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Tips to improve the overall efficiency of your Customer Support

Ilyas Balluwala

Dec 28, 2020

5 min readLast Updated May 03, 2022

To provide the top class service to the customers every organization is incorporating many things in their process to help their customer with their queries, questions, and issues. All customer support channels facilitate you to provide the support to your customer, build the customer relationship to your organization and earn their loyalty towards your service. So it is recommended to have up to the mark efficiency with all your support processes. But unfortunately, many of the organizations often find it really tough to provide effective and efficient support to their customers.

Let’s dive into some more details and explore the points which leads to the inefficient support process and steps which can follow to improve the overall efficiency of their support.

1. Service Channels Tool

Every organization needs to be extra careful about selecting the appropriate tool for their each support channel. First of all, every organization has to evaluate their needs and requirements based on their product and services and prepare the document which exhibits the clear list of their necessities they expect to have with the tools they are using for their service channel. Mechanisms with lack of available functionalities often leads to the bad user experience and ultimately tend to the customer dissatisfaction.  To overcome from this, one must select the right tool which provides almost all the functionalities and features that satisfy most of your listed requirements. And the most important thing it can easily collaborate OR sync with the other tools which you are using in different support channels.

The selection of the correct tool requires a lot of research and comparison between several tools and their mechanisms, but it is worth following that process because the final analysis will return you the best result for selecting the right tool for your support channel. Collaboration between the channel tools enables you to exchange the data between those tools. So you can pass the context of one specific topic from one tool to another tool and can easily switch the topic between platforms.

For ex: if a specific customer has arrived on chat portal with their queries which needs further investigation. The portal should be flexible enough so you can create a support ticket for them directly from the chat portal including the whole conversation you had done with the customer and won’t miss any single details OR context of that topic.

2. Customized Support Style

The format, structure, and language which your support team is following matters a lot to respond to their customers. It represents the identity of your brand/organization. Make sure to educate your team members to use the appropriate tone, language, and voice the whole team will be using while they assist their customers. Support style which misses all these points to consider while defining their architecture will leave the organization's reputation in jeopardy at some level and negative responses from their customer end.

You need to think and decide that a normal friendly conversation OR business-like formal tone would be more appropriate for your customer base. Your approach towards the customer-generated queries and how would you address every customer raised questions. How fast would you want to respond to the customer with their queries/questions?

Brainstorm, decide and, define the list of rules, guidelines, format, structure which you need to include in your support process. All one needs to create a unique style that your support team will follow regularly.

3. Personalize all your responses to the customers

Most of the time, we saw that whenever any customer reached the customer support no matter on any channel, customers always received some predefined responses as their first response to their generated queries. In some urgent scenarios, it becomes worse to receive the same automated response. You should make your customer feel like they are communicating with a real human being rather than any chat-bot. People who receive a personal response generated from the real people according to their query feel more confident about the details they are receiving from the other end. And it will build customer trust and loyalty towards your service.

Responses starting with their actual name and ending with your name and signature will put great value and make a broad impact on your service towards the customer.

4. Prepare an automation rules and canned responses

Every organization has its own support team operating in different time zones based on the locality and business hours of the organization in which they are serving. So there might be chances that in some situations, your team would not be available to instantly respond to the customer due to the high workload OR busy with some other customer's issue. To mitigate the impact, you need an automated, canned response that will always help you to reduce the anxiety and worry of the customer.

And there will be various situations where you will receive the same set of questions OR requests from different customers. In those cases, canned responses add tremendous value, and most importantly, it saves a lot of time for your support geeks. And make sure to build your acknowledgments as personalized as possible to gain customer trust and confidence in your service.

5. Craft your responses sensibly and in unique way

It is oblivious that most of the customers didn't like to read the long, tedious, and unmanaged response. Always remember that your customers are reaching out to you in the cases which seem unclear and confusing to them. So don't build your acknowledgment in such a way that they exactly know what they are doing and expect to be familiar with your product services and how it actually works.

Break their questions into different parts/segments and provide a simple, explicit instruction along with the images (if necessary) to briefly illustrate your answers to their questions. And follow the best practices to send a referral link which contains the detailed step by step instruction to their asked questions. Always bear in mind that you are teaching your customer to be self-dependent and confident enough to find the solution of the related queries themselves if they arise in the future.

6. Always ask for the feedback

A must need part every organization has to incorporate in their process is asking for feedback from the customer whether they liked your service OR not. Standard practice is to ask for the feedback once you resolve the customer submitted question/query. It will ultimately help you to evaluate your willingness and efficiency of your responses to their queries, and exhibit how much you care about your customer's complaint.

Conclusion :

Enhancing your customer support services will result in satisfied, happy, and loyal customers. In the current competitive environment, customers always expect a quicker, efficient, and satisfying solution to their raised queries. So always try to make it smooth and frictionless as much as possible to achieve the top-notch result.

So what are you guys waiting for, go, and try to incorporate the suggested point as much as possible. And always love to hear back from your end how it goes to you.


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