eliminates the use of jQuery or Bootstrap JavaScript while also giving an additional boost to your web application performance.

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4. Angular UI Grid

Angular UI Framework:Angular UI Grid

Angular UI grid is one of the best Angular frameworks when web application development involves large datasets. Written with no dependency other than AngularJS, the Angular UI grid comes with super useful features like sorting, grouping, filtering, visualization, user interactions, e2e testing, etc. It also facilitates AngularJS implementation without jQuery. Moreover, it enables you to customize the overall look of your web page easily by changing CSS and using its built-in customizer. The plug-in architecture of the Angular UI grid allows you to use only the features you need and reduce your web application’s technical debt.

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Angular UI Framework:Angular UI Tree

5. Angular UI Tree

Angular UI Tree is yet another UI component that doesn’t have a dependency on jQuery. It is most commonly used for Angular development to sort nested lists. Angular UI tree also provides drag and drop support which makes it easy to change items in a tree. It uses native AngularJS scope for data binding and also prevents elements from accepting child nodes. However, Angular UI Tree is not sufficient in itself, you will need to use other Angular UI components to build the complete front end for your web app development.

6. Angular Material

Angular UI Framework:Angular Material

Inspired by Google’s Material Design, Angular Material is built Angular as a comprehensive library of reusable UI components. It has a complete solution for all your UI needs. The CSS library in Angular Material consists of typography and other ready-to-use elements. With options for theming and a responsive flex grid layout, Angular Material helps you build consistent, aesthetic, and fully functional UI when you use Angular for web development. It comes with brilliant directives that make the angular application development process faster and more flexible.

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7. LumX

Angular UI Framework:LumX

LumX is also based on Google Material Design and one of the highly responsive Angular frameworks for UI. Built with Saas and Bourbon, LumX works as a full CSS framework. However, it does have a complete dependency on AngularJS for web application development. LumX is great for customizing your Angular web application design. In addition to that, it also helps improve your web application performance by automatically optimizing your Saas and JS files with Gulp. LumX uses jQuery but without any of its plugins.

8. Quantum UI

Angular UI Framework:Quantum UI

Quantum UI is built over AngularJS and has a Bootstrap-based CSS structure. It follows the MVVM architecture and offers more than 60 UI components in addition to many Angular services. These UI components are server and rest-service friendly. You can easily configure Quantum UI just by attributes, you don’t need to write javascript code for that. Quantum UI framework for Angular web development is maintained and hosted by GitHub. Some of its components are open source while you need to pay for using the others.

9. Ionic

Ionic Framework - Angular UI Framework

Ionic stands out as a leading framework for cross-platform app development, offering a versatile solution for building robust applications. It is built on open-source technologies like Angular, CSS, and HTML, making it accessible to a wide range of developers. Ionic's strength lies in its ability to create high-performance apps with a native look and feel, thanks to its integration with Cordova for native device features.

Additionally, Ionic's component library provides a rich set of UI elements, making it easier for developers to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces. This, combined with its strong community support and regular updates, makes Ionic a top choice for developers looking to build modern, feature-rich applications.

10. Radian

Radian is a JavaScript library tailored for Angular, offering a straightforward approach to integrating embedded plots into HTML documents. Developers can sidestep the intricacies of JavaScript by employing basic HTML markup to represent plots, significantly streamlining the development process. This approach not only reduces the coding complexity but also enhances the readability of the codebase, making maintenance and collaboration more efficient.

A notable feature of Radian is its effortless implementation of two-way data binding between HTML components and JavaScript variables. This feature allows developers to effortlessly update plot data and properties in real-time, improving the interactivity and responsiveness of their applications. Furthermore, Radian leverages the powerful D3.js library for graphic generation, enabling the creation of visually striking SVG components for plots. With its focus on simplicity and functionality, Radian is an excellent choice for developers seeking to enhance the visualization capabilities of their Angular applications.

11. Supersonic

Best Angular Framework - Supersonic

Supersonic is an open-source framework that provides a set of tools and utilities for building hybrid mobile applications using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is particularly well-suited for developing apps with a native look and feel, as it leverages the Apache Cordova framework to access native device features. Supersonic offers a range of UI components and styling options to help developers create visually appealing and interactive mobile apps.

One of the key features of Supersonic is its performance optimization capabilities. It uses a combination of techniques, such as lazy loading and hardware acceleration, to ensure that apps built with the framework are fast and responsive. Additionally, Supersonic provides tools for testing and debugging apps, making it easier for developers to identify and fix issues during the development process. Overall, Supersonic is a powerful framework for building high-quality hybrid mobile apps with a native-like experience.

12. Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI Framework

Mobile Angular UI is a framework that blends AngularJS and Bootstrap to craft mobile apps with a native appearance. It delivers a suite of UI components and directives specifically tailored for mobile devices, enabling the creation of responsive and engaging mobile applications. Leveraging AngularJS, developers can capitalize on its robust features such as data binding and dependency injection to build dynamic mobile apps seamlessly. The framework integrates smoothly with Bootstrap, allowing the use of its CSS components and grid system for creating mobile-friendly layouts that adapt to various screen sizes.

Additionally, Mobile Angular UI provides custom directives and services like touch-enabled carousels, overlays, and sidebars to further enrich the mobile user experience. Overall, Mobile Angular UI offers a comprehensive solution for developing cross-platform mobile applications with a consistent and user-friendly interface.

13. Angular Foundation

Angular Foundation Framework

Angular Foundation is an extension for AngularJS that seamlessly incorporates the Foundation front-end framework into Angular applications. Foundation is a responsive framework akin to Bootstrap, featuring its own set of CSS and JavaScript components. By integrating Angular Foundation, developers can effortlessly include Foundation's components like buttons, forms, and navigation menus into their Angular projects. One of the standout features of Angular Foundation is its integration with AngularJS, offering directives for Foundation components.

This integration enables developers to harness Angular's data binding and other functionalities to create dynamic and interactive user interfaces. This streamlined integration simplifies the process of building responsive web applications with both Foundation and AngularJS, empowering developers to leverage the strengths of both frameworks for modern and visually appealing UIs.


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These were our choices for the best Angular frameworks for UI that make the process of web development easier. As you must have observed, each framework offers different kinds of components and features. It is important that you analyze the needs of your web application, choose the right technology stack for it, and then pick Angular UI components accordingly.

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1.What are Angular frameworks for UI?

Angular frameworks for UI are libraries or toolsets that provide pre-built components, styles, and functionality to enhance the user interface (UI) of Angular web applications.

2.What are the benefits of using Angular frameworks for UI?

Using Angular frameworks for UI can improve developer productivity, enhance user experience, and maintain code consistency and quality throughout the project.

3.Why use Angular frameworks for UI in web development?

Angular frameworks for UI can significantly speed up development time by providing ready-to-use components, ensuring a consistent design across the application, and offering solutions to common UI challenges.

4.Do Angular frameworks for UI support responsive design?

Yes, many Angular frameworks for UI are built with responsive design in mind, ensuring that applications look and perform well on a variety of devices and screen sizes.

5.Are Angular frameworks for UI suitable for beginner developers?

Yes, many Angular frameworks for UI provide documentation, tutorials, and community support, making them suitable for beginner developers looking to enhance their Angular projects' UI.

6.How to integrate Angular frameworks for UI into an existing Angular project?

Integrating an Angular framework for UI into an existing Angular project typically involves installing the framework's dependencies using npm and then importing the required modules

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