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React Native app development- Apps you should and should not build

Krunal Shah

Aug 16, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Sep 14, 2020

If you are looking to build an app for your business by using React Native, make sure you are well-aware of when and when not to opt for React Native app development.

Apps you should and should not build using React Native

Every time you think about building a web app or a mobile app, be it for Android platform or for iOS platform, the first thing that comes to your mind is the framework you should use to develop the app. Choosing the right framework can save you a lot of time, money and efforts.

When it comes to building a business application at a fast pace, React Native remains an unbeatable choice of developers and businesses. Although React Native app development offers multiple benefits, it may not always be the right choice to build all types of apps. Thus, make sure you are well-aware of the types of applications you should and should not build using React Native.

Apps you should build using React Native

  • Quick prototypes

If you want to develop a quick prototype that will be the Beta version, which you want your target market to use and test, and you want to pitch it to the investors, then React Native may be the right framework for you. Reason behind, React Native really helps build quick apps for both iOS and Android platforms, with little functionality and light-weight UI.

  • Simple cross-platform applications

Applications that are simple and straightforward work extremely well on React Native. But, working well here only means the amount of time and efforts it takes to tweak React Native for heavy apps, as compared to Native apps.

If you need an app with a heavy interface and a lot of screens, React Native app development may not be the right choice. Go Native instead.

  • Single page applications

If you want to build a web app, React Native can be the right framework for developing single page applications. React structures the user interface into a set of small individual components, each having its own isolated state. The structure facilitates development and testing of reusable components.

Apps you should not build using React Native

  • Apps with complex user interfaces

Whilst JavaScript allows building smooth and fast apps, the platforms that are native to iOS and Android, such as Java, Swift and Objective C, are better for building calculation-intensive applications. If your application’s user interface needs a lot of interaction, then React Native is certainly not the right choice. Consider messaging apps that usually allow a high degree of personalization and have multiple processes going on in the background, at a given time.

  • Apps that are designed for a single OS

There are a number of apps that you can download only on your iPhone or Android phone. Weather Timeline, one of the best weather apps is available only on Android. On the contrary, there is another app Bear, which is a single note taking app with various functions that a conventional built-in notepad does not have. Bear uses a solution native to iOS.

The biggest benefit of React Native app development is that it allows building a single app and then releasing it for both mobile platforms — iOS and Android. However, for more complex apps, it is better to stick to Native languages.

  • Games and apps that require Native APIs

Developing games or apps that rely on Native APIs may not be the right choice by using React Native because this hybrid app framework is designed to develop simple and to the point applications. For building an app the needs native APIs, it is better to opt for Native framework or language like Java or Swift. These frameworks allow much faster optimizations as compared to React Native.

If you are considering React Native for your next app development, ensure that it is the right framework for the kind of app you want to build, and once you are sure, partner with a reliable React Native app development company that can turn your idea into a successful product.

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