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Different Types of Apps Node JS Development Company Can Build For You

Krunal Shah

Oct 03, 2018

3 min readLast Updated Nov 10, 2023

Node.js can be used to build different types of apps. If you are looking to hire a Node JS development company, find out what all can an experienced team build for you.

Different types of apps that can be built using Node.js

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment developed upon event-driven programming that allows non-blocking Input/Output capable of handling multiple concurrent events in a single thread. Owing to non-blocking I/O, Node.js is fast, scalable, lightweight and efficient in handling I/O-heavy and data-heavy workload attributes of diverse web applications.

An experienced and trusted Node JS development company leverages this runtime environment to roll out high-performance, feature-rich and interactive apps for its clients. Here are the different types of applications that can be developed using Node.js:

Real-time chats

An online communication tool, real-time chat allows live transmission of text, audio messages and videos from a sender to a receiver. Real-time chats can be of two types — one to one and one to many, and nowadays, these are widely used in commercial sites, social networks and on the web.

Node.js allows seamless development of real-time chats of any complexity. This runtime environment comes with a powerful Event API that simplifies the creation of particular types of objects that issue named events which are listened by event handlers. This functionality of Node.js facilitates implementation of server-side events and push notifications used in instant messaging as well as other real-time apps.

In addition, Node.js provides excellent support for WebSockets via different libraries such as, ws or WebSocket-node, allowing a Node JS development company to easily deploy efficient real-time applications.

Examples of some real-time collaboration apps developed using Node.js include Trello and Yammer.

Streaming apps

Unlike remote server applications, application streaming apps are the ones wherein the program is implemented on the local machine of the end user. Application streaming allows downloading the parts of the app on demand while preventing the server and local computer from overloading. Once the app is completely downloaded, it can work without any network connection. When it comes to saving data in a user account, the application initiates server requests. Similarly, the local application can be updated by server events without much traffic overload.

Node.js is ideal for creating such streaming apps. The environment comes with an interface of readable and writable streams that can be monitored and processed efficiently. These streams enable users to pipe requests to one another and stream data directly to its destination. Streams eliminate the need for caching and temporary data, all that is required is simply an open connection for streaming app data from one place to another.

Apart from these, Node.js helps build microservices architecture, real-time collaboration tools and Internet of Things. If you are looking to build any of these apps, or those aforementioned, partner with a reliable and experienced Node JS development company that can deliver best in class solutions to turn your idea into a successful product.


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