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Finding The Right Software Outsourcing Partner in India: 5 Useful Tips

Tapan Patel

Nov 13, 2020

9 min readLast Updated Apr 28, 2023

find the right software outsourcing partner in india

You are probably one of the hundreds of thousands of people planning to outsource software development to India. Naturally, the supply matches the demand, and in fact, there are more vendors offering software development services in India than the clients looking to hire them. Gone are the times when consumers believed that low-cost products were called the best. After some bad experiences, more and more clients recognize the importance of finding the right software outsourcing partner in India.

This blog will take you through the essential steps you must take to ensure you choose from India’s best software outsourcing partner. Additionally, I will also provide five useful tips to evaluate your potential vendors and hire your business’s right partner.

Why outsource software development to India

Outsource software development to india

As per the 2019 Global Services Location Index from A.T. Kearney, India is ranked first to outsource attractiveness. A current NASSCOM study showed that many Indian-origin software development companies have a foothold in more than 50 nations and regularly work with Fortune 500 clients. Indian IT hires 4.14 million professionals at present. Typical hourly rates vary from $20 to $35 there, but more prominent companies may charge higher amounts.

India has managed to outmaneuver amid the rise of several other outsourcing destinations, such as China, the Philippines, Mexico & Ireland.

Some of the primary reasons why India is the top software outsourcing destination:

  • India has the largest professional and technical pool of talent throughout the globe.
  • India provides highly versatile pricing options.
  • It’s a hub for high-quality services without compromise.
  • The contribution of India in infrastructure and technology is the best.
  • The Government of India is substantial and presents enticing IT programs.
  • With many different outsourcing models and businesses to choose from, India's outsourcing market is perfect. It provides a specific collection of features that meet additional requirements.

Thus, finding the right software outsourcing partner in India is not very hard, if you know how to evaluate your requirements well.

How to find the right outsourcing partner for software development in India

right outsourcing partner for software development in India

1. Identify the skill gaps you want to address

It will help if you start evaluating your situation after establishing more work than individuals willing to do it in your company. Capture your objectives and aspirations and, with your current internal staff in sight, update them.

Your goal should be to find the best fit between future outsourcing projects, capacity, current skills, and expertise. The things leftover are your inconsistencies, and the prerequisites of those gaps are a crucial input to your outsourcing selection.

If IT limitations have been found, you can delve deeper and identify the technology stacks you need assistance in, whether they are stacks created, such as MEAN, MERN, or more advanced technical skill sets.

Finding the right outsourcing partner in India is more about the clarity of your own requirements and less about the development partner. Before making any presentations with the software development firms, prepare a checklist for yourself concerning the development specifications.

Let us understand this better with an example. You would want a web application development or mobile application development for your company, or you want both the services? Are you planning for end-to-end growth, like digital marketing and crowdfunding, from front-end to QA, or do you need support on the production side?

2. Determine whether you require long term services or it is going to be a one-time deal.

Since you understand what discrepancies and shortcomings you have to fix, it is the right time to determine if your flaws are long-term or something that can be solved following a fixed-scope approach.

Finding the right software outsourcing partner in India for long term services

Long-term demands are better answered through a retainer agreement. All you need to do is to hire a team of resources, and then the outsourcing company will turn the game in your favor.

It is crucial in this approach to have the right individuals on your team from a partnership viewpoint. For months or years, you will be dealing with them daily, so it is significant to ensure that they integrate well with your internal team.

Make sure you interview the prospective members of the group yourself. Also, make sure to check their technological and interpersonal skills and abilities.

Finding the right software outsourcing vendor for fixed-scope needs

If you have decided that you have a short-term requirement, it is unnecessary to interview resources to obtain the contract specifications and T's and C's.

Resourcing is left to the outsourcer directly to find out because they need to ensure that the project completes on scheduled time, budget, and within the set scope.

3. Check the company profile of the vendors and see whether they have worked with a similar requirement before

Company profile of the vendors

You can verify a business by its past success, accomplishments, operations. You can also check the reputation of the organization and its record.

One of the ways of finding the right software outsourcing partner in India is by analyzing their previous ventures. For how many years have they been catering to this sector with their services? And how many consumers have benefited from them so far? Before you choose to collaborate with any Indian company, these are the fundamental inquiries you should make.

