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Pros and Cons of ReactJS Web App Development

Krunal Shah

Jun 15, 2021

10 min readLast Updated Dec 18, 2023

Pros and cons of reactjs web app development

React JS since its inception has grown by leaps and bounds and has been beneficial for the businesses. Be it website or mobile app development, React JS has shown emphatic results and helped businesses expand its user base.

One of the prime reasons why React JS is in demand these days is that it is open-source and uses a JavaScript library. React JS development has fostered the app development process and has made life easier for the developers. For instance, more than 1/3rd of the professional developers prefer working on ReactJS when it comes to web frameworks. But like everything in this world, there are some pros and cons of ReactJS as well.

Reactjs stackoverflow

Source: stack overflow

Companies have to believe the fact that no technology is perfect. It will have its share of loopholes. Thus, it is important for the businesses to understand the loopholes and find ways to eradicate them.

In this blog, we will discuss the pros and cons of ReactJS web app development. We will also put light on the impact of the advantages and disadvantages of the web app development framework. Moreover, we will see peculiarities of ReactJS development so that it will become easier to differentiate the pros and cons.

Let us begin!

Perks and perils of ReactJS web development

Pros of reactjs web development

If we say that ReactJS web development is at par with JQuery when it comes to top-rated web frameworks. Developers can create immersive websites with minimal effort and coding with React JS. Facebook developed React JS with a view of rendering a better platform for the developers.

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Therefore, now it is time to look at the advantages of React JS:

Highly efficient

Web apps developed through React JS are highly efficient. This is one of the reasons why React JS is quickly climbing the ladders of leading web frameworks. In React JS web app development, every time you do a change, the entire virtual DOM is updated. Moreover, there are two versions of virtual DOM in the React JS memory. One is the updated virtual DOM and the other one is the copy before the update.

Because of the two versions of virtual DOM, ReactJS can compare the elements to find the changes. As the changes are clearly visible, it becomes easier for the web framework to update parts of the real DOM.

By the look of it, you may find this process highly tedious, complicated and time consuming. But the reality is starkly different from the perception. Updating and optimizing real DOM in ReactJS development takes much less time. Thus, it enhances the overall efficiency of the website.

Virtual Document Object Model

virtual document object model

Virtual DOM (Document Object Model) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience. It also assists in making the overall web development process faster. DOM is nothing but a logical structure in either XML, HTML, XHTML formats.

Web browsers with a view to transform the representation of HTML-syntax into DOM uses layout engines. The problem with the traditional DOM is that the DOM is very large and thus the response process becomes slower. The advantage of ReactJS here is that instead of using the real DOM, it uses its abstract copy.

The virtual DOM updates the minutest of changes in real-time without affecting the other parts of the interface. This process is also possible because ReactJS has component isolation.

Since the updates are quick, it is easier for the developers to make dynamic UI through Virtual DOM. In addition, the elements of ReactJS development don’t have to bind DOM to front-end functionality. The reason behind this is the ReactJS elements are already connected with the front-end.

Continuously evolving open-source library

React was one of the primary projects that was released as open-source by Facebook. This straight away means that the framework is easy to access. Because of this, the developers can get hands-on experience on the tools in a more comprehensive way. Moreover, Facebook has invested much in the ReactJS development so that it can improve the user-interface of the web apps.

Because of emphatic features like batching and pruning, the credibility of the ReactJS web development has increased by leaps and bounds. On Github, ReactJS has 152,00 stars and more than 1400 open-source contributors.

Because of such a large developer’s community, the website development process becomes hassle-free in ReactJS. Because, the developers in times of turmoil can consult with a large pool of experienced people. The ReactJS community also helps in providing valuable libraries that will aid in the process of web development.

ReactJS as we have seen earlier uses ready-made components. Thus, it is easier to implement them and reduce the time of web development.

Reusable components and downward data-flow

Reusable components

Another advantage of ReactJS is that it allows the creation of reusable components. This means that the UI once created can be used in other parts of the code as well. Moreover, it can be used in different projects with less to no changes.

Since ReactJS web development has open-source libraries, it becomes easier to pre-built the components. This plays a pivotal role in cutting down the overall web development time. Since the time is curtailed, businesses can launch their website quickly and avail the ‘early-bird’ advantage. This is crucial especially for start-ups as it gives them a much needed head start in comparison to their peers.

Downward data-flow is among the top ReactJS advantages. This feature is beneficial as it streamlines the data flow completely in the website. Data flow means that there is only one way in which the data can flow between the elements. Thus downward data-flow in ReactJS web development reduces the number of errors and enhances the debugging process.

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SEO friendly and easy learning curve

There is no point in developing a website if it is not SEO friendly. SEO ranking is one of the most important aspects especially in today’s data-driven business environment. Websites today must function well in organic searches if they wish to attract more users. Moreover, organic searches will also boost their overall business goals as well.

