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The UI frameworks every AngularJS development company should use

Krunal Shah

Jun 27, 2018

4 min readLast Updated Jan 28, 2021

AngularJS development company

Out of thousands of frameworks, AngularJS secure a top-notch position being the most famous open-source web framework which simplifies the development of web applications. Today’s age developers are well versed with the functions of AngularJS framework and so they keep on using it for developing some innovative web applications.

For the further simplification of application development, developers have come up with several front-end frameworks which support AngularJS to create advanced and good web applications. Indeed, the ready to use UI components provided by AngularJS based frameworks help programmers of the AngularJS development company to build custom web apps without having to write the custom CSS style for individual components.

Commonly Used UI Frameworks for AngularJS

1.) QuantumUI

The CSS based UI components provided by Quantum UI are developed utilizing AngularJS. Also, users have the option to customize the UI components as per their own particular requirements. But, some of the components provided by Quantum UI are open-source while other ones are commercial. Programmers can easily download the open-source UI components for QuantumUI from GitHub.

2.) Angular UI Grid

This framework is a part of AngularUI suite. It is designed as a data grid for AngularJS apps. Web developers can use the Angular UI Grid to manipulate big data sets while they can also leverage on a plug-in architecture of the framework to use only the project features. In fact, they also have the option to utilize a variety of customizable templates and then customize the templates by making changes to the CSS. Further, they can get features such as sorting, filtering, grouping, column pinning and virtualization.

3.) Suave

Particularly, the framework is designed to simplify web app development with AngularJS.Users can take the advantage of the CSS definitions, directives and services offered by Suave to develop various web-based user interfaces quickly. The best part is UI components by Suave are pre-included in bundle-files so the users don’t have to include the components individually. Through Bower, they can use a command to integrate Suave UI into the project.

4.) UI Bootstrap

UI Bootstrap is a collection of Bootstrap components written in AngularJS.Web developers can easily use the repository of components with dependencies such as: Bootstrap CSS, AngularJS, Angular-animate and Angular-touch. Since the directives included in the repository have external markup, developers have an option to use the markup as templates. In order to create custom templates, they can even make changes to the external markup.

5.) Semantic UI

This development framework allows developers to create beautiful and responsive layout by writing readable code with HTML. Semantic UI enable programmers to treat words and classes as interchangeable concepts. The users also have an option to trigger functionality utilizing simple phrases known as behaviors. Also, the performance logging feature of Semantic UI, find out and eradicate the bottlenecks in the code without analyzing the stack traces.

6.) Angular UI Tree

Since Angular UI Tree supports the drag and drops functionality, it actually becomes quite convenient for users to manipulate the items in a nested tree. Plus, they also have the option to prevent particular components from accepting child nodes along with using native AngularJS scope fordata binding. But, Angular UI Tree lacks various features provided by other AngularJS based UI frameworks.

7.) LumX

It is designed on the basis of Google Material Design and comes with features that help developers build user interfaces as per the Google’s guidelines. LumX completely depends upon AngularJS in order to facilitate web app development based on MVC design pattern. It even uses the jQuery to boost the web application’s performance. This frontend framework uses the Bourbon and SaaS to make it simpler for users to customize the application design as per their own requirements.

These are just a few AngularJS development frameworks, many more will be developed and made available in the near future. Till then, you can select any framework from the list above that best meet your project requirements. Hire the best AngularJS development company that offers you the high-quality web development which takes your business from one level to another.

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