How We Communicate

We recognize the power of specialization and thus, we only ask the experts to reach out to you regarding their respective tasks. To ensure you stay in the loop throughout the software development life cycle, all our teams will regularly communicate with you.

How We Communicate

You Can Expect Regular Updates From All The Departments

How A Project Gets Started at Third Rock Techkno

Step 1

Our sales team gathers information about your requirements and business goals.

Step 2

Expert business consultants analyze your requirements and prepare a project estimate.

Step 3

A proposal with clear and well-defined outcomes is sent for your review.

Step 4

After the contract gets signed, we finally begin with the project management cycle.

Our Communication Process During Project Management

We follow a completely transparent communication process. For that reason, we ensure our experts keep you updated with the project process at every stage.

A project manager presents you with an overview of our project management plan. On the other hand, they also brief our teams about the timelines.

They share details with you about the teams working on your project, design and development processes, and the technologies we will use.

As the project moves through different stages, our designers, developers, and quality analysts will be in touch with you via skype, email, and/or phone.

Anytime during the project, you can contact our account manager to keep track of resource allocation and spending on your project development.

How We Manage Projects

Agility is the heart and soul of the software development life cycle at Third Rock Techkno. We follow a goal-driven approach with well-defined development processes to facilitate shared understanding amongst all stakeholders.

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