Also, recognize that software products and internal-use applications introduced by the market often have various purposes, end-users, design requirements, user interfaces, and creative processes.

It takes a product mentality, an appreciation of your client (the end-user), knowledge of the value of a great UI, and an apparent capacity to think critically and creatively, not execute rote tasks, to launch consumer software products.

Therefore, if you intend to outsource the production of a market launch product, ensure that your supplier has successfully delivered similar specifications in the past.

4. Identify your software development budget and look for a vendor that is well suited to work with you

Identify your software development budget

Is $20,000, $1 million, or $10 million in your budget? The response would immediately minimize your search for thousands of prospective partners.

Let's explore a situation where a $20 million sales firm needs to outsource $100,000 in budget software growth. Should a billion-dollar outsourcing agency, a small, 10-person production shop, or a mid-size outsourcing partner be selected?

For a billion-dollar business, a $100,000 project would be trivial, and as a result, the consumer probably won't get the desired attention. They would also work with an organization that is far bigger than them, so the benefit is on the outsourced vendor’s hand if things get rough.

On the other hand, for a company of only ten employees whose time is already divided between several customers, the project would probably be too high.

The right partner will be strong enough to accommodate the project as described and have space for the scope to broaden, but limited enough to provide hands-on management and attention to individual customers.

The mid-size company, maybe a $10 million to $50 million company, would be the best choice in the above case. Thus, always filter the options on the basis of your budget while finding the right software outsourcing partner in India.

5. Narrow down on the vendors that have significantly worked in the same industry

Narrow down on the vendors

The correct partner must have technological skills, appropriate business expertise, and product understanding to build your program.

Presume you're creating a healthcare product, for now. In that situation, you would want a healthcare partner who operates, ideally in many different fields, comprehends HIPAA ordinances and what they intend for a tech company, and knows how to manage the overall healthcare sector’s dynamics.

Not every outsourced construction company will have experience in your particular area, so you also need to search for case studies and ask for clients’ references.

Tips for evaluating software outsourcing companies in India

1. Assess their development process

Take a moment to think about your development process before you team up with a vendor and outsource your needs. How does your outsourcing partner get on with the software development process? You have to be smart when selecting a provider if you are looking for an Agile partner because Agile is a tossed concept.

Almost all businesses have begun to say that they adopt the Agile way of software development due to the increasing success of combining the Agile methodology with outsourcing. Not all companies, however, know about doing it.

To ensure the most transparent development process, find a software outsourcing company in India that implements DevOps development and SCRUM techniques.

2. Look for scalability and flexibility in their services

Over time, the needs as an organization are bound to grow and change. Is your outsourcing partner able to satisfy those increasing demands? While finding the right software outsourcing partner in India, that's a question you'll want to respond to and an affirmation.

Verify if your partner in offshore software production can tap into local talent and scale up their team quickly if needed. The product is capable of smoothly getting into new users.

Also, check if your outsourcing provider has a local pool of talent to recruit from. In the same way, if and when it is appropriate, your partner should also be able to scale down.

3. Is your software outsourcing partner in India proactive and a problem solver?

There are two main types of vendors. The first type is the one who obeys the instructions of the client and delivers what they are asking for. The second type is the one who takes charge from time to time and gives recommendations.

If and when issues arise, such diligent outsourcing partners fix them. This constitutes the foundation of Design Thinking. In today’s market, the providers’ role is not limited to service providing, but they also are product consultants and advisers. Make the best of it and pick a partner who has the bigger picture in mind.

4. Don’t compromise on the after-sale support

The program post-release is where the actual scene starts. Handling loads of information without any bugs or glitches should be significant. To prevent this, you can check if the company is excellent and willing to provide you with good after-sales service to preserve your apps’ health.

It is a long-term commitment that you will make, and then collaboration is the tech company you will choose.

5. Efficient communication and project management is a must

The secret to the company’s growth is communication. Look for a partner who is easy to connect with if you're going to outsource requirements.

Ideally, the outsourcing partner needs to be available to manage any emergencies during business hours. Also, the project's progress primarily depends on successful project management.

In India, recruit outsourcing tech companies that work with the instruments that your internal team is confident with. It's crucial to stay on the same page during the lifecycle of product growth.

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