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Essential Tools Required For Efficient Customer Support

Tapan Patel

May 01, 2020

5 min readLast Updated Jan 04, 2023

To win any battle it is necessary to have all your worriers to be equipped with the best weapons which ultimately help them to fight best against the enemy and have dominance over them. Likewise, in customer support it is essential to have all your support agents to be best equipped with all required technological weapons to win every battle against the customer. In today’s world, there are lots of innovative tools present in the market which help agents to provide the best support/solution to their customers related to their query. Undoubtedly it is the most challenging job to filter out and select the best technological equipment which fits best in your support department and organizational architecture.

Let’s bring out some of the essential tools which can add great value to any organization’s customer support.

Ticketing Platform :

Over a period of time it will become more intricate & more difficult to manage all your client grievances. To get rid of it an organization should have to choose an appropriate  3rd party ticket tool OR build their own ticketing system which helps them to keep track of all queries/questions they have received from their customer and manager over the period of time. The organization needs to choose a specific email address on which clients have mailed their enigmas & accusations which they have or face concerning  their service. By sending an email, it will automatically create a support ticket which addresses the customer's point of concern.

We need to decide the appropriate statuses which we can set/assign to each and individual ticket based on their current status, either it is open, waiting for response from either end, resolved, escalated to another department OR closed.  One should also keep in mind the statistics of the ticket reports with respect to particular time span and platform should be capable enough of bringing out all the required stats which ultimately helps you to evaluate the ticket flow, current progress on those tickets and measure the performance of their team members respected to that period of time.

Live Chat Widget :

Presently it seems pretty common to have the live chat widget present in most of the organization's software, portal and web sites. Live chat proves to be the most effective way of dealing with customers with their queries/questions. There are various 3rd party tools available in the current industry which provide the functionality to configure live chat widget in your application, portal OR in your website in just a matter of a couple of minutes. They also provide the readymade admin portal from where you can handle and manage all your live chat inquiry which is generated from any source of the platform. Depending upon different vendors, each one provides some exceptional features/functionality one wants to have in their system to make the process as convenient and systematic as possible.

Using a live chat widget, a client can directly interact with the support agent in real time which highly leads to the customer satisfaction that their query/question has been approached and taken into consideration from the organization. By direct chat with the client, an agent can also gather as much information as he can from the customer in order to diagnose and troubleshoot their concern. There is no doubt to declare that the live chat feature will work as a master tool in the whole customer support chain.

Some of the top 3rd party live chat platforms are : Intercom, Drift, Olark, FreshChat, Live Person, Snap Engage etc.

Internal Software With All Super Admin Rights :

A necessity tool that every company includes in their tools list is the internal portal with all the super admin level rights which can be used only for internal purposes and employees within the organization only have access to that portal/software.

That software has to cover all the features which help them to make the necessary adjustments/configuration to their client account which should apply instantly on client’s account. One should deeply investigate every module and features covered in that module which is covered in that portal. They are all built in such a way that they should be flexible enough to change OR modify over a period of time. That software/portal should be handy enough to serve all the required information related to customers, even their whole past history with the organization.

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Communication platform within the Organization :

The support department is the main source gateway from which all customer complaints OR questions enter into the organization. Apparently, all tickets have questions/concerns which fall into different departments of the organization. And to respond best to the asked question we need to discuss the client question internally with the departments and conclude the best solution to them with respect to their asked query/question. It will also help the customer support department to be on top and updated regarding what is released and going on with the organization’s services. An internal software one should consider for example is Slack which provides the extensively rich features by which users used to interact within different departments OR people of an organization.

Miscellaneous Other Tools :

We need to keep analyzing and evolving the list of components/tools which made our internal and external process smooth and one can maintain it with ease of use. Above mentioned are some of the primary tools which can add great value to any department of any organization. Apart from that, there are also various tools available which can be a great fit for any of the organization. Based on the current infrastructure an organization has/follows can choose the no of tools to incorporate in their process which eventually reduce their efforts and increases their efficiency.

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Conclusion :

By considering all above mentioned tools an organization can be capable of providing efficient customer service. However regular analysis and review for the efficiency of each tool will result in many updates in your tool’s stack over a period of time, which will  ultimately help you to maintain the efficiency of the entire process to keep on track the whole support department and organization.

Special Note :

Always remember alongside all those tools there is an exceptional master tool who is managing all those tools and that’s YOU.

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