Project Management Process

Agility is the heart and soul of the software development life cycle at Third Rock Techkno. We follow a goal-driven approach with well-defined design, development, and communication processes to facilitate shared understanding amongst all stakeholders.

Project Management Process

How We Shape Ideas Into Profitable Software Applications


Understanding your requirements

  • We collect all the information required to accurately define your software idea.
  • To ensure we understand client expectations, we use detailed questionnaires and clearly document the inferences.
  • Additionally, we aim to understand your business and its industry to align project goals with your organizational goals.

Creating scope of work

  • To give the best possible recommendation, we study each aspect of your project in terms of technical and financial feasibility.
  • Our industry experts and consultants carefully prepare a list of functionalities and the right technology stack to meet the requirements.
  • The scope of work is then finalized with a detailed list of every feature your software will have, the technologies we plan to use, and how much the project will cost you.

Project mapping and planning

  • At this stage, we plan the application architecture and come up with a feasible project delivery deadline.
  • We split the project into different development sprints. With our project managers, we finalize milestones and time frames for the same.
  • Finally, we identify potential technical and security risks and chalk out a risk mitigation plan before we begin to build the project.

Conceptualizing the design

  • Our team brainstorms and finalizes the screen flows and workflows for the project.
  • Wireframes, mockups and a final prototype is made with an aesthetic UI and UX.
  • We do not move forward until our clients have approved the final design prototype.

Developing the project

  • At this stage, our developers start building the database and codebase required for each component of the project.
  • We follow agile scrum methodology so we track and communicate the progress of the project on a daily basis.
  • Code quality is our top priority. We conduct regular code reviews to ensure the accuracy and maintainability of the code.

Testing and integration

  • For quality assurance, we integrate the entire code together and deploy it in the testing environment.
  • Any bugs or errors detected are solved and then tested again until the entire software works as per the client’s and our expectations.
  • The final stage is user acceptance testing after which the quality assurance reports are shared with the client.

Project launch and post-delivery support

  • As per our carefully vetted implementation plan, we deploy the project in the real-life environment step by step.
  • Once the project is live, we help our clients get a complete understanding of site and content management as well as functional upgrades.
  • Lastly, we provide holistic post-launch support and take care of routine maintenance along with implementing changes, if any.

Our Association With You Doesn’t End With Project Delivery

Even after the successful delivery of the application, we will be with you to take care of post-launch modifications, software maintenance, and other unexpected issues.

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