With React JS development, your website becomes more readable in Google and other search engines. It also mitigates the problem of the heavy JavaScript with a view of making your website more SEO-friendly.

Along with being a boon for the SEO team, React JS is a ‘developer’s darling’ as well. It has an easier learning curve which makes the developer feel at home easily. All the developers need to do is to get familiar with JavaScript and they are ready to work on ReactJS. Moreover, as the tool is open-source it becomes easier for the companies to find developers with ReactJS experience.

React Hooks for better state management

React hooks

Until February 2019, the ReactJS developers only had limited mediums to specify state. The specification process was done in two ways:

  • Use Redux or MobX like state management frameworks. It will help in establishing the state as a global state
  • Look to define a local state in the component

Now with the release of Hooks API, ReactJS web development has brought a paradigm shift in state management. One of the biggest advantages of Hooks API is that it allows sharing of state logic between the components. The USP here is that the sharing process is done without restructuring the whole block of codes. In addition, the Hooks API permits the reuse of logic within the components.

After understanding the top advantages of ReactJS, it is time to look at the other side of the coin.

Disadvantages of ReactJS web development

cons of reactjs web development

Along with the high performance capabilities of the ReactJS web development framework, there are some downsides to it. Thus, in order to use the web framework to its optimal, businesses need to be aware of the limitations of ReactJS. For the benefit of our readers, we have listed a few top ReactJS disadvantages.

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Speed of the development

Speed of the development

There is an older saying ‘If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. It is a well-known fact that ReactJS web framework is constantly evolving and changing itself. But the speed at which ReactJS is changing can be seen as its disadvantage as well.

The pace of development of ReactJS has splitted the development realm into two halves. One one hand developers mention that the constant evolution has made their job easier. While on the other hand some argue that due to the changes, the constantly have to relearn things.

Since the speed of development is fast, it might become difficult for the developers to keep pace with it. But as a matter of fact, in recent years, the core API of react has gotten more stable. Developers who still argue against the development are the ones who are not really comfortable with the new things. The evolution of ReactJS web development on a broader scale is for the betterment only. It helps in improving the performance of the website and takes it to a new level.

Complicated JSX

ReactJS uses JSX syntax extension on a larger scale. The extention helps in creating JavaScript objects with the HTML syntax. This process helps in simplifying the process of document object model (DOM) modification. Moreover, JSX extension also makes the code used in DOM modification more readable.

But on the other hand, this extension may seem confusing for the naïve and budding developers. There may be instances where the developers may need some time to adjust and understand the extension. This is the reason why new developers consider JSX as ReactJS’ disadvantages.

Some developers feel that the JSX extension looks like an old spaghetti code. Moreover, they also complain about the complexity of the extension and consider it as a limitation of ReactJS.

Improper documentation

One of the prime reasons behind improper documentation is the constant release of the new tools. Since the evolution of the web framework is so fast, it leaves limited time to update the documentation process.

With every passing day, there is a new library added in the documentation ecosystem.  New libraries like Reflux and Redux are accelerating the process of documentation and streamlining the entire ecosystem of ReactJS development. But in the end, the result is not as per requirement and the developer still struggles with integrating tools.

Therefore, some developers believe that since the evolution is very fast, it is having an adverse effect on the documentation process. Since there is no time to write proper instructions, developers consider documentation as ReactJS’ disadvantages. Moreover, to overcome this issue, developers write their own documentation. This documentation is related to just the specific tools they use in a particular project.

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Incomplete tooling set for development

Businesses should understand that the horizon of ReactJS only covers the UI layer of the application. Other than this everything related to the web development project is out of its periphery. Thus, even after implementing ReactJS web app development, the developers still need to choose some other technologies. Because if they will just rely on ReactJS development, they will not get a complete set of tools.

Since the entire tooling set is not available only with ReactJS, the developers will face difficulties in completing the project.

Non vigilant focus on user interface

user interface

ReactJS contains a myriad of tools which are used for developing and creating user interfaces. But heed should be given to the fact that unlike the framework, ReactJS is not an ‘all-in-one-tool’ for app development. Therefore, if you happen to use a model-view-controller (MVC), ReactJS development is only responsible for the view. The developers have to create the model and controller part by using other tools.

Thus, it becomes inevitable to integrate the additional tools if you are working with ReactJS. You will need additional tools for app programming interfaces (APIs), routing and other parts as well.

ReactJS, unlike some other JavaScript frameworks, is not a universal solution. This is the reason why some of the developers consider narrow UI as ReactJs’ disadvantage.


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ReactJS advantages and disadvantages will help you understand the web framework in a better way. There is no doubt that ReactJS web development is revolutionary and has given some amazing results. But in order to use the web framework to its optimum, one needs to know both sides of the coin.

Therefore, by keeping the ReactJS’ pros and cons in contention, you can use the web framework for expanding your business. Moreover, to get the desired results, you must always hire an experienced ReactJS developer. They will assist you throughout the development project and will become your solid ally.